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WGA rolls into Team Battles

Team Battles WGA What did I just see #WarDec

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Jimmy53722 #161 Posted May 14 2016 - 03:15


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We're in queue, where are you???? 

dance210 #162 Posted May 21 2016 - 01:14

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WGA is in queue!! Come find us to receive a mystery gift :-D

LostMyMarbles #163 Posted May 21 2016 - 01:45


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almost made the Team WGA tonite would have been fun thanks for the invite Dance210

Quagalicious #164 Posted May 21 2016 - 10:43


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View PostTrevzor, on Nov 05 2015 - 13:18, said:

Attention denizens of the NA East server!


For too long, Wargaming has allowed you to run free in the Team Battles queues. For too long, teams like Clueless, Ping 999, Game Over, and Pathetic Gaming have ruled the Ranked Ladder. For too long has the WGA eSports team thirsted for competitive play and the vast rewards that can be earned from such play.


Because of this, WGA is declaring open war on every team that partakes in Team Battles!


Every Friday starting tomorrow ( November 6th) Wargaming America will be fielding her own team of champions to reclaim the Ranked Ladder in the name of glorious Wargaming America! From the times of 1700-1900 PT, you will find team Wargaming Hax, Best Hax [WGA] playing Team Battles for honor, glory, and gud fites.


I will be placing reminders to all of you who think you can take us on.


This first Friday will have WGA in the Unranked Team Battles section. Stretching our tank legs and allowing players to find themselves a permanent team before we take to the Ladder.


Meet the Team:


There may be some prizes for finding us. There may be some prizes for defeating us (fat chance of that happening :P)


There will be prizes revolving around the Ladder that will be announced at a later date.


Here is a picture of a kitten to ease the sting of your team's demise:


See you on the battlefield!


Didn't think I'd see the day a WG employee would be naming and shaming hue hue hue :trollface:

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