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In-Game Reporting System

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Orion_X #41 Posted Feb 03 2017 - 02:28


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Sometimes it is not functional to report the intentional team kill player with one single shot. 


Reported player: maritimejarkhead


I had this game 10 minutes ago. He claimed that he was aiming enemy but I moved so he shot me. But after carefully reviewing the replay, I found that I was not moving, but he was aiming at me, with obviously intentionally loaded HE shell for my vehicle, Grille 15. Plus he kept playing dumb after the game and talking whatever language it is. Here is the dialogue after the game:


Orion_X (7:53:24 PM) you loaded HE shell and you told me you were shooting enemy?
maritimejarkhead (7:53:55 PM) Ben de iyiyim, teşekkür ederim.
Orion_X (7:53:56 PM) it seems like the HE shell is especially for me, right?
maritimejarkhead (7:54:07 PM) Bugün / Bu gece ne yapıyorsun?
Orion_X (7:54:08 PM) english plz
maritimejarkhead (7:54:25 PM) On ikiyi çeyrek geçiyor
Orion_X (7:54:46 PM) did i offend you before?
maritimejarkhead (7:54:53 PM) On ikiye çeyrek var
Orion_X (7:55:08 PM) plz stop saying non sense
maritimejarkhead (7:55:27 PM) Dokuzu çeyrek geçiyor. İstanbul'da Türkçe kursuna katılmak niyetindeyim.
Orion_X (7:55:31 PM) what did i do to anger you?
maritimejarkhead (7:55:54 PM) Hava ******
maritimejarkhead (7:55:57 PM) ?
Orion_X (7:56:00 PM) what?
maritimejarkhead (7:56:26 PM) çeyrek
Orion_X (7:56:35 PM) english
maritimejarkhead (7:56:52 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:56:53 PM) did i offend you before?
maritimejarkhead (7:56:59 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:57:08 PM) what???
maritimejarkhead (7:57:17 PM) ?
maritimejarkhead (7:57:20 PM) ...........
maritimejarkhead (7:57:23 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:57:39 PM) no english? ok done.
maritimejarkhead (7:57:55 PM) i shot enemy
Orion_X (7:58:01 PM) i just got hit by a lunatic
maritimejarkhead (7:58:06 PM) ?
Orion_X (7:58:08 PM) no you didnt
Orion_X (7:58:19 PM) you shoot me with HE shell intentionally
maritimejarkhead (7:58:23 PM) you move
maritimejarkhead (7:58:34 PM) my shot
Orion_X (7:58:46 PM) you are insane
maritimejarkhead (7:58:52 PM) On ikiyi çeyrek geçiyor
maritimejarkhead (7:59:08 PM) gg
Orion_X (7:59:08 PM) stop saying that shiit words
Orion_X (7:59:38 PM) you just shoot me and played dumb
Orion_X (7:59:46 PM) i got it
Orion_X (7:59:53 PM) reported with replay

Orion_X (8:13:05 PM) OK lunatic
Orion_X (8:13:36 PM) i reviewed the replay very carefully. i was not moving when you fired but you were aiming at me all the time.


He didn't eve get blue ID in the game just because of only one shot. So stay away and watch for this kind of dark insane players and make a better gaming environment. 



Razorinthe60s #42 Posted Feb 19 2017 - 08:14


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How do i report a player that has sent offensive and racist message, i want to get the player banned

The_PlebSlayer #43 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 00:54


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I had a MM/RNG  rage moment, offered to sell my account for 3 games straight because I lost control of my anger and frustration, I now have a permanent ban, someone reported me.

I'm not the best player in the world, I'm ok, I spent alot of money on the game because it was good entertainment, WG refuse to give me a second chance, be careful out there people, doesn't matter how much time or effort you put in, you make one mistake, you lose everything.

It's really disappointing that WG will not reconsider my ban,

Stupid me never read the rules, never assume just because you spend big, you are safe .

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Thiefy #44 Posted Apr 29 2017 - 05:38


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I really feel like these in-game reporting options aren't enough, and the automated TK responses will never take into account everything. After a match in which a light tank slipped past me and killed an arty, the arty spams the minimap with pings endlessly on my location, and then I get this:

In-Game Chat

 hisss56 (9:05:12 PM) what. the. hell. dude
hisss56 (9:05:24 PM) the one and only thing that you needed to do
Thiefy (9:05:27 PM) yeah, why don't ya blow a gasket because you died?
hisss56 (9:05:40 PM) no its cause you were dumbenough to [edited]try to follow
hisss56 (9:05:46 PM) the gogddamn light tnak into a river
Thiefy (9:05:50 PM) man, just 30secs before that I was being hit by 3 enemies... you think I'm going to just charge CLOSER to them?
hisss56 (9:05:51 PM) [edited][edited]
hisss56 (9:05:59 PM) youre fcuking retarded
hisss56 (9:06:02 PM) look at the [edited]minimap
hisss56 (9:06:12 PM) youll [edited]see everyone is spottedon the goddamn map
hisss56 (9:06:20 PM) what is there gonna be a 16th tank?!!>!!
hisss56 (9:06:22 PM) [edited]you
hisss56 (9:06:23 PM) [edited]
hisss56 (9:06:25 PM) uninstall
Thiefy (9:06:28 PM) I was watching the minimap, and I knew the light tank went into the river... you expect me to charge into the river?
hisss56 (9:06:38 PM) you were [edited]planning to
hisss56 (9:06:41 PM) and thats the wrong move
hisss56 (9:06:50 PM) you shouldve instantly looked where i pinged
hisss56 (9:06:54 PM) and guess what
hisss56 (9:06:57 PM) i was spot on
Thiefy (9:06:58 PM) yeah, insulting people is really going to get them to cooperate
hisss56 (9:07:06 PM) i dont ned your cooperation
hisss56 (9:07:07 PM) idiot
Thiefy (9:07:09 PM) learn some [edited]people skills before you try to communicate
hisss56 (9:07:12 PM) youre on the list that
Thiefy (9:07:13 PM) [edited]off
hisss56 (9:07:14 PM) i tk
hisss56 (9:07:16 PM) now
hisss56 (9:07:17 PM) [edited]
hisss56 (9:07:22 PM) i'll never ask anything of you again
hisss56 (9:07:23 PM) [edited]ter
hisss56 (9:07:28 PM) youre dead the next time i se you
Thiefy (9:09:00 PM) go ahead, tk me... enjoy getting banned


