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★ Jg.Tig. 8,8 cm. RAGE Review: Banging my head against a wall ★

Scorpions Den Jg.Tig.8.8cm. Tier 8 Tank Destroyer Premium Preferential MM Rage Review I dont like this tank I REALLY dont like this tank N1NJA

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ironguardian #21 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 05:20


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It's a good thing arty loves you scorp.. I have found that most arty players do not help with 'Pushes'. Teamwork is key even if it means being targeted by arty...

I play the 'no armoured' M56 scorp.. By gosh arty players love to 'click' this tank most of the time.. (Even in cases when Ally's are just plowing through the enemy's lines...)

About 6% of my wins involved 'diverting fire' distracting or placeholders...

Now my opinion is that you have no ideal how premium TDs have a 'special' keep camo when fired bonus.

SkunkButt #22 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 05:47


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Yep, it sucks as a TD.

It could be vastly improved by either giving the gun more pen, or more alpha, or increasing the turd's speed/traverse by at least 75%.

Scorpiany #23 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 05:48


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View Postironguardian, on Apr 16 2016 - 21:20, said:

It's a good thing arty loves you scorp.. I have found that most arty players do not help with 'Pushes'. Teamwork is key even if it means being targeted by arty...

I play the 'no armoured' M56 scorp.. By gosh arty players love to 'click' this tank most of the time.. (Even in cases when Ally's are just plowing through the enemy's lines...)

About 6% of my wins involved 'diverting fire' distracting or placeholders...

Now my opinion is that you have no ideal how premium TDs have a 'special' keep camo when fired bonus.


Premium TD's do not have a special bonus to their after-firing bonus; although WG did not change the camouflage values of Premium TD's during their great camo and View Range rebalance of TD's. Jg.Tig. 8,8cm. may not have had its camo changed, but it still has horrendous 2.7% camo after firing.

Slayer_Jesse #24 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 05:54


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I don't know what tank you played, but my j tiggy is a mauler of faces and printer of credits.

Mikosah #25 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 06:54


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I witnessed something interesting recently. A friend set up his WoT account a couple weeks back. I was with him in person every step of the way, showing him what to do and lending a hand with the grinding. Just when he was barely getting the account on its feet with a handful of playable tier 4s and 5s there's a sudden problem. A great deal of necessities are very expensive for a new account. Its 100,000 credits to train a crew of five to 75%, another half-million to get a gun laying drive installed. If you want a complete set of equipment, that may be a million credits or even more. And as if SerB himself was watching us from on high, right at that point the JT88 rental appeared. Of course, I cautioned my friend about newbies in high tier premiums. I told him it would probably be best if he avoided the JT88 altogether and let me worry about the credit problem.


And that's when the magic happened. Here I am, playing the JT88 while my friend is taking a piss. Not my account, so hell if I care if the stats turn ugly. Not a tank I had any personal attachment to, so hell if I care whether or not the thing itself performed well. The only thing on my mind was just playing and grinding credits. With that mindset, suddenly fun happens. Play a complete fail game, still make 30k credit profit. Play well, gain 100k credits. Didn't even bother putting equipment on it, just threw on the Hetzer crew and pressed W+LMB. Catastrophe still strikes from time to time (arty, mostly), but the gameplay experience actually seems functional when you're getting the thing you want every single time you play.


Of course, the JT88 itself is a significantly flawed machine. I agree with most of the OP's criticism of it and hell will probably freeze over before I buy one myself. Still, take your own ego out of the equation and play just for the sake of the filthy, dirty, credit income and you might just enjoy yourself.

VeganMeatball #26 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 07:33


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View PostScorpiany, on Apr 17 2016 - 01:40, said:

Hark! For there was silence blanketing the woods. All stood still, staring. Not a word was said - even the animals rejoicing in the trees had silenced. All for what reason? A Jg.Tig. 8,8cm had been spotted. But it was not a paralysis of fear - no, alas, it was an overwhelming surge of laughter; being stifled until it could be kept quiet no longer. Even the trees roared in laughter at the sight of the rental tank.


In this guide, I shall cover all of the various Pros and Cons of the Jg.Tig. 8,8cm, assuming that I can find Pros to discuss, explain the gun choices and/or performance, equipment choices, give you a general overview of its gameplay style and compare it to other Tier 8 Tank Destroyers. Let's get started, shall we?


