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How to find optimal play settings

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Which series do you prefer

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BL4CK_SH33P #1 Posted Jul 05 2011 - 20:37


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Let me start out by saying any amd product cant and never will match up to its nvidia counterparts for gaming because of the lack of a shader OC and lack of versatility. Now that its been said lets venture into the gtx 500 series cards
By far the most popular 500 series card is the 560 ti
560ti is a 1gb - 2gb gddr5 video card that can be overclocked to insane levels using the OC scanner and Oc precision tool from evga, if you have this card you should have no problem playing this game at max settings with 3d on with a min of 40+fps all the time
the next popular 500 series card is the 550 ti which is very minimally less better than the 560ti so max settings should be looked at and determined around the 40-50fps easy without 3d on. If you have a gtx 590 why the hell are you playing this game go play crysis 2 max settings on 3d and be happy sheesh lol.

The 400 series is kind of a flop in my opinion but i see alot of gamers using the budget card 400s so I might as well do it.
the most popular card i have seen is the gtx 460 super clocked edition this card provides alot of bang for your buck but without the stability of the 500 series this card is limited to 800mhz at best. This card will give you top notch performance for those budget gamers recommended settings are high with some ultra qualities enabled your pick.
Since most people who use the 400 series are budget gamers I dont see alot of people springing for the higher version of the 460 but its worth a mention like the 550ti compared to the 560ti the difference is minimal but can be noticeable in those heated battles or just gazing at the vast plains of smoldering wreckages. Recommended settings are again high but with high AA settings.

Finnally the 200 series of the nvidia line. The 200 series was a good start for the top end gamers when it was first released these cards were cheap and easy to use. The common gtx 260 was a huge success with stories of people hitting 1000mhz in core clock while keeping stable making this card a beast. But this card is prone to over heating and tends to slack during long long gaming hours. With a personal experiance with this card after about 4-6 hours of gaming perfoamnce dropped 20-30fps which is a huge dissapointment for those people who really enjoyed this card. But alas this card can run this game at ultra with stunning results when OC'ed properly with a playable 25-34fps consitently but like i said this can only last for so long so a high settings will keep this card with OC at 60+ fps so this is the good card to buy if youre on a epic budget. The other favorite card is the gtx 295 this card provided more stability and more versatility but produced more heat so a good air system our watercooling is recommended.

Now for those old school nvidia users that refuse to move up the 9800 card and 8800 ultra card can and will run this game well at high settings simply because they were well built for games in the future but for those tense and eye candy moments these cards will stutter out drastically. These cards will perform well at medium with some high settings keeping a steady 30-40fps which is playable.

Anything older than these cards is recommended that you play on low or medium settings because the older 8880 and 9800 cards have a hard time processing all the little knicks and pixels that come with the higher settings making the fps drop. so if youre older than the ultra 8800 and 9800 series recommend you sit at low settings for playable fps.

Below add your system specs and compare to eachothers
i7-950 OC 3.8ghz
sli 560ti maximum edition
x58 gigabit mobo
850watt corsair psu
6gb of gskill ram ddr3
2tb western digital black hard drives
1 ssd 120gb
Storm scout case
8 120mm fans for a cool 34c idle and 67 load pc
fatal1ty 5.1 surround sound card
23 inch asus 3d monitor

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