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Panzercross #61 Posted Apr 23 2020 - 01:44


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Notice: This is my final update to the Game Mod known as Panzercross' Historical Immersion Mod and today will mark my final day with World of Tanks. My three strikes I gave Wargaming are up and my patience with the game is at an end. Due to being demoted in the Clan from being inactive (in essence punished for something that is out of my control) and removed from the operations department as a strategist is one reason why I have decided that this is my last post and that the battle count on my account will never increase again. The battles have not changed when 1.9 went live and the statistics randomizer chose my first generated nickname as "A_Potato_"; in essence Wargaming themselves insulting me. This is because Potato is a derogatory gamer term used to denote a player who doesn't have a functioning brain to play the game or serves no practical use. The term is similar in effect to the midshipman term "dunsel." Since Wargaming did not respect my business or my devotion to the game I have decided to give the guys controlling this game on North America a big fat middle finger for all the years and money wasted with this game and never come back to it. Goodbye you greedy turds at Wargaming. Hope your administrators catch COVID 19 and die from it or at least are sent to the gulag in siberia for your despicable practices as a company. Also a special middle finger to the director of Operations at the clan of Foe Hammer for making a stupid decision that made my decision to leave permanently much easier. My apologies to Naturis, commander of Foe Hammer, for coming and leaving within a short period of time. Good luck to him in his future endeavors.


As an ending note: Thanks to all who have supported me and this mod over the years. If anyone wishes to develop the mod further, contact Ed_the_Baker. He has the conversation with instructions on updating the mod to the latest version of World of Tanks. I am opening this mod up to anyone else who wishes to continue future updates.






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