Table of Contents:

  • General overview (Pros and Cons) & Rage
  • Equipment, ammo and consumable layout & Butthurt
  • Gun choices and / or performance & Salt
  • Gameplay style & Whining
  • Comparison to other same-class tanks of its Tier & Complaining
  • Overall Rating & Selling the Tank


General Overview:



  • Let's discuss the pros of this... "wonderful"... vehicle, shall we? Hmm... let's see here... what can I write down? 

  • DPM! You have good DPM! 2,780.95 base DPM which you will never actually get to use because of how hard it is to get yourself into a position to continuously fire.
  • Umm... what else, what else? Top speed? Yay, that makes the tank so wonderful! You get a top speed of 38 km/h which you will never actually reach because you don't need to move! Alas, no - the Jg.Tig.8,8cm is a sedentary creature, hugging rocks as closely as possible, for they are its home.

  • .3 accuracy! You get a, truthfully, great accuracy value... which doesn't really matter since you don't have the penetration nor shell velocity for effective sniping. Regardless, if you do actually get to aim the gun in at a relatively stationary target, hitting weakpoints isn't too difficult.
  • C'mon Scorp, there's got to be something good you can say about this tank... umm... 250mm of super structure butter! I mean armor! Which is irrelevant because the moment someone presses the 2 key they'll go straight through it because it's a giant flat brick... and if you try to angle it at all, your side becomes tissue paper. And of course as soon as you find another abode behind a rock to hide your entire hull, and get to shoot at tanks without 2 keys, artillery will take a dump on you.

  • Preferential MM, because this tank would never survive without it.




  • ​Alright, maybe there are more neutral aspects of the tank to cover. Decent aiming time of 1.9 seconds! "But Scorp, that aiming time is great! Why are you putting it as a Neutral?". Because you have horrendous gun handling stats, that's why. You run out of gun arc, turn the tank slightly and have to spend time aiming instead of shooting, thus hurting your effective DPM.
  • 1,300 HP which will run out in about 7 seconds as soon as artillery finds your general map coordinate.

  • Alright hull armor which can pull off some troll bounces, but by the same token isn't very resilient against tanks with more than 200mm of pen. Meaning tanks which are not the Jg.Tig.8,8cm. At least struggles to penetrate itself? That's got to be worth something, right? No?
  • 7 degrees of gun depression! Which isn't all that great when you consider just how tall the tank is, thus it needs that gun depression just to be able to shoot at tank's lower plates at closer ranges...
  • 390m of View Range! So you can camp behind a rock all battle with Binocular Telescope activated before arty dunks on you. Since actually moving anywhere is not something that the design team of this tank ever considered. Enough with the Neutral section, I'm just looking for things to write here to not make the tank seem atrocious!



  • Horrendously slow vehicle that makes it more entertaining to watch someone line up a golf swing than to actually play the tank. You get a whole 10.09 HP/ton! It's over 10! ...Until you mount equipment, at which point it drops down to 9.79 HP/ton.
  • You know what a tank with only 10 degrees of gun arc needs? A terribly slow hull traverse speed so that you can't actually get your gun onto target in any reasonable period of time; just to give your enemies a chance to get a way! Just to make things fair, right? Since this thing is soooo good it has to give the enemy at least some chance, right?
  • 203mm of penetration... on a Tier 8 tank! Who thought that was a good idea? Hmm... this is a Tank Destroyer, right? A Tank DESTROYER. DE-STROY-ER. I know! Let's give it a gun surpassed by Tier 7 guns. Let's just make this Tier 8 tank have less penetration than all other Tier 8 tanks aside from the potato 122mm launchers... (which even those have more Premium round penetration than the 88's Premium rounds)

  • ​Non-existent side or rear armor! You turn slightly and tanks will begin to butter you.
  • You know that butter  that you get for side and rear armor? Well guess what? When you get penned in the side, you lose your ammo rack just about every single time!
  • What's that? Got shot in the rear you say? Your loader will die! What's that? A T71 put 2 rounds into your rear and you used a med kit on your loader? Your loader died twice now! Because who needs DPM when it's one of the only strong suits of the tank!
  • I see, I see. You got hit in the lower plate. I feel for you... so does your crew... so much so that the driver began spilling vodka in your engine whilst he tries to drown his tears; thus you lose your engine with every single shell you take to the lower plate! Because who needs to have an engine in a tank that already moves slower than a brick does when being kicked!
  • Artillery. Artillery will always only shoot you when you're entirely hull-down. If you're not hull-down, arty let's your horrendous tank fall apart to the non-stop module and crew damage and lets you die to your lack of any kind of flexibility. But as soon as you're in a perfect position, finally a place where you can only show your super-structure and not be shot at by tanks with good Premium round penetration, artillery will shoot you. Because [edited] you, that's why!


