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M60A1 & 2nd American Medium Branch Campaign HQ (NA)

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ramp4ge #281 Posted Oct 02 2018 - 04:19


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I think we've all pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that it's never going to happen.


The funny part is Blitz just got the MBT70 as a tier 9 premium. Which means there are elements within WarGaming and the World of Tanks team that are open to more modern vehicles. But this game has basically turned into World of Soviet Clones..


I mean, they've had the prime opportunity to sell the T42 for years now and the resources are already in the game, but they won't do it. It'd sell like crazy (because it'd essentially be an American Type 59) but nope. We'll reskin a stock Patton but we won't combine assets we already have to make something that's actually cool. 

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