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Orion_X #41 Posted Feb 03 2017 - 02:28


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Sometimes it is not functional to report the intentional team kill player with one single shot. 


Reported player: maritimejarkhead


I had this game 10 minutes ago. He claimed that he was aiming enemy but I moved so he shot me. But after carefully reviewing the replay, I found that I was not moving, but he was aiming at me, with obviously intentionally loaded HE shell for my vehicle, Grille 15. Plus he kept playing dumb after the game and talking whatever language it is. Here is the dialogue after the game:


Orion_X (7:53:24 PM) you loaded HE shell and you told me you were shooting enemy?
maritimejarkhead (7:53:55 PM) Ben de iyiyim, teşekkür ederim.
Orion_X (7:53:56 PM) it seems like the HE shell is especially for me, right?
maritimejarkhead (7:54:07 PM) Bugün / Bu gece ne yapıyorsun?
Orion_X (7:54:08 PM) english plz
maritimejarkhead (7:54:25 PM) On ikiyi çeyrek geçiyor
Orion_X (7:54:46 PM) did i offend you before?
maritimejarkhead (7:54:53 PM) On ikiye çeyrek var
Orion_X (7:55:08 PM) plz stop saying non sense
maritimejarkhead (7:55:27 PM) Dokuzu çeyrek geçiyor. İstanbul'da Türkçe kursuna katılmak niyetindeyim.
Orion_X (7:55:31 PM) what did i do to anger you?
maritimejarkhead (7:55:54 PM) Hava ******
maritimejarkhead (7:55:57 PM) ?
Orion_X (7:56:00 PM) what?
maritimejarkhead (7:56:26 PM) çeyrek
Orion_X (7:56:35 PM) english
maritimejarkhead (7:56:52 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:56:53 PM) did i offend you before?
maritimejarkhead (7:56:59 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:57:08 PM) what???
maritimejarkhead (7:57:17 PM) ?
maritimejarkhead (7:57:20 PM) ...........
maritimejarkhead (7:57:23 PM) Evli misiniz?
Orion_X (7:57:39 PM) no english? ok done.
maritimejarkhead (7:57:55 PM) i shot enemy
Orion_X (7:58:01 PM) i just got hit by a lunatic
maritimejarkhead (7:58:06 PM) ?
Orion_X (7:58:08 PM) no you didnt
Orion_X (7:58:19 PM) you shoot me with HE shell intentionally
maritimejarkhead (7:58:23 PM) you move
maritimejarkhead (7:58:34 PM) my shot
Orion_X (7:58:46 PM) you are insane
maritimejarkhead (7:58:52 PM) On ikiyi çeyrek geçiyor
maritimejarkhead (7:59:08 PM) gg
Orion_X (7:59:08 PM) stop saying that shiit words
Orion_X (7:59:38 PM) you just shoot me and played dumb
Orion_X (7:59:46 PM) i got it
Orion_X (7:59:53 PM) reported with replay

Orion_X (8:13:05 PM) OK lunatic
Orion_X (8:13:36 PM) i reviewed the replay very carefully. i was not moving when you fired but you were aiming at me all the time.


He didn't eve get blue ID in the game just because of only one shot. So stay away and watch for this kind of dark insane players and make a better gaming environment. 



Razorinthe60s #42 Posted Feb 19 2017 - 08:14


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How do i report a player that has sent offensive and racist message, i want to get the player banned

The_PlebSlayer #43 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 00:54


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I had a MM/RNG  rage moment, offered to sell my account for 3 games straight because I lost control of my anger and frustration, I now have a permanent ban, someone reported me.

I'm not the best player in the world, I'm ok, I spent alot of money on the game because it was good entertainment, WG refuse to give me a second chance, be careful out there people, doesn't matter how much time or effort you put in, you make one mistake, you lose everything.

It's really disappointing that WG will not reconsider my ban,

Stupid me never read the rules, never assume just because you spend big, you are safe .

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