  • 10 degrees of gun arc. 10 DEGREES OF GUN ARC. The amount of effort your tank puts into moving the gun can be summarized by this meme.


  • So what else is there to say about this atrocious vehicle? No camouflage vehicles, because that's what you get for buying this terrible tank as well.




......I need a beer now......





Personally, I recommned not purchasing this vehicle and never bothering to think about equipment for it. However, if you do decide to make the highly ill-advised choice of buying this TD, then you should mount Improved Ventilation, Gun Rammer and Super Heavy Spall Liner. If that combination disappoints you, as it will, you can also mount an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and / or Binocular Telescope on the tank, for a different dynamic on being disappointed.




Improved Ventilation: Because why not, alright? I couldn't tell what helped me more; GLD, Super Heavy Spall Liner or Vents. I ultimately went for Vents because I had a spare pair lying around, and I wanted to move the Super Heavy Spall Liner to the Tog II after getting tired of it on the Jg.Tig. 8,8cm so I could be disappointed by the Tog II as well.


Gun Rammer: There's no reason not to mount a gun rammer on a vehicle if you have that option available in 99% of cases. Jg.Tig. 8,8cm has good DPM which you will never acheive, so why ntot mount a Gun Rammer?


Super Heavy Spall Liner: Ary, that's why.





Binocular Telescope: The Jg.Tig. 8,8cm. is allergic to actually being able to drive around the battlefield, thus it prefers to sit still behind rocks as often as possible to hide its lower plate. And WG gave it 390m of View Range which it can never actually use just to tease you, so why not mount Binoculars to try and spot something with a dead Commander before it spots your barnhouse of a tank?


Enhanced Gun Laying Drive: Your gun handling is atrocious, and your aiming time is alright - if Vents gave you ashma and Binocular Telsecope gave you a headache, then you can mount an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive because you're an unpragmatic player who actually wants to try to make this terrible tank work despite it trying its very best to work against you.





My ammo layout on the JokeTiger 8,8cm is 49 AP, 15 APCR and 4 HE.


Truthully, you can load whatever ammo you want. 68 shells is enough to experiment a bit. It's a Premium tank, so I avoid shooting APCR whenever possible, but the tank hates to penetrate things because it has one of the lowest penetration values on a Tier 8 vehicle, thus you kind of need the APCR, but the APCR never actually gets to do anything useful unless it's shooting at another JokeTiger 8,8cm as that's just about the only thing that it will make a significant difference against since the difference between AP and APCR pen is so little.


The HE is just about useless as well against most tanks which aren't Rhm. Borsig's.





For Consumables on the ArtyMagnet 8,8cm, I use a Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and Automatic Fire Extinguisher.


Small First Aid Kit: Because your loader is actually a literal bundle of sticks who falls apart any time something shoots at or near your back end!


Small Repair Kit: Because giant paper mache ammo rack in your giant tissue paper side!


Automatic Fire Extinguisher: Because arty! That's why!





Large First Aid Kit: If you hate making Credits in your already terrible Premium tank which struggles to make any money because it's so slow and inflexible, then you can mount a Large First Aid Kit so that maybe a T71 will take a second shell to take out your loader rather than a single shell.


Large Repair Kit: If the JokeTiger 8,8cm gets itself into a battle, it will lose its ammo rack. If it gets to a safe hull-down location, it will get artied and lose its ammo rack. If you don't like losing your tracks and ammo rack at the same time, then maybe a Large Repair Kit can keep your horrendously slow tank alive for another 15 or so seconds before its engine gives out because of how fat and slow the tank is.




The Jg.Tig. 8,8cm has a fairly standard 88mm gun with surprisingly good DPM that you never actually get to use.


Below, I've compared the JokeTiger 8,8cm's 8.8 cm gun to the AT-15A's 20 pounder / 83mm gun. On the left is the Arty Magnet Barn House, on the right is the AT-15A. A blue value is superior, whilst a green value is relatively tied (Within 5% of the other value). (Please note that all values are "stock", prior to any equipment mounting)



Rate of Fire:         11.59                        (12.51)   
Aiming time:        1.92                          (1.63)
Accuracy:             .30                            (.29)
2,780.95                   (2,878.29)
203/237/44             (226/258/42)
Damage:             240/240/295           (

Shell Velocity:      1,000/1,250/1,000  (1,020/1,275/1,020)

Soft Stats:           .18/.18/.08              (.28/.28/.10)    

Gun Angles:         -7 / +15                   (-10 / +10)

Gun Arc (L/R):     10 / 10                     (25 / 25)
Ammo capacity:   68                            (60)


The verdict? You get better gun elevation! Huh? Huh? And more ammo capacity! Good tank, egh? Egh? See why I call it the JokeTiger 8,8cm?



