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volubleasteroid #1 Posted Jul 17 2011 - 01:06


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OK TWO THINGS i got banned for begging hmm thats dumb and i got a 2 day ban all i said was hey i need gold can you trade gold this is crazy i probobly wont ever play this again or buy anything from this game


how do you earn big bucks with a german medium or light tank

and is the panzer 4  a good tank

and if you know a mod please try to bring one to this topic  <_<

Will_of_Iron #2 Posted Jul 17 2011 - 01:14


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and is the panzer 4 a good tank

yes with upgraded gun, no without upgraded gun.

how you earn credits with german? Play like a german tank should play? I get credits if I deal damage, but I don't when I don't deal damage. My KV deals damage, so it gets credits. Just grind and expect not to do well until you get an upgraded gun as German. Take what you can until you get higher penetration.

as to the rest of this thread, ehhhhh, no polite way to say anything so I'm not going to.

Wallachia #3 Posted Jul 17 2011 - 04:55


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OK TWO THINGS i got banned for begging hmm thats dumb

You got banned for not reading the rules.


Optimus_Ares #4 Posted Jul 17 2011 - 08:57

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Tried some real-life tactics there champ? Your post reeks of LAZY.

To answer your second question: GOOGLE it.

-1 for being a *removed* and begging in a friggin game ffs. Get a life! Or are you too lazy to even do that?

There's no need for insults. Also please restrain yourself a little more.

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