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How to run world of tanks on Ubuntu 14.04

ubuntu 14.04 installation help

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Cybertek_Panda #1 Posted Nov 14 2015 - 04:29


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first off im not very familiar with ubuntu iv only been using it for about a week now so if you need more help than what i list here look elsewhere.

first go to your Ubuntu software center, and search for "playonlinux" this will be the program that will find WoT and install it or you.

once you have playonlinux go to the games tab and find/search for world of tanks

follow the onscreen installs for explorer and directX and finally World of Tanks 

the playonlinux menu will tell you to "use the wrench icon to make the download not use torrent as it will crash" you will not find this in the current game client.

instead pause the World of tanks client and then close it.


open playonlinux again and you should now see world of tanks in the application list. right click and hit "open application directory" this will open the data files for world of tanks

next you will need to find "WoTLauncher.cfg" in this folder

open the file with your text editor you can not change the file type on save! (at this point i had to move that file to my windows PC with a flash drive and open it with notepad as the programs i tried to open it with on my Ubuntu system would change the file type and Tanks would no longer recognize the file type and fail to launch. I'm sure their is a notepad equivalent out their for Ubuntu but you will have to find that out on your own)

once you have that open look for "<launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport>" you will want to change that 3 in the middle to a 2 so it will look like this "<launcher_transport>2</launcher_transport>" this changes it from a torrent download to a direct download.

save and exit notepad
(if you had to use a windows OS for notepad like me move the file from your flash drive back to the world of tanks folder )

go back to playonlinux and start World of tanks 

wait for files to install and you should be ready for battle!

(running on Ubuntu i have had minor problems with missing textures on occasion, i have blank area around my screen i can scroll to when using full screen at the lobby, and when quitting world of tanks i  have to restart as it does some wonky stuff to my resolution this may be a full screen problem not sure. but aside from that everything in game works like a bell)

*edit* the problems with the bank area and weird resolution problem were due to 
full screen

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NK_33 #2 Posted Nov 14 2015 - 04:49


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Thanks, with Win10 coming out, I've been investigating moving all my computers to Linux.  Good to know I won't be losing World of Tanks.

Hans_Gruber_3 #3 Posted Nov 14 2015 - 14:25

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My machine is a dual-boot of Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04, and I might give that a try too. I'm however cautious, as the Linux NVidia drivers have been less stable than the Windows ones. I do however feel that Ubuntu has less overhead. In either case, I may give this a chance.

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Great_Ape #4 Posted Mar 30 2016 - 23:14

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Any luck with 9.14?   I couldn't get it to update even after making the change to the config file, so copied the files directly from a windows machine into my play on Linux.  It loads to the garage but crashes at that point.


Ubuntu 14.04, Nvidia drivers. wine 1.9.5

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