Toxic attitudes like this guy's ruin enjoyment of the game for people. Let's say he does TK me the next time we're on the same team. Is your automated system going to take this interaction into account? Absolutely not. Is my in-game reporting of him going to change anything? I highly doubt it. And if I open a ticket to report him to customer support, I'll just get some cookie-cutter response. I'm convinced your support doesn't even read the tickets, because I've made simple requests like "If you're a real person, and you have read this, please include a smiley face in your response. :)" Such a simple request, and I don't get a smiley face in their response. So everything's automated, and the customer gets no actual support. Do. Something. Your community is getting flooded with people like this hisss56, and you need to do something about it.

The_PlebSlayer #45 Posted May 09 2017 - 11:08


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Wargaming just destroyed this game with 9.18, and sucked in to them. i hope people leave in their thousands, its turned into pokimon.


They are a rip of company, that introduce tanks to make money and they develop nothing in the game or the maps.




You spend thousands over years of dedicated playing, 1 stuff up and your done



You know what you can do WG with your fair and balanced.



1SHOWER1 #46 Posted May 27 2017 - 08:53


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I have submitted tickets after tickets trying to help get this game right for being shot, pushed off cliffs, my tank rolled over, pushed out in front of enemy fire ect..and tonight in a game I got pushed off a cliff AGAIN, so I shot a player in the rear like 3 or four times with a pz IIc and I get banned for a day???? I spend ALOT of money on this game because my whole family plays it and then after trying to help out with making it better, I loose it ONE TIME and get banned for a day.... works great these tk mechanics don't it?

Nawesemo #47 Posted Jun 25 2017 - 20:25


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Shot out to Earl, Gerald, Johnathan, and Douglas, for helping me recover my account.    *whew!!! that was intense, great job team and sorry for the grief.     1000 thanks and all that. :) Happy Tanking. 

TboneOathKeeper #48 Posted Aug 29 2017 - 20:48


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Hello, Hope all is well. I've been playing on the "Public Testing" server for maybe 3 to 4 months now. Yesterday and today I noticed that there were some Bugs that are not going away. First is "NO" use of in-game chat. Checked settings many times, tried to contact team members, but no luck. The Speed Messages Does not work either. Say if I was calling for "Help" or "Reloading" , my teammates would not get the message.

In many Battles I found that to be very Hard to deal with. I like to talk to my Team and work together and this makes it impossible. The Russian server works perfect , yet my local American Server is not working correctly. I hope you can help with these issues. Thank you and Have a Great Day.


ryujikaji #49 Posted Sep 30 2017 - 15:46


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i want to know how i can report this physics abuse.....




KaBrUnKeRa #50 Posted Oct 28 2017 - 06:25


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I just want my active items back I hope

server off does not give xp:(:(


Catboat181 #51 Posted Nov 19 2017 - 15:18


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Bronzeraptor just call me a [n word]

multiple times in chat. Will a report with a replay do anything?


Any way to contact his clan? He's in -U-M- . Anybody know how to contact them?


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OtakuMage #52 Posted Jan 16 2018 - 00:38


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So how about the fact that in game reporting accomplished nothing and support tickets are answered by chatbots that don't address your issue at all?

_Spade_ #53 Posted Jan 24 2018 - 01:33


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What's the point of even having rules if WarGaming refuses to enforce them? I use the in-game system, and send in a ticket complete with replay, and despite receiving a reaponse that action would be taken, [edited]all has been done about it.

tallpaul99006 #54 Posted Feb 10 2018 - 00:10


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I'M PISSED!!!  I just got out of a T10 game in my E4, and another player immediately from the start of the game, without saying anything or acknowledging my attempts to talk to him, BLOCKED my tank from moving anywhere.  When I tried to go around him (he was in a faster E5), he'd just move in front of me again.  A guy in a FV tried to push him away, but had to get into the game so gave up.  He didn't respond to my wth's as to why he was blocking me, so in frustration, I shot him 3 times and killed him.  He made no attempt to shoot back or evade, just kept blocking me.  This caused my tank to turn blue and get banned for 1 hour.


His name was habsmeister.  Is there anything I can do about this?  I did NOTHING to this guy and there was no reason that I am aware of for his blocking me.  

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