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Stand To's for the Week of November 23rd

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Triple_Crown #1 Posted Nov 17 2015 - 19:59


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Great News !   Patch 9.12 has made a huge change made to all Wargaming Tournaments created by our Wargaming tournament system:




This means that you can now play in our Tournaments ( INCLUDING DAILY STAND TO'S ) and grind tanks and credits  - note that this is base experience and not any daily x2's etc.


Happy tanking all !


~Triple Crown


The Stand-To is our popular daily tournament (named after WWI’s daily face off against the enemy where soldiers were expected to stand ready on the trench fire step, preparing for attack).


Now it’s your turn to roll into the fray. So gather your friends, grab your favorite tanks and defend your base. As a daily tournament, you can choose whether you want to Stand-To every day or only once in a while.


All active tournaments can be found by searching the Tournaments Home Page. Curious what's happening this month? Check out our eSports calendar!


3v3 - at Tier 4 - No Restrictions



Stand-To 11.28.15



Stand-To 11.29.15


Monday :    Winterberg Encounter
Tuesday :    Sand River Encounter
Wednesday :    Ensk Encounter
Thursday :    Himmelsdorf Encounter
Friday :    Prokhorovka Encounter

Friday LATE : Ensk Encounter

Saturday :    El Halluf Encounter
Sunday :    Redshire Encounter



Teams must be SUBMITTED for approval to participate - instructions on applying HERE


Completed Tournaments

Stand-To 11.23.15

Stand-To 11.24.15

Stand-To 11.25.15

         Stand-To 11.26.15 - THANKSGIVING SPECIAL WITH INCREASED PRIZES  - 3v3 TIER 4 - Himmelsdorf Encounter  - 4:30pm Pacific Time

Stand-To 11.27.15

Stand-To 11.27.15 - EXTRA EVENT - BLACK FRIDAY LATE NIGHT SPECIAL - 3v3 TIER 6-  Ensk Encounter  - 9:00pm Pacific Time

Prize Payments
  • Prizes are credited to player accounts as quickly as possible but could take up to 7 days after the Stand-To has finished.
  • There may be a delay in crediting the gold if a player changes his/her name.


A dispute is a claim against an illegitimate result by an opponent’s violation of a written Stand-To rule.


Disputes must adhere to the protocol detailed below or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration.

  • Disputes must be submitted immediately after the round has concluded.
  • Disputes must be emailed to tournaments@wargamingamerica.com
  • The email subject/title must include the word “Dispute:” followed by the name of the event for which you are filing a dispute.
  • Disputes may only be filed by the team captain or any team member listed under team’s contact details.


Disputes must include the following in the body of the email or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration:

  • In-game name of the player submitting the dispute
  • Date of the Stand-To
  • Your team’s name with a link to your team’s page created for you during registration
  • Your opponent’s team name and a link to your opponent’s team page created during registration
  • Reason for dispute: e.g. “I would like to report the team for using a tank that was not allowed, the StuG III.”
  • An attached replay of the disputed battle(s)


Additional notes:

  • Opposing team captains will be alerted of the dispute by forum PM after the dispute is processed.
  • Captains are responsible for monitoring their PM inbox.
  • Three upheld disputes during a group stage reverses all scores from the offending team for that round.
  • Publicizing disputes prior to resolution is subject to penalties at tournament admin's discretion, not limited to:
    • Disregarding the dispute
    • Immediate team disqualification
    • Removal of offending player from the event


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