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What is the best premium tank?

what is the best premium tank

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BYK_Chainsaw #41 Posted Jul 08 2018 - 10:03

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when you say "best" if you mean for credits, which is why I buy premium tanks then tier 8 for "best credits"


I play the T34, the LOWE, and AMX M4 mle 49


   why?   they have good guns and good armor (if you know how to hide their weaknesses.)    

this adds to survival and damage, which adds to CREDITS.


   the problem with some of the others  like IS-6 is its 175 pen gun, this can make damage difficult and lower your credits so you have to play with this in mind.  same with the t-34-3.   where the T34 is 248 pen, lowe is 234 pen and AMX M4 is 232 pen.  this equal easier damage and easier credits.   A good game with credit booster is 100,000 credits.    with a one hour credit booster with good and bad games I get about 500,000 credits for the hour about.

ProfessionalFinn #42 Posted Jul 08 2018 - 13:01


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Rudy is tops.

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