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Landing Applications for Typhoon Event

Typhoon Event

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S_H_A_U_N #1 Posted Apr 19 2016 - 20:24


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So my question to the below statement is, if I were to put in for 2 attacks at say 7PM and 3 at 8PM, do i need to wait til the battles have started before i get back my 5, so in this case, I can't play again until 10PM, is that right? as the chance to apply has ended for the 9PM grouping





veganzombiez, on Apr 18 2016 - 22:57, said:




Changes to the rules (April 18)

Landing Provinces: 50 -> Landing Provinces: 100

Added: The opportunity to participate in landing tournaments is enabled, even if you have provinces on the Global Map

If a Clan already owns a province on the Global Map, they cannot land again. -> If a Clan already owns a province on the Global Map, they can apply for landing tournaments.

A landing tournament -> Challengers tournament on provinces


These changes were made due to problems with the availability and location of landing provinces on the Global Map (as determined on the RU event Front).



Same as previous events: five apps per time zone, as long as your apps clear before the cut off.  e.g. clear your five LZs before 1700, you have another five to use at 1800.





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