Now that I've thoroughly given you cancer with my atrocious humor - The Jg.Tig 8,8cm's gun is worse than that of the AT-15A in every single way aside from 3 entirely irrelevant statistics (Gun elevation, which hardly is anything to brag about, a whole 8 more shells of ammo capacity which you will never actually need and better soft stats for the gun which also don't matter since the AT-15A has much better aiming time, slightly better accuracy and also have a far better gun arc which allows it to actually move its gun without turning the hull.


8,8 cm Pak 43 L/71:


The gun is supposed to be one of the best parts of the Jagdtiger 8,8 cm, but is terrible along with the rest of the tank. You have great DPM, but on a terrible platform. Your penetration values are very underwhelming, and there's no real way to play the tank in a way that allows you to put the gun to work. When you snipe, you lack the penetration to go through enemy armor with any decent consistency or reliability, and you run out of gun arc so often that you have to constantly move the hull and take far too long re-aiming the gun. When you move up close, you get dunked on by arty and any tank with more than 3 functional brain cells that's able to hit your lower plate / side and thus take out your engine / ammo rack... and you'll also run out of gun arc, thus forcing you to turn - resulting in tanks penetrating your side / ammo rack even more often. When you go hull-down against a piece of cover, you run out of gun arc so that your hull-down position is pointless, you get dunked on by arty, or someone presses the 2 key and begins to penetrate the sides of your gun mantlet because let's make them only 150mm thick! And higher Tiers will just penetrate your super structure with HEAT as well.


TL;DR: Good gun on a terrible platform, thus resulting in more Scorp's flipping their crap.




How to play it:


The most effective way to play the Jg.Tig. 8,8cm is to avoid purchasing it in the first place, avoiding ever actually playing the vehicle and ultimately selecting a different tank in your Garage to play. If you do end up buying one because your arm was having a spasm all the way through the entire purchasing process, then your best bet is to sell the tank as soon as you see it in your Garage.


Alright, serious talk time - How do you expect me to be able to tell you a legitimate way to play this tank? Let's look at the 3 main possibilities:


1) Sniping.

  • You run out of gun arc, have to turn your hull and the enemy gets away.
  • You get to shoot a tank but the lack of penetration makes you bounce
  • You get out-spotted and dunked on by arty.
  • The flank you're trying to support collapses and you're slow to move anywhere else to have an impact on the battle.


2) Hull-down.

  • Someone presses the 2 key and penetrates your super-structure
  • Artillery takes a dump on you
  • You run out of gun arc which makes your hull-down location pointless; or you have to shift to the side revealing your paper hull.


3) Close-ranged support fire.

  • You run out of gun arc and have to turn your tank, resulting in someone penetrating your side and taking out your ammo rack.
  • Someone yolo's out into you, puts a single shell into your lower plate and takes out your engine
  • That's the end of your battle because you were already slow as crap and only had one good thing going for you, which was the DPM - which will then have been lost.
  • You lose your loader because artillery took a dump on you or a scout tank suicide rushed into you and put a single shell into your rear.






There's just no way to play this tank without something completely ruining any potential for contribution it had. In order to be able to have a good battle in the tank, the stars have to allign - enemies have to either not shoot at you, or not have the penetration to contest your armor, they have to go out one by one directly into your line of fire, you have to have allies there to support you, nothing can shoot your sides or rear and there has to be no arty.


If it wasn't for the engine / ammo rack / loader dying so often, it would be a lot easier to put this tank into a decent enough position for it to contribute. But with how fragile those modules / crew members are, there's simply nothing you can do - the moment you begin taking any kind of fire, as soon as something penetrates you, you're done for.


Don't ask me how to play this thing, I've only managed to get a Second Class badge as my highest because my JokeTiger 8,8cm must be defective and keeps disintegrating as soon as I press the "W" key. My last 3 battles before I sold the tank literally went like this:

1) Chaffee suicides into our base; M40/M43 hits my engine deck and one-shots me before I even come close to the battlefield.

