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Your most and least favorite tank in the game?

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Sock5 #21 Posted May 06 2016 - 13:56


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Favorite tank?


Hmm...depends on the mood.  But right now would probably say the Cent Action X.


Hated tank to play?


Challenger.  It was meh all around and a terrible grind to get through.


Hated tank to face?



Red_chrome #22 Posted May 08 2016 - 17:57


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Most loved: So far, the VK30.01(P). I picked it up for the Maus ontrack and figured I'd just grind through it. Stock, it's not great, but once you put the 88mm gun and at least the mid-tier engine in it, it actually feels pretty good! It's the first tank I've played where I really enjoy playing it all around and not dreading its deficiencies. My stats say I don't do as well in it (damage ratio, kills) as I do in some other tanks, but it *feels* better than my other tanks. I get my best XP and credits out of it (admittedly it's my highest tier tank).


Most hated: G. Pz. IV (e). Only tank I've ever rage-sold. I started playing this game in it, even had a couple of good games in it (including shotgunning 3 enemies at the end of the game, when I had only about 40 games under my belt total and didn't know how wierd that was); but the accuracy was so awful and performance so unpredictable that I gave it up in frustration.


Second most-hated would probably be the dead-stock Pz. IIIA. A Tier 3 (already in trouble there) tank which starts out with a Tier 1 gun. Sucktackular doesn't begin to describe it. That said, once upgraded to top configuration it's not insufferable.


Most feared: O-I or O-I Exp. Those things are just shoddy workmanship on WG's part. The armor profile looks like it was designed by a teenage anime fanboy (and that's being generous). Almost no weakspots, monster armor, and a derp gun which will kill you in one shot if you're not lucky.

GroovyHoovy #23 Posted May 10 2016 - 16:56


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My favorite tank is my 55a

Most hate to play : m3lee

Most feared: T28 proto seems to always find a way to bone me

ballyspringer #24 Posted May 10 2016 - 19:31


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-What is your favorite tank?

  When I had it (pre-buff) I absolutely loved the IS-8 once it was fully upgraded - fast, great gun, good enough armor for pop and shoot - loved it.  I've been told I should re-buy it now that it's the T10 as it's even better.  The Rudy is probably a second as it's a good all-arounder  (Super P, T62A and 140 all get honorable mentions, but all of them to me are a bit too OP to be a favorite)

-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to play?

I hated the T43 with a passion, was so bad for how I play even fully upgraded, the other is the St Emil - mine is stock and I just can't get myself to grind out the XP needed for the big gun

-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to end up in a fight against?

the VK45B - never seem to catch one of those things where I can flank it, as a runner up nothing worse than turning a corner into a fully loaded hidden waffle who knows how to track with their first shot

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TristanXD6 #25 Posted May 16 2016 - 03:17

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My top tier right now is Tier 5, so I haven't played with a lot of tanks yet. Out of the ones I have used:


My favorite (s of this moment) is either the VK 30.01 (H) or the Matilda.  VK has an excellent gun and a smaller profile compared to most heavy tanks, and I'm very good at using cover and guessing where shots will go, so I rarely have to rely on it;s weak armor. I like the Matilda due to it's all-around good armor, small size, general lack of weakspots, and good pen + rate of fire on it's top gun.


My most hated tanks are either the M3 Lee or the Type 95. The Lee is forced to play like a tank destroyer since it was no turret, but doesn't have a good camo value, armor, or gun. It's speed somewhat good, but this hardly matters for a tank of this type. The Type 95 is hardly an upgrade form the Type 91, as it still has paper-thin armor, a crappy gun, and actually has worse speed than the 91. I just got rid of it, but I was tempted to use the rest of my free xp to skip this tank entirely. The only thing that kept me in fights was HE rounds, since I could at least do some damage with each hit.


The tank that I hate to fight the most is probably the T29. I can rarely penetrate that thing's armor, and it's quite capable of taking me down even at a distance. The only time I was able to do a good amount of damage to it was from the rear, and with that I quickly had to go behind cover when it noticed me from that. Any other time I have to fight it, I've gotta swap over to HE rounds.

