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v0.6.5 Map Pings still not fixed

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RayJones #1 Posted Jun 30 2011 - 21:39

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Even though the release notes for patch 0.6.5 states that:

View PostCommunity, on Jun 29 2011 - 16:25, said:

List of changes in v.0.6.5 vs v.0.6.4:
- Added a notification in the Garage on the credits total charged for a team kill or damage.
- Fixed the display of the "ready for battle" status with incomplete ammunition.
- Restored voice notification on observation device damage.
- Fixed some unclickable areas on the minimap on resizing the game window.
- Fixed blank lines in graphics settings for specific configurations.
- Fixed graphics settings reset to custom settings on changing general graphics presets.
- Fixed some vehicle's descriptions.
- Fixed incorrect selection of the "weakest" tanker during accelerated training.
- Fixed an issue where users were unable to leave a clan.
- Introduced an additional battle tier for vehicles of tier 1.
- Fixed the display of the elite vehicle icon which was available only on Garage refresh.
- Added tank sale restriction: only 5 vehicles can be sold within 24 hours.
- Fixed inconsistencies in volume levels checked in settings.

This problem still hasn't been fixed in v0.6.5. I am running my client on full screen at a resolution of 1280X720 with 16:9 aspect ratio and unable to ping (flare) certain areas of the minimap.   After uninstalling the previous v0.6.4 WoT client, manually deleting  "World_Of_Tanks" and "%appdata%/wargaming.net" folder, I made a fresh  reinstallation of v0.6.4 then applied the v0.6.5 patch over it (both in  admin mode). No mods/skins/custom editing of preferences.xml were used.  Also, it has already been confirmed in that thread that this issue is being faced by many other players.

I had earlier reported this bug in the official v0.6.4 Bugs and Glitches thread but since it still hasn't been fixed I am quoting my post here again. It has been edited to provide further clarity on the issue.

View PostRayJones, on May 21 2011 - 22:08, said:

Since the 0.6.4 patch update on every battle the server stops showing my flares/pings on minimap  when I ctrl+left click on any of the sectors. Same goes for ctrl+right  click for opening the bird's eye view when I use an SPG on a particular  area of map, the "Special Reticule" key still works though .


1) I didn't spam the ping function so that the server suspended me to use it.
2) Reconnected the mouse. Still cant ping minimap.
3) Restarted the game. No improvement.
3) Restarted the computer. No improvement.
4) Tested the mouse in other games/windows. Mouse OK.
5) Checked Device manager for mouse driver issues. No problems found.
6) Used a different mouse. Problem Persists.
7) Checked DirectX for DirectInput errors. No problems found.
8)  Uninstalled the game. Deleted "World_of_Tanks" and "wargaming.net"  Folder. Reinstalled the game using a new downloaded v0.6.5 WoT US  client. Problem Persists!

Dear devs, I humbly request you to kindly look into this issue :mellow:. Its really annoying when you can't guide your team in critical moments of battle.Thanks.

Update: The  above bug is only experienced in the following areas of ANY in-game map  and I am not the only one facing this problem. Since pinging/direct  Arty zooming still works in rest part of map, it obviously means lag or  high ping has nothing to do with this issue.

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