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To The Mods And Devs...

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Lancenoob #1 Posted Jul 14 2011 - 12:40


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I have looked everywhere for a game like this one and would really like to thank everyone associated with this game for the fantastic community that you encourage. A game without hacks, trolls, or childish and abusive behavior!!!??? Is this heaven? I have been playing video games since intellivision and mmofps's since star siege and it is high time someone did what you are doing. So many companies today do not understand the number of customers they chase off by NOT banning people for inappropriate activity. I was about to quit gaming until I found this. Please do not ever change a thing. There are games out there with bigger budgets and more bells and whistles but the management of this game has made it my new primary pastime. Thank You. :Smile_great:

__Worm__ #2 Posted Jul 14 2011 - 21:08


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I second that opinion.

Death187 #3 Posted Jul 14 2011 - 21:20


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I agree! It is refreshing to have a game where you dont have some 12 year old running around headshotting people through walls.  :Smile_great:

DemonicSpoon #4 Posted Jul 15 2011 - 00:48


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I don't know what communities you guys have been a part of, but in my experience the WoT community is pretty bad. Not the absolute worst I've ever seen, and the forums are certainly well-moderated, but I can think of a lot of communities I'd rather have.

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