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Ferdinand910 #26 Posted May 16 2016 - 05:02

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Favorite tanks to play- VK 45B (all that armour), Walker Bulldog/T37 (Best light tanks i have ever played, T37 useful for strongholds since I dont have a Cromwell)

Hated Tanks I have Played- AMX AC 1946/1948 (massive weakspots, poor armour, mediocre guns) A-43 (shite gun in tier 8 battles) T29 (The first tank I ever rage sold, hulldown or not, The thing sucked even fully upgraded. I could chew those things up with my Tiger all day long)

Hated tanks to play Against- T110E5 (E 100's/Maus barely have enough to even contest that things armour, 8._ inches of steel on that cupola. With the actual thickness, you would think a commander wouldnt even be able to put his head up into that thing with that thick of a cupola.) Most Soviet Vehicles- (Load HEAT shell comrade, all will be OK. What about regular AP Yuri? NO you load HEAT, ONLY HEAT)

TankWitch_ #27 Posted Jun 26 2016 - 16:55


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My favourite in-game tank is the FCM36Pak40 -- the perfect ambush predator. It's an all-or-nothing machine, however -- in situations where it can hide & wait, it's absolutely deadly. In urban maps, or in situations where it's forced to attack, it's almost useless, being able to get off maybe 1-2 shots before being obliterated.


My least favourite tank is the Valentine. When you compare it to the Matilda, another British tier 4, it has less armour, less maneuverability, crappier guns with snail-like loading speeds and even slower aim times. The fact that it's a light but doesn't get the traditional light tank camo bonus while moving just compounds its problems.

schwert_2015 #28 Posted Jun 26 2016 - 17:08


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Most Hated: Tier I French Renault. No redeeming qualities, bottom of the barrel.

Favorite (ATM): Tier V O-I Exp. No explanation necessary.

Jedi5150 #29 Posted Sep 21 2016 - 03:02

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I'll start by saying I'm surprised this thread didn't get more traction.  It's a fun idea, and although it's probably been done a lot, these types of threads usually go a bit longer.


Favorite tank:

T49.  It's my only tank that I honestly can play for hour after hour without getting bored of.  It doesn't hurt that it totally matches my play style...I like high mobility, sniping, and big amounts of damage.  This tank was made for me.  It is the single reason my stats are even halfway decent for my number of games played.  I have a 53% win rate in it with roughly 800 matches.  It is one of the few tanks where I couldn't care less what tier I'm facing, and where I can be the lone survivor and still feel like I have a chance against multiple enemy.  I've had some really fun matches in it.


Least favorite:

Like someone else mentioned, just about any stock tier 9.  But if that answer is cheating, I'll go with a surprise answer...the Centurion AX.  I loved the Cent 7/1 and wanted to love the CAX.  Unfortunately I did very poorly in it.  I still own it, but I have no crew for it.  Everyone raves about it, but I just felt stressed taking it into a battle.  I felt like it was such an awesome tank that everyone expected elite player performance out of me, and I hated it.  


On an unrelated note, I was surprised to see the amount of hate for the T34/100.  During the grind it is painful, but with with the top gun, and more importantly the top turret, I found it a very enjoyable tank.  Nowhere near the worst tank I've driven.  The key was the top turret.  If I remember right you don't have to unlock the top turret to unlock the top gun, and I think a lot of people skip the turret.  I've never had a turret make a bigger difference in feel of any tank than the T34/100.  If you skipped that turret, you missed out.



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Unschooled_Bus #30 Posted Sep 21 2016 - 13:31

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Favorite tank:  M46 Patton w/ 105mm, it's just great overall.


Least Favorite:  T-34/100...I just hated this tank, doesn't quite have the mobility of the T-34-85, average rate of fire, long aim time but offset by good pen and high alpha.

Yakmala #31 Posted Sep 23 2016 - 22:52


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Favorite to play:  AT 2.  When I just want a fun, relaxing game, this is my go-to vehicle. High rate of fire, bounces shots all day.  You figure out very quickly in any given Pub match if the enemy knows how to kill it.  If they don't you can bully them all match.


