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Your most and least favorite tank in the game?

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jbird68 #41 Posted Jan 24 2017 - 16:46


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Been playing the Valentine for about 16 hrs now, after google searching a best category. This is the finest, most well rounded jack of all trades, in spite of lower speeds. The hull traverse is sporty enough, it feels like it can turn on a dime. A T-14 face hugged me last night, and I "gun ported" him with a basic 16 pounder. I could practically hear the operator going "oh man, what was that?? what have I done?". :D I recently had a disappointing experience w the M-26, after a long grind. Maybe it was the fact I got to it on a weekend(lag and kids abound). The Valentine feels like what the M26 should have been. Balance of firepower, mobility, and armor. Tanks like the M26, Crommie, and Comet, have all frustrated me. Can't say I hate them. That would be reserved for a an open turret tier 2 tank destroyer I once tried. The name escapes me.

99wambach #42 Posted Jan 26 2017 - 14:48


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Favorite: VK 30.01 P, or the old FV4202

Least favorite: Nashorn, or Churchill I

Least favorite to face: IS-7

Schrader78 #43 Posted Feb 05 2017 - 01:27


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Favorite: Matilda

               Easy 8

               M46 KR

               T 150



Least Favorite: ARL V39 hands down had some good games but man I hated that thing


Most Hated to go up against: Usually high tier auto loaders

nrnstraswa #44 Posted Mar 06 2017 - 21:28

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ARL 44


Super Pershing


Least favorites:


M7 (bought and sold it 3 times already, can't make it work for me)


Tanks I hate facing: 






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alvinn #45 Posted Mar 13 2017 - 16:13

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Wolverine with the 105mm derp of love

M4 Revoliese, Panther/M10, e25, Lowe, M60, PzKpfw IV S


Least favorite

Swede Leo, t-34-100, Archer, AMX40,T29, T28 proto (slow slow slow). 


Most hated tank to face

T95, T110E3, FV183

GAJohnnie #46 Posted Mar 13 2017 - 16:45


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View PostRed_chrome, on May 08 2016 - 11:57, said:


Most feared: O-I or O-I Exp. Those things are just shoddy workmanship on WG's part. The armor profile looks like it was designed by a teenage anime fanboy (and that's being generous). Almost no weakspots, monster armor, and a derp gun which will kill you in one shot if you're not lucky.

And they are fast. Way faster then a tank that big should be

Sacrilegious #47 Posted Jun 16 2017 - 06:50


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E 50 M is and has been my favorite tank in this game since I got it.  It took me several hundred games to actually learn it but Its so freakin awesome.


Least favorite.  E 100.  What a complete pile of [edited]. 

Snydly #48 Posted Jul 10 2017 - 07:20


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Fun Tanks: Cromwell and Cromwell B ... great shared crew in the tanks.

Hated to play: French and American TD's in general ... although I keep trying to progress through the lines.

Hated tank to meet: US E5, still causes me trouble even if I know the weak spots.

TheMirrorHolder #49 Posted Aug 04 2017 - 06:10


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Favorite: A-44 because it has some armor, ok speed, and that big 107mm gun. [also SU 122-44 because OP and the AMX 12t which was my first double MoE]

Least Favorite: AT8, tumor on top and so slow; and the ARL 44 and its painfully long aiming gun.  

Terror to Fight: the TVP autoloaders and the German superheavys 

AZandEL #50 Posted Aug 08 2017 - 04:03

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Archer and T-10. both dog crap.

