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Always wanted to know more about your favorite Noble eSports players? Well recently Trireme was able to sit down with Jerm and discussed calling, roster changes and season 2 of the WGLNA.




Trireme: When you took over battle calling for Noble, did you feel a lot of pressure?


Jerm: I felt like I had a lot to do and no time to do it. There are lots of maps, lots of possible tank lineups and playstyles. And on top of that you have to be aware of what other regions are doing- you can spend hours watching European and Russian matches. Even if you have no intention of using the strategies you see, you have to be prepared in case someone else uses those strategies against you. There's simply no way to follow everything, so you have to prioritize and do the best you can.



Trireme: With Friction joining in a battle calling role, how are you two working together?


Jerm: It's complicated when you switch callers or bring in a new caller. It's difficult to let go and give up control because you are so used to making those decisions all the time. You don't want to undermine each other or cause confusion with conflicting instructions. We're both going to do everything possible to help the team win, so we're working on our coordination.



Trireme: Noble has faced two tough opponents recently: SIMP and High Woltage Caballers. What were the major differences between the defeat against SIMP and the victory against HWC?


Jerm: Against HWC we followed our plans correctly, our players listened to each other and had good communication. In the SIMP match we had a lot of communications issues- not technical problems but human ones. It also seemed like HWC was off their game when we faced them, while SIMP was in good working order.



Trireme: What are some tips you can offer for battle callers in the community?


Jerm: Preparation is key. Have a plan and execute it. At every point in the battle you want to have a goal and a plan to accomplish it, and a sense of the enemy's goal and how to stop them. Preparation is the key to doing something successfully. Preparation and listening- you need to make sure your team is listening and understanding the plan.



Trireme: As a caller on a team like Noble you deal with a lot of personalities and opinions. How do you deal with that and put together a winning strategy?


Jerm: Honestly you ignore most of it. If you try to adjust to everything that everyone suggests you will have a complete mess. You need to listen suggestions, but if you let them get in the way of the original goal it becomes impossible. You just have to do the best you can putting together a plan, then adjust the plan to be more effective.

Trireme:As an experienced player and caller, how do you deal with setbacks?


Jerm: Accept legitimate criticism and use it to improve, but understand that people will be emotional right afterwards. Try to look past the emotions and focus on the big reasons that things didn't work. Then you address and fix those without worrying about the rest.



Trireme: After a winning season like the last one, how do you stay motivated to keep working and improving?


Jerm: It isn't easy because you feel like you've reached an end point when you win. But you Generally keep busy- ot was relatively easy for me since we had stuff going on between seasons- the Pacific Rumble, WCA in China, and revamping everything for the new tier 10 format.  If you stop it can be hard to get that drive again, so keep preparing, keep practicing, keep making plans.



To follow Jerm:

Twitter: @Jerm_NA

Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/jerm_na


To learn more about Noble eSports:

Twitter: @NobleProGaming



And catch Noble’s battles in the Gold League:

WGLNA Chanel: http://www.twitch.tv/wglna or http://www.battleviewer.com/


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