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Earn a Free FV4202 (P) in February!

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TheAprilFool #241 Posted Feb 28 2016 - 23:42


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View PostValan, on Feb 17 2016 - 06:33, said:


Nods head.  

The Personal Mission requirements to complete, have broken even me.  Specifically the 750 base experience requirement, which depends on your team winning a match for a change.   In fifteen games today with the Centurion Action X, I wasn't able to do that.  Strange that I was able to earn a Patrol Duty medal, yet team camped to much and lost it.   Think I'm done with tier ten till Wargaming Developer fix it.  Not worth the pain: the credits losses, inferior experience per match, bots, stubborn campers, small population, how the matchmaking system operates, inferior D.P.M to Hitpoints ratio compared to other tiers of play.  Shall I go on?


On top of that, Wargaming NA staff screw up cost many of us a 30% off discount by not announcing the On The Track to the Centurion Action X before the original deadline of January 19th 2016 to purchase it.    Some of us actually took Wargaming NA at its word.  Thus, some of us feel violated by the bait & switch of terms.   Thirty percent of 6.1 million is equal to 1.83 millions credits.  


This will be the first Mission for a Tier 8 vehicle I will not be able to complete.  I completed the IS-6, T34 and WZ-111 missions successfully previously.   Whereas for this mission I am on track to easily finished the 450k damage dealt requirement.  The trouble is the second requirement of 750 experience in a game with the Centurion Action X.    It's simply too high, even after trying fifteen times in a day for it.   Went fourteen wins & eight defeats in every other tank today, however in the Centurion Action X only won eight and lost seven.    Tier ten stinks for solo play, which is all I have been doing for the past month.  If I was instead platooning that would tend to inflate statistical outcomes overall, perhaps up to the Hall of Fame's Top 20-25 in win rate & in survive rate over four weeks time



I do not foresee a renew of my premium account time after its run out.  Too many changes have and remain needed for a very long time.  Between the errors by NA staff and Developers, they have an extremely steep hill to climb if they seek to retain enough people's attention and financial resources.       


I absolutely will not purchase the FV4202(P), because my original expectation was I would be able to finish a reasonable mission requirement.  Why reward a firm, when you feel violated over and over by it?  Believe it was a mistake for there to be no tier eight premium tank mission over the holidays in December 2015 to January 2016.  That's when most Northern Hemisphere people have more free time, not in February.  That said, I'm done.

if you really are struggling to get 750 Base Xp, than you really should stop playing Tier 10.

The_Peoples_Elbow #242 Posted Feb 29 2016 - 01:09


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Ground my way to a Centurion, did the 450k grind, and no premium.  Sucks.

Hochstepanzerjager #243 Posted May 05 2016 - 21:40


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I hate to necro a thread, but I was under the impression that the 4202 P would be a permanent addition to the premium shop once it came back. But it's not in the shop and I've been looking since February. 


Anyone know what gives?.

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