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Experience to Distribute

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Kellhound #1 Posted Jul 05 2011 - 16:02


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I have a question in which the search feature found no answer.

Preface:  I have a TigerII and its elite with about 25,000 experience sitting unspend in its queue "experience to distribute"

Concern:  In a month or so, the TigerII gets moved to a new tree and will branch over to the E-75 instead of VK45 (which I already have)

What happens to the accumulated XP in the TigerII?  Can it be moved to the E-75 freely, or will I have to spend $ to transfer it over?  

Sorry for such a noob question, and thanks for any assistance you can provide.  Happy Tanking 8)

Akantha #2 Posted Jul 05 2011 - 16:04


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if you click your convert xp tab the tiger II will be there, then you can spend gold to convert the xp that can be used for any tank, even if you dont have the tiger II in your garage.

edit: also with the new tree change - the xp should still be there for the tiger II.

ZKaiZ #3 Posted Jul 05 2011 - 16:15


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When the patch comes out, Any exp you have in your king tiger is still convertable, But you can also spend that exp for the E-75, Additionally, If you have an Elited out Tiger I, Any free exp on it will automatically be transferred to the Tiger II  :Smile_honoring:

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