2) Mutz yolo's into our overwhelming forces on Steppes; he hits my side twice before dying - I lose my ammo rack each time, and lost my loader as well. Whilst turning initially, I also lost my engine because a T34 popped out to shoot me during the temporary distraction.

3) My team pushed through the enemy team so quickly on one flank that I hardly had time to shoot anything on the other flank on Erlenberg... and when my team began wrapping around the other end and gave me vision, a JadgPanther II spotted me and punched through my super structure with APCR. He then died, I moved up to a rock to hull-down, and... an M103 is left... he then presses the 2 key, loads HEAT and punches through my super structure. I also then ran out of gun arc to even begin turning towards him when he yolo'd into me because my allies went to chase after an artillery piece before killing the M103 in the open.


I can't stand the tank, and by no means can I tell you how to play this steaming pile of crap. All I've been able to achieve is losing my engine / ammo rack / loader the moment I take even a single shell of damage from the lowest alpha damage gun and getting 1-2 shot by arty.

Comparison to same-Tier Tank Destroyers:


HP: Good. You have some HP! More than some other TD's! But always run out of HP before other TD's because arty will dunk on you, you'll lose your engine / ammo rack and get yolo'd by a T34 which can out-circle you.

Armor: Good. Whilst your hull armor and especially super structure are rather thick, there are other TD's (such as the T28, T28 Prototype, AT-15 and KV-4 KTTS) which have more effective armor than yours (seeing how your frontal hull is mostly only 200mm effective).

Mobility: Bad.  Not worst in class? You're kidding me, right? The tank can hardly crawl anywhere, and whilst it crawls faster than a few of the more armored TD's, the JokeTiger 8,8cm loses its engine as though it's a plastic toy from the 99 cents store; made in China.

DPM: Very Good. Yeah, you have DPM... one of the best DPM values of all Tier 8 TD's... which you never get to use because you don't have the gun arc / mobility for it... nor the penetration values for it.

Penetration: Worst in Class. A TD with less penetration than all other Tier 8's other than the IS-6... because why not?

Alpha damage: Very Bad. 240 alpha damage is the second lowest value of Tier 8 TD's. A "Tank Destroyer" which lacks the alpha damage to actually "destroy" things.

Aiming SpeedVery Good. 1.92 seconds is a good aiming time regardless of tank, although it's not quite as effective as you'd want due to your extremely limited gun arc resulting in constantly having to turn.

Gun Handling: Best in Class. .18/.18/.08 for dispersion values are rather bad values, but you're so slow that it ends up being fairly alright. Compared to other TD's, it's actually somehow the best in class.

Accuracy: Very Good. .30 accuracy is one of the best values in the game - only surpassed by the AT-15A and waffle clicker.

Shell Velocity: Good. 1,000/1,250/1,000 m/s shell velocity isn't great, but it's not bad either.

View Range: Best in Class. 390m of useless View Range that you'll never actually be able to use, since you'll always be out-spotted.

Camo Value: Bad. Alright camo sitting still, poor camo when moving,, horrendous camo as soon as you fire the gun - which is why sniping is so difficult, because 2.7% camo after shooting means that just about anything and everything, their food and their dog will out-spot you.

Battle effectiveness: .... 


Overall Rating:


2.5/10 (Very Bad)


I'm not even going to bother with this section. I can't stand this tank, and whilst I want to be as unbiased as possible, there's absolutely zero way I can actually write a remotely unbiased review on this tank. Every single time I've taken this tank out to battle, I've had a bad experience in it. I haven't had fun with this tank even once.


The moment I think I'm having a good game, doing decently - I get penned through the super-structure with HEAT or more often than not, get dunked on by artillery.


The most satisfying part of this tank for me was selling it to buy the A-44...





Thanks for reading! I hope this guide was helpful! I genuinely wish all of you the very best of luck and fun, both in real life and on the battlefield.


This Tank Review was made as requested by my internal rage about the JokeTiger 8,8cm. If you actually enjoy this terrible tank and thus this thread gave you cancer and also caused your brain to cease to function, then I suggest wrapping your head in tin foil, spinning around 3 times and then selling your artillery. That should restart your brain to relatively normal function afterwards. As for your newly found medical condition, perhaps artillery will mistake you for one of their own; then you might actually be able to play a battle in the Jg.Tig. 8,8cm without getting wrecked by arty. Maybe. Possibly. It might happen, alright? More chances in battles without artillery, although I can't guarantee that either.