Ie_Shima #51 Posted Aug 29 2017 - 08:56


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Favorite to play:

The Thunderbolt VII or the T28.  The Thunderbolt is surprisingly troll with its bouncy armor and rapid fire accurate gun.  I have reliably taken her up against tier 8s with little fear, so long as I can get a flank shot, I can pen it.  Only downside is it's very slow speed on anything other than flat terrain.  No traction whatsoever.  As for the T28, a lot of people here said it sucks.  I you asked me a week ago, I would have been one of them.  Bottom tier anything and everything will pen you, top tier ou are to slow to stay in the fight if it moves, and like any tank its stock version just wanted to make me cry.  That said, in those rare games that come about every so often, you are a god, dealing punishment out on the sinners of the world.  Only downside to my T28 is that I retrained my Thunderbolt crew to man her with a three skill crew right off the bat.  Now I don't have a three skill crew in my money-maker and I'm loath to see how my poor girl plays without BIA


Worst to play:

I hate, hate, hate, the VK 30.01P.  I can't get a single good match in any game I play in it.  I hate the gun, I hate the speed, I hate the armor layout, I even hate how it looks.  Nothing makes this tank fun for me.  The only reason I still have it is because I am slowly, painfully making my way to the big squeaker at the end.  I want my Maus damn it!


Worst to fight:

Any German or Japanese Super-Heavy at or above tier 8.  To much armor on every side, big guns, to much health, weak spots that aren't weak.  Scary evil tanks to fight bottom tier.  Also the T57 Heavy Tank.  Auto loading, armored tier 10 nightmare.  

oldewolfe #52 Posted Aug 29 2017 - 14:30


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My Tiet 9's are Fav's, the T-10 and 7/1....      I also like my 4202 and Lorraine 40T... 


Hellcat WAS a Favorite, but the Game Changes killed it beyond what the Nerfs did to it....      PzKw II D and SU100Y both fall under Least Favorite, not Hated, but certainly they were not Enjoyable....


Hate to Face has a List too....    Super Heavies, German and Japanese, fall into this Category...     Mostly because trying to Flank or Relocate, just gets you Dead by Half the Red Team....    That and I get Tired of "We didn't Penetrate their Armor" or "That one Bounced" all the Time.....

Zaikadi #53 Posted Sep 03 2017 - 07:30

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Ke-Ho is my favorite and the one with which I get the best results. I get an ACE mastery about once every two days. I know, I know: it's because it's a low tier tank, but give me credit; many of these battles are Tier VI. In higher tiers, It's hard to choose between Type 64 and T71.

I have no tanks I don't like. I hated the M3 Lee when I had to grind through it, but to be fair, I was still a new player and probably never upgraded the poor thing beyond what I needed to unlock the M4.

I hate meeting the E 25 because I consider it very OP. If it can't outshoot my tank (it usually can), the driver only has to ram me (I drive a lot of light tanks). I have successfully out maneuvered E 25s, but it's rare.

death_stryker #54 Posted Oct 13 2017 - 03:47


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-What is your favorite tank?

Currently it's the M48. Even though Tier 10 is a pain to play, with way too much gold needed right now, the M48 makes up for it (somewhat) with its incredible handling. It just feels so smooth no matter what you do. The reticule is pretty much fully aimed even when moving, the gun depression and the now buffed turret are amazing, and the high shell velocity and view range are the cherry on top. When I play it I feel like I can do anything. Except going fast. But still.

-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to play?

For the most part I free xp the cancer grinds, and I pick my tanks carefully, so there's not much for me here. One tank still stands out, though. The VK 30.01 (P), pre-buff, was the most useless vegetable of a tank I've ever had the misfortune to play. I can't speak for the current iteration, but back then it was simply worse than its counterparts in every way, except for alpha. Which, with its potato handling and slow speed, meant nothing. it was too slow to flank and use that alpha, and too thinly armored to brawl. For the tomato that I was back then, it was simply too much to handle. Thankfully, 5x xp weekends saved me from being permanently scarred.

-What is your most hated tank in the whole game to end up in a fight against?

The tank with the unicum in it. Kappa. As a player who mainly plays mediums, the IS-3 and Defender are real pains to deal with, mostly due to stronk Russian side armor and small/thick lower plates. Also Russian bias. The high-tier superheavies are annoying too as often goldspammers even have trouble, much less standard ammo activists like me.

maddragon187 #55 Posted Nov 15 2017 - 05:54


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Favorite: Leopard 1


Least favorite: B1, the thing was a painful grind my friends. 


Tank I wouldn't want to fight head on: VK 45.02 B or E75.

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