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Stand-To for the week of May 16, 2016


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dance210 #1 Posted May 11 2016 - 19:34

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The Stand-To is Wargaming’s daily tournament (named after WWI’s daily face off against the enemy where soldiers were expected to stand ready on the trench fire step, preparing for attack). Now it’s your turn to roll into the fray. So gather your friends, grab your favorite tanks and defend your base. As a daily tournament, you can choose whether you want to Stand-To every day or only once in a while.


All active tournaments can be found by searching the Tournaments Home Page. Curious what's happening this month? Check out our eSports calendar!



Starting this week, a player now has two ways to register for the Stand-To tournaments! When you create the team, make sure that you are using the correct registration!

  • Register as a Team!
    • Registration works the same as normal.
    • Team captain makes a team and recruits players to join.
    • A complete team has 5 - 6 players.
    • Captains do not need to submit their team; all teams with the minimum number of players will be accepted.
    • The team is now ready to fight once the tournament starts!
  • Register as a Solo player or as part of a Party!
    • A party is a group of players that does not meet the minimum team size requirements.
    • Create a team. Teams do not need to be confirmed; all players will be accepted for the Solo/Party Registration.
    • Once registration has closed, the player will be combined with other solo player(s) and/or a party to form a complete team
    • After registration has closed, players are encouraged to check back to find their new team!


So how do you register as a solo player? It's easy! When you create a team, there will be Registration Option with a drop down menu. Simply switch from Register Team to Register Solo and you are ready to go!






Current Tournament:

Stand-To 5.18.16


Registration Open:



Basic Tournament Information:

  • Team Size: 5 combatants + 1 reserve
  • Tier Point Limit: 20
  • Tier Limits:
    • This represents the max tier allowed. Teams are allowed to bring lower tiers.
    • Light: Tier 4
    • Medium: Tier 4
    • Heavy: Tier 4
    • TD: Tier 4
    • SPG: Tier 4
  • Maps:
    • Monday: Abbey
    • Tuesday: Lakeville Encounter
    • Wednesday: Redshire Encounter
    • Thursday: Fiery Salient Encounter
    • Friday: Airfield
    • Saturday: Himmelsdorf Encounter
    • Sunday: Winterberg Encounter



Stand-To 5.16.16

Stand-To 5.17.16

TommaHawk79 #2 Posted May 15 2016 - 19:58


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i registerd team but wanted to be solo i dont have a team im confused can you help me

Edited by TommaHulk79, May 15 2016 - 21:40.

mpank #3 Posted May 16 2016 - 20:34

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Schedule is up on GosuTactics: http://gosutactics.com/tournaments352-stand-to-51616/

Hanzo_San #4 Posted May 17 2016 - 08:03

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Looking for Stand-To team.

Jaspo #5 Posted May 18 2016 - 19:41

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Hey now, that's THREE tourneys in a row I've tried to register solo and have been EXCLUDED, get your stuff together, WG...now do you owe me gold or something for denial of promised opportunity, here?

dance210 #6 Posted May 18 2016 - 19:54

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View PostJaspo, on May 18 2016 - 11:41, said:

Hey now, that's THREE tourneys in a row I've tried to register solo and have been EXCLUDED, get your stuff together, WG...now do you owe me gold or something for denial of promised opportunity, here?


Hi Jaspo,


I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I have just finished doing the Stand-To for today, and you are on this team.


Everyone who registers for the Solo registration is accepted. Teams that apply for the team registration are only declined if they do not have the minimum number of players. If you feel as though there were issues, please let me know which tournament(s) you have tried applying for and been excluded.


Good luck today.

Karyn_CE #7 Posted May 19 2016 - 02:55


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excuse me i have a doubt this tournament is tier 3 or tier 6 because it say 

  5 private +1 reserve  vehicle tier    i-iv   18 points

allowed total tier 18    so     6x3=18 points    but 5 privates?   +1 reserve?

i ask this because all this week the normal  STAND-TO   are tier  4 so,  5x4=20 points (in normal stand-to THIS WEEK)  

im confused is tier 6 or tier 4 ?  or tier 3?

help please. 


BattleBartlett #8 Posted May 21 2016 - 00:26


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Tonight's tourneys has an error website says Airfield but in Special Battle button says Himmelsdorf. 

SystemRename12490 #9 Posted May 21 2016 - 00:28


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Anyone doing late night stand tos this weekend?

AlienfromUranus #10 Posted May 21 2016 - 17:52


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so 5.20.16 was supposed to be on airfield but was on himmeldorf so 5.21.16 is on himmelsdorf but will it be on airfield?

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