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In-Game Reporting System

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StLouisR1 #61 Posted Jul 30 2018 - 19:52


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I have had the recent experience of observing death threats via in-game chat. I do realize that these are empty threats made by useless turds, but I believe such behavior goes far and above what would be considered fair sportsmanship. Please be aware that the incidents were perpetrated by members with the clan tag "PERRO". I am curious at what point WG must accept some responsibility for such action. I have difficulty believing such action is singular and has not been repeatedly reported.

Mister_Crowley #62 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 19:19


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I'm sure this isn't the correct place to complain, but WHY can't I use a Walmart gift card to buy gold? I can use a Subway card or a Dollar General card, but not the biggest retailer on the planet. Seems rather stupid to me.

Warwik #63 Posted Nov 13 2018 - 17:12


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USC server lagging badly. there is massive packet loss, what is happening to your server.

yesterday the game was running fine 




TidusEnix #64 Posted Dec 20 2018 - 13:51


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is there a method of which to report a player for harassment and targeted team kills. A white supremecist tried to recruit me and i told him to leave me alone then i blacklisted him, following match he team kills me immediately. his account is under a year old and has less that 100 battles. players like this shouldnt be allowed on the servers. he teamkilled me because apparently me deciding not to be a racist was a problem.

anonym_xIUnP0tBf94m #65 Posted Dec 24 2018 - 00:43


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That is just a horrible business model for dealing with cheaters.  For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone in any company would think this is an acceptable way to deal with cheaters?  Its almost like WG endorses the use of illegal mods that allow people to have an unfair advantage.  You need a MUCH better way of dealing with cheaters, they are running rampant and unafraid because they know that they will probably not trigger enough reports to flag their accounts.  Also I am going to be very blunt, putting a limit of 10 reports per day is absurd.


Maybe there is some truth to the rumor that WG is linked to a company that produces illegal mods.  Either way, you are complacent with the stance you are taking now.  It's a joke.

nastykiller92 #66 Posted Feb 12 2019 - 22:37


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I wish I had a more proper way to report people that do need bans. example: I play a frontline game and RECON_RANGER starts helping the other side by dropping his smoke screen in the caps when we are defending them on the enemy to help them while they cap and does nothing after he gives up in the match. Reality, his [edited]should be banned for a week  as it is just as bad as TKing 5 tanks on your team that did nothing to you.

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soldier301st #67 Posted Mar 06 2019 - 05:38


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I live in Asia. How do I switch accounts to sever asia?

CrazyBull6666 #68 Posted Apr 17 2019 - 11:05


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I would like to know what does WG do about complaints? How are they dealt with? It's frustrating to be in a team where your own teammates are pushing you off cliffs and into water to drown you. Complaining about it isn't enough. I need to know these players are being dealt with. I'm pretty sure I am one of many people that pay to enjoy this game and I cannot find a single decent response to my frustration with these trolls, idiots and retarded players that are ruining the game for me.


There has to be a system in place in which the complaints we file against players has a feedback option - in which one of you from support can contact us and tell us if you reviewed games and how that player is being dealt with. Repetitive behavior should result in permanent bans!!! I was shot twice in a light tank by a friendly Tank Destroyer in the back twice and when I fired my clip into him I was suspended for an hour.. HOW IS THAT FAIR? HE BROUGHT ME DOWN TO 10% HP AND I RETALIATED AND I GET PUNISHED FOR IT. I WAS JUST THROWN OFF A [edited]CLIFF AND CRASHED BY ANOTHER PLAYER. I'm typing in capital, because I'm actually pissed off and this game is supposed to be fun.. 

RoninBH007 #69 Posted Apr 29 2019 - 01:39


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WG still doe3snt take action on this [edited], just got out of a game where we had a E50M as teammate. Right off the start he told us to go [edited]ourselves. spent the entire match doing nothing, while he was in a position to win the game. We all agreed to report him. I assume we all did. Next match he was in my team again.

Give me a [edited]break, a craptoxic player looses its way to tier X, and no matter how much we point at him for not doing [edited], WG will allow him to keep playing.

This is [edited] up, the ingame report system is a joke, and no one seems to actually do anything about this [edited]idiots we have to deal with in the game.

RoninBH007 #70 Posted Apr 29 2019 - 01:42


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2 games in a row [edited] up by morons taht made it to tier X by loosing on purpose. Then WG asks why we dont play top tier tanks. Its because we have to deal with crapplayers every single match.


Tiocfaidh_Arla #71 Posted Jun 15 2019 - 02:11

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View PostSaffr0n, on Sep 18 2015 - 00:20, said:

Hello Tankers!


The In-Game Reporting System has been active for a few months now and we would like to formally introduce it to the community.


What is the In-Game Reporting System?


