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Penetration, how does it work?

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adjutant #1 Posted Jul 18 2011 - 18:18

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Last night I was fighting a PzKpfw III with my T82, 57mm gun.

This gun has very nice penetration values, or so it says. 83-138mm of Penetration with the AP round.

The PzKpfw III, according to the Tank Wiki has 70mm of armor on the hull in the front. That's lower than the lowest deviation of penetration on my gun.

However, none of my shots fired at the panzer penetrated. They all bounced. You're probably thinking, "oh, he was at an angle." But no, he was not at an angle. My shots were firing perpendicular to the flat, non-sloped surface of the panzer's front armor. I don't remember exactly how far he was, but he couldn't have been farther out than 200 meters.

So let's say that he magically had 90mm of frontal armor, due to some hidden factor, I still should've been able to penetrate more than half my shots. Which I didn't, because they all bounced.

This confuses me, I don't know what to believe in anymore.  :o

Ironmonger69 #2 Posted Jul 18 2011 - 18:25


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First off, Penetration Mechanics here

Second, penetration falls off with range.  The numbers given are either at the muzzle or at 100 yards (I'm not sure which), and just because your crosshairs were on that plate, doesn't mean that's where the round hit.  It could have hit anywhere withing the aiming circle, which at that range could have been anywhere on the tank.

ApplesauceBandit #3 Posted Jul 18 2011 - 18:27


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weird stuff happens. i don't know quite how it works but once my L/70 bounced off a grille :blink:

Will_of_Iron #4 Posted Jul 18 2011 - 18:40


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my KVs 107 bounced off an m2 medium before. Sht happens.

Mr_Peabody #5 Posted Jul 18 2011 - 19:10


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...and, while we're all telling our penetration horror stories, I once bounced TWO successive shots off the front of an M36 Jackson Slugger with an an IS-4s S-70... that got me just a little bit aggrivated since the pesky %$#@! kept shooting my tracks.

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