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Game freezes at battle loading.

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Vorenas #41 Posted Jun 07 2016 - 14:00


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View PostAndreas007, on May 27 2016 - 12:11, said:


That is what happened to me and the provided solution fixed it.

It ended up as a one-time fix, so try this:


"Nvidia users try this. It worked for me, although I have no idea why. Found it in a thread about the last patch:


bug in the nvidia drivers.


easy to fix. no need to uninstall.


go to the nvidia control panel,

manage 3d settings

power management mode: prefer maximum performance"


It is working so far.


​Thanks Andreas007!  This fixed my problem.  Evidently there is something wrong with the NVidia driver, at least the latest one for sure.

grandpadave #42 Posted Jun 07 2016 - 20:14


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Unhappily, the NVidia power management mode change did nothing for me on my main gaming machine. This is frustrating, as WOT works fine on my laptop, which also has the same NVidia driver!

Rapier9 #43 Posted Jun 08 2016 - 20:20


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I have been having a similar problem with my machine.  ASUS Notebook G74Sx series running a NVidia 560M and Windows 10. Ever since loading 9.15 the battle loading screen freezes at 90% after logging in the first time after a computer shut down or restart.


I have found a very crude workaround by logging into the game, then exiting completely and logging back in again. What is interesting is that a WoT background process continues to run after the exit from the first login (I can still hear garage noises after the exit).  I shut that process down using Task Manager and log back in.  Afterwards, the game works fine.  Workable but very annoying.


Hope Wargaming fixes this soon.  And hope this helps someone else with the same problem. 

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