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Significant Emotional Events

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Gomer_P_Tank #101 Posted Yesterday, 06:40 AM


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View PostArcherII, on May 24 2017 - 01:00, said:


Yah...you got me......the man's notorious.....:)


​It is.  If you want to talk politics just go to The Chieftians thread, you'll not get banned there. You have see it to believe it for yourself.  Seeing and reading are believing.

Iron_Soul_Stealer #102 Posted Today, 06:29 AM


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View PostGomer_P_Tank, on May 22 2017 - 23:02, said:


"I suspect Chieftain doesn't want to be drawn into a potential political conversation, "   ----  ^  Are you serious?  Have you been to the Chieftain's other long threads, where the kewl kids hang out at on this forum? They talk politics all the time are never moderated or banned...  Surely, you tickle our sense of humor.  Lol..


^..Hey, if the Chieftain doesn't like my question, he can always try 'body-slamming' me. Apparently, that's a thing now....in the good 'ole US of A...:facepalm: So much for "free speech". Just please... try not to beak my new glasses Chief...








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