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Full-Screen mode hotkey

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Nisae #1 Posted Jul 09 2011 - 07:09


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Right,there is a fullscreen mode toggle involving shift and some other key,I still don't quite know it yet
but can it be removed or at least have the hotkey changed?

sometimes it just toggles back and forth making it impossible to drive,yet alone shoot.(at enemies)


Clean1Owner #2 Posted Jul 09 2011 - 07:17

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The hot key combination is Alt+Enter to switch between full and floating screen modes. Not sure why you are hitting these by mistake but I did it a few times before. Since those early days of keyboard and mouse only  I now have a G19 game pad and I cant say enough good things about this once you optimize it for your game play.

ZKaiZ #3 Posted Jul 09 2011 - 07:20


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What Nisae is saying is that when you toggle to full screen, it shouldn't rid your controls of the game.

I've toggled to full screen before and I lost control of my tank entirely, when I clicked back into it I fired a round and killed a friendly.

Loli_teh_TD #4 Posted Jul 09 2011 - 21:02


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I press it sometimes by mistake, I hold alt down lots because its handy to see the tier/info of tanks now in my view, but I don't usually press enter to type and I let go of alt to type before pressing enter though sometimes it does it to windowed mode, though I haven't had any can't control tank issues from it yet

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