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lancix #1 Posted Aug 16 2015 - 06:24


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Today is my second day back from a bit of a hiatus and I am currently looking forward to 9.10. I was playing a few matches, going back and forth between my WZ-132(trying to get the top gun so I don't have to research it on my WZ-120) and my WZ-120. I stopped for a bit because I was taking a look at the guns for the 132 to see if using the 85mm would be better to grind out the xp would be better and I had thought. We only look at the guns in terms of alternative game play. We always get the tracks, radio, engine, and in some rare cases we do have an option with the turret (looking at you Jumbo).


What if making the other modules more interesting could help improve game play and variety? What if one radio dramatically gave you more range, but another decent range but improved the time upon you being spotted (since they are moving the sixth sense to radioman). What if one set of tracks had six more degrees of traverse but had half the HP, while another set gave you three degrees but gave a lot more passability on terrain?


Guns always give you a plethora of stats and some tanks have great options for guns (T-54, ARL44, and for some reason some people will actually use the 107 on the KV-2), while others only have that top gun we go for. I think it is nice that we are introduced to new tanks and nations in this game, but once they are in game it is the same story, grind out the top mods and that's it.


Before I end this post, why is it that Turrets are the only mod to up the HP for the tank? Why not the engine or tracks too? I am sure there are other option or suggestions out there to help give more depth to the tanks already in game, please feel free to leave your ideas in here as well.

TnKillr #2 Posted Jun 18 2016 - 22:11


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There are some tanks that have smoke grenades as an option, why not make that a module or upgrade? It can be used to break visibility for time so tank can escape. Need to spice things up a little.

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