Least favorite to play:  T95.  I don't mind a slow tank (see AT 2 above) but the T95 was painfully slow.  It had great armor and a good gun, but that didn't make up for the many matches where I was a complete non-factor due to my speed.  If my team was really good, they'd get too far ahead for me to participate.  If my team was really bad, I'd be a sitting duck as I got flanked.  I sold it as soon as I unlocked the T110E3 and I have no regrets.


Hate to fight against:  Tie between the O-I or a hull-down T29, especially if I'm lower tier.

ChickenMcFuggits #32 Posted Sep 24 2016 - 02:28


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Favorite tank: Derp Hetzer

Least favorite: Lower tier Japanese mediums or the Lee

Hate to face: IS-3 Whatever I'm driving, my computer refuses to hit the weak spots. When I get a side, RNG nerfs my damage rolls. It's like....it's like the tank is there just to kill me:ohmy:

CereallKiller #33 Posted Sep 24 2016 - 03:43

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-What is your favorite tank?


Object 907 by Far. Best Russian clone for me. E100 Armor and gun.


-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to play?


Any Super Slow tank like T95/T28, Weak guns like Comet.


-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to end up in a fight against?


Any Clip tank (Bat,T57,50B,T-50/51, WT-E100 (now gone)) that can do 2000+ dmg. No time for error.


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Strigonx #34 Posted Oct 09 2016 - 00:59


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Favorite tanks:


M41 Walker Bulldog







Most hated tank:




Worst tank to end up against:

Anything lel



Ultrasonic2 #35 Posted Oct 13 2016 - 02:52

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Most loved Mutz  




Most hated the paper UK TD's under tier 8 

India2Romeo06 #36 Posted Oct 19 2016 - 02:58


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I hate to admit it. But I will never sell my AT-2. No turret and no maneuverability. So all you can do is wade in and duke it out. But that rapid fire, pen anything gun can often make short work of other tanks if they try to go head to head with you. Sometimes people know to hit the cupola. But sometimes they don't or can't. Plays well even in bottom Tier.


I hated the Russian mediums over the T-34-85 and under the T54. All the vices of a medium, but none of the virtues. The grind was horrible but I wanted that T54.


I hate to go against the Japanese Heavies or the KV-4. They don't seem to have any weak points. Yes I've looked it up, but even when I'm able to hit them, they bounce more often than not.

5tgb #37 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 17:39

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I am old and crap, so take the following with a healthy dose of salt.


Favourite to play?  AT2, leFH, SuperPershing, Scorpion (the little US one, not the 2nd coming German one)


Most hated to play?  Archer (absolutely no redeeming features, except the gun - and really, who drives into battle backwards?)


Most hated to play against (if played well)?  T67 or Hellcat  (in the right hands, these two can be so OP for their tiers)

Most hated to play against (if driven by a noob)?  IS-7 (seems to be the most forgiving of the top tier tanks, less skill required to do okay, though unlikely to excel)

Pendragon_ #38 Posted Jan 14 2017 - 00:20


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My favorite tank(s):

KV-2, King Tiger, Pz IV H, E 50, Hummel


Most hate to play :

A-43, AT 7 & AT 8, any tank with bad gun depression


Most feared:

Invariably the enemy T30 will find me and pop me like a balloon.

The TVP T50/51 can ruin my game, no matter what tank I'm about to die in.

Red_chrome #39 Posted Jan 14 2017 - 23:56


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I'm really surprised how many people like the Tiger II. On paper it looks like it's not as good as tanks like the IS-3 or even IS-6, it doesn't have the monster turret armor of the T32, but a lot of people really like it. I haven't tried it myself, but I would like to someday.

The_Real_White_Knight #40 Posted Jan 15 2017 - 17:19


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1. I love my Tiger I and M48 (tie)

2. I cant play the AT8 if my life depended upon it

3.  Anything I know I cant pen

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