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FluffytheDestroyer #1 Posted Jul 06 2011 - 23:01


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I've had it happen a few times where I rush up towards a rock, drive up onto it slightly, and then find I can't get myself off of it. How do you get yourself unstuck in situations like that?

_GreyBeard_ #2 Posted Jul 06 2011 - 23:14


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First you take a screen shot of it and post ir here after,


then if you really can't get unstuck you hope the rest of your team either,

a. kills all the other enemy tanks

b. caps the enemy flag

before the enemy finds you stuck to the surrounds and kills you.

CaptCrusader #3 Posted Jul 06 2011 - 23:27

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I got my Hummell stuck on those stones that block the paths on the new Arctic map. Felt like a n00b when I did it and felt like a bigger n00b when an enemy A20 cruises up and 2 shots me. I almost rage quited, but I stuck around (haha) and took my medicine.

Otherwise, yeah, screenshot it and report it. You are going to find ways to get stuck that the devs never dreamed of.  :Smile_great:

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