If you would like to request a review on a tank, please let me know! I'll write the review as soon as I possibly can, if I have access to the vehicle or can attain access to the vehicle in a relatively short period of time.


(The Jg.Tig. 8,8 cm standing proud and mighty; ignoring my rage and whining about the vehicle!)


Longest review winner!!!

Sam_Sanister #27 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 07:43


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View PostScorpiany, on Apr 16 2016 - 18:40, said:



Below, I've compared the JokeTiger 8,8cm's 8.8 cm gun to the AT-15A's 20 pounder / 83mm gun. On the left is the Arty Magnet Barn House, on the right is the AT-15A



AT-15A is a tier 7 British premium TD with the 17-pounder.

AT-15 is a tier 8 non-premium TD.

Might want to fix this.

donalson99 #28 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 08:13


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View PostLordSerb, on Apr 16 2016 - 18:46, said:

I think everyone only got this because they saw it on sale on ebay for $20


actually I got mine because I mentioned the ebay package to a tank collector friend of mine... bunch of gold, some prem time and the jt88 for like $25-35... for some reason the guy he bought it from sent two codes... buddy gave me the 2nd code... 


I might have 100 games in the jt88... and that is mostly for crew training extra commanders (same reason I have ANY games in the stug IV... 4 prem TDs makes fast work of 1st skill commander lol

Pahech #29 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 08:15


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I don't think it's that bad.  The thing can and does permatrack stuff, in which you can shred them pretty quickly.  You can use the DPM as long as you can isolate singular tanks and you just drive into them.  The pen is pretty bad considering it's generally too slow to get around, and the APCR is pretty poor for a gold round.  203 is all sort of ugh when you run into heavy armor.


The handling is plenty fine when you consider the bloom's actually decent for a TD and the fact its accuracy is really high.  This can compensate for the somewhat small gun arc sometimes.


You also compared the JT88 with the AT-15, not the AT-15A.  The AT-15 is a normal tier 8, which sees tier 10s.  The AT-15A is a tier 7, which is literally in the same boat the JT88 is in tier 8 (namely anemic alpha, slow, good armor that has certain issues, etc).  It does have better gun arc, and better gold pen (especially relative to tier), but it's even slower, and it has pathetic DPM for the alpha.  


Most tier 8s can't effectively penetrate your superstructure, even with gold.  They have roughly ~50% chance, assuming ~260mm APCR, which is common in that tier.  They can also hit the mantlet which is more or less immune..  If they fire AP, which is actually a good chunk of enemies in tier 8, you're going to do well.  The armor including the hull is effective against tier 6s and 7s, gold or no gold.  In any case, armor is to extend your HP, nor to be immune to everything.


You also makes oodles of credits, because shells are dirt cheap, and there's no real reason to fire APCR anyways, so you're forced to be economical.


You really do kind of need to be sort of near friendly tanks though.  Light and medium tanks can make your day very bad since they can yolo you without the threat of a huge blast coming back.

yewchung #30 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 09:30


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This thing is the master of permatracking.

Soulcaller #31 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 11:14


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I approve this post, the author has described the this pos perfectly. And for those how carp on about their amazing game they had, we'll everyone has those fall into their laps and I fell good games are more a mater of everything lining up in your favor, map + red idiots + good rng of the match.

Illusion #32 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 12:12


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hmm out of all my pref 8s (I have them all apart from the bobblehead) I have the best winrate in this at 88% dont know why as I hate the bloody thing

Slayer_Jesse #33 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 13:56


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View Postyewchung, on Apr 17 2016 - 03:30, said:

This thing is the master of permatracking.


side of tank with only roadwheel sticking out from cover = topkek

Trumpy_McTrumpface #34 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 13:57

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Scorp... if you bang your head against the wall, illegals will pour in. I can't let that happen.

Bogart1943 #35 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 15:14


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Jeez Scorp, I have not seen you melt down this bad since you got TK'd in your Waffle E-100.  Sorry the JT88 treats you poorly but it treats me just fine.  Maybe it's your crew?  I run with a Rammer, Optics, and Vents.  Optics, because you have to move around a lot.  Clutch braking is a must and I play mine more like a second line heavy than a straight up TD.  It's a great earner too.



UR_TANK_SPLODED #36 Posted Apr 17 2016 - 20:21


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Good review.  I never was tempted to buy it.  It used to make the most credits, but not even that any more. I hardly ever get killed by one, and never have trouble killing one unless I'm in a tier 6 tank.

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