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Maximum zoom & target is missed?

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apollyonJ #1 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 13:24


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Hey guys,
     Im just curious, when shooting someone with normal zoom(shift) u can hit someone. But with my zoom maxed out and locked on a tank i miss most of my shots?
Do i have to account for the recoil and put my /\ lower?

I do wait for the aiming circle around the target to become the smallest before shooting.

Not to sound noob with my shooting but i have poor eyesight :/

davedaaznlu #2 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 13:25

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happens a lot in lower tier tanks, but as you get up it will get easier unless you play arty, and thats rarely.

Ironmonger69 #3 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 13:29


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One of the things I've noticed about long zoom is that you can't see obstacles between you and the tank.  You'll see the whole tank outlined, but much of it is hidden behind awall, building, etc, and that is what you actually hit.  Plus, the more clear space within the aiming circle (as in the further away the target is, plus their size), the higher your chance of a miss as the round can fall anywhere inside the circle, as well as a rare shot falling outside the circle.  At any rate, I found the obscurity of objects in sniper mode the cause of most of this.  This also leads to friendly fire  lot of times, too.  My solution is to always verify by lesser zoom what's out there before shooting, andnever using more zoom than you need.

Avocet #4 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 13:52


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Good points above, I'd also add a note about being "locked on" a tank. Does that mean you are using auto-aim? Sadly, auto-aim locks your aim on the (generally) hardest place to penetrate (the turret), and also leaves you more of a chance to miss above the turret. You'll really want to learn to rely on manual aim and figure out where the weak spots are. (generally back and sides, and parts of the tank that are at a 90-degree angle relative to you)

No, you don't need to adjust your aim to account for recoil/gravity/wind/anything.

Welcome to WOT!

Eidolone #5 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 14:36

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Auto-aim also doesn't compensate for target speed.  Unless the target is at <100m, you'll almost always miss if you use auto-aim because the shell takes time to travel the distance.  On moving targets at range, use manual aim and lead the target.

NoblePlatoon #6 Posted Jul 19 2011 - 15:52


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Additionally, the weapons have an accuracy value listed.  Missing your target is part of that accuracy quantity.

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