It is an automated complaint system to deal with rule violations during gameplay, based on the philosophy of self-moderation from the community. This effectively eliminates the need for the player to spend time to report a violation via our ticketing system.


How does it work?


Players can submit complaints about a misbehaving player, which will queue up like a point system. Once the same player has received "X" number of complaints and surpassed a predefined threshold their account is noted for a game sanction. By limiting the reports to battles that the player has participated in and restricting the amount of available complaints, we have ensured that the system cannot be abused. This means that if you were not in the same battle as the violator then you cannot submit a complaint about their behavior. Each player has maximum of (10) complaints they can submit per day, all of which can be used on a single player or one or more times for a different number of players. We were aware that some players may choose the former to possibly force ban someone so we did not set the threshold too low, hopefully avoiding this issue.


To give a rough ballpark of the current threshold, let's review these examples:


- If one player uses up all of their complaints on a single violator ⇒ the offending player is unlikely to receive a game sanction

- If all players in a battle, except for the misbehaving player, submits all possible complaints ⇒ the offending player is very likely to receive a game sanction


How do I send a complaint?


More information on how to use the In-Game Report System can be found in the following Knowledgebase Article


Can I submit complaint and still send in a ticket?


You are welcomed to use both, however, we want to encourage players to use the In-Game Reporting System. We do ask that you continue to submit tickets regarding physics abuse, possible game bugs, violations that occur in General Chat or game exploits.


Have any suggestions or feedback?

It doesn't work nothing happens to the offenders. I just got tracked by team mate, then he pushed me into enemy and used me as a shield. I report and nothing happens. I report via ticket and I get the same crap form letter telling me we are doing something but can't tell you what we are doing.  I call lies. Nothing happens because you see the same physics abusers in the next game or three. NOTHING happens.

Renato1280 #72 Posted Jun 17 2019 - 04:14


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Make the team killer to receive his own damage, too.


Make a key, so when someone block your way, illegally, he starts to receive damage (small continuous damage) and is notified.

Bavor #73 Posted Jul 03 2019 - 00:27


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I have a question about the in game reporting system.  Does it even work at all?  I've had almost the entire team say they reported the players who said at the start of the battle that they aren't top tier, so they aren't participating or that their tank sucks and they can't do any damage so they aren't participating.  Both types have gone and hid somewhere at the back fo the map for the duration of the battle.


If nearly an entire team reports a player for botting and unsportsmanlike conduct, why doesn't Wargaming look into them?


Also, what is meant by "excessive and repetitive passive play" in the rules?

4.07. Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods to accumulate credits and experience without the participation or with passive participation of the player within the battle (excessive and repetitive passive play).


I've reported player like those mentioned above and so have my friends and clanmates.  Yet its pretty obvious that they never received a ban when they are doing 30-50 battles a day for an entire month with nearly zero average damage for most battles.


Smooky_Le_chien_husky #74 Posted Aug 10 2019 - 00:24


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When world of tanks will make game more better like the old days without your op premium ammunition full dmg and pen . people player not learning the game are using it pressing 2 all the time . for new player is kinda not good are will tired to get always killed when are try to learn the game when other old player just spam on gold ammo . anyways  I would like the game change a little For reduce the op mechanic on premium ammunition and matchmaker need reduce we no need to fight 2 tier up to play

Thumper5457 #75 Posted Nov 02 2019 - 19:59


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I know I am going to catch flack and be scoffed at for what I am going to say. I know that people in this game don't believe in cheaters, professionals, and cheat mods.  Here are some facts and players who have used all.  Lets start with the Professional web site...go ahead and scoff...look it up first before you open your trap.




Professional and Cheat Players:

Player Name                                          Join Date                      PR rating

XIAO_TAN                                             01 JUL 2019                 4034

EXPERTANTICAMPER                         02 JAN 2019                 7303

GAWAINEAXE                                      14 JUL 2015                  7367

CANADIANSAMIAM                              3 SEP 2016                  5058

IKNOWQUESY                                      14 OCT 2019                2548

BILLY_BOY                                            07 JAN 2018                5145

BUNKER1942                                        26 JAN 2019                4578


These are just a few of the players and I stopped logging them down.  I have been playing since 2011 and yes, I don't play everyday but, when you join this year and pass PR ratings in the 4k to 7k range? Come on, don't throw that "Well he is a good player" or "They play a lot" Bull crap on me.  These players pay for both cheat mods and professional players.  Yes, they in fact pay for these professionals and mods.  How do I  know this? I know two players who actually used the link above and bought mods.  They joined in the last month 2018 and have PR ratings of over 7k. Until this game gets rid of the infection the game will continue to spiral down to nothing.  8k players have left WOT just because of what WOT is allowing to take place.  With every update the game gets worse. So, play if you will, your money is the only thing the programmers care for.  The game is no longer a game of fun and you older players still playing know I am telling the truth.

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