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999 ping game freeze

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Mr_Furious #1 Posted Jul 24 2011 - 19:41


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So it happens quite frequently that I'll be playing and the ping rate will climb and climb till it hits 999 then the game becomes unresponsive.my tank won't move but i'll be able to shoot though i won't hit anything cause what i'm shooting at isn't really there. after a while usually a few minutes the ping will drop I'll be dead but my dead tank will kinda drive around.

sometimes it happens while the match is waiting for players or counting down. some times (usually) it happens in the middle of a match.

any ideas?

is this happening to anyone else?
is this the server end or possibly my end?

m/b gigabyte  ga-x-38-ds-4
cpu  e7400    o/c to 3.1 ghz
ram  8gb patriot extreme performance gamer ddr 2 800  o/c to 888
videocard   sapphire 4870 1 gb
system tested and has run stable for for 1 solid year

Mr_Furious #2 Posted Jul 24 2011 - 20:13


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just reset bios to factory defaults
so system is running stock

still locks up with ping at 999

SHaFT7 #3 Posted Jul 25 2011 - 23:31


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setup pingplotter and post a picture of it here so we can see the hops.  if you go through Level3 servers to get to caronet (where WoT is hosted in the US) then you might be having the same problems i am.

the address to ping on pingplotter is: login-master.worldoftanks.com

Panem #4 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 17:57


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This happens to me all the time; it wouldn't bother me, except that it takes so long for the game to recognise it's disconnected. If that were sorted out, I wouldn't care about the problem :D

I did the thing with pingplotter, and I've included the file below, although I have no idea what it shows.

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toolman45014 #5 Posted Jul 30 2011 - 19:40


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I have run the game fine for several weeks, but this weekend can't seem to get a game in due to a 999 ping.  Any help greatly appreciated.

i5 3.3 ghz
Windows 7 pro 64
8mb Ram
ATI Radeon HD5450 1mb
DirectX 11

High speed internet through a wireless modem.  I have attached ping tracker although I am not sure if it was done correctly.

Thanks!Attached File   wotus-slave-143.worldoftanks.com.png   9.32K

Evil_Rog #6 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 16:03


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Dear Mr_Furious,

Please, make sure your antivirus software or firewall do not block the client connection with the server. During the first game start add the game application to the trusting list.

We would also like you to ensure that you have following ports open for WorldofTanks.exe and WotLauncher.exe in your antivirus/firewall/router settings:
UDP Range 32801-32825 and UDP 20014
TCP Range 3128, 8081, 8088, 53,3128,80,8080,20000-25000,32801,32803, 443.

To have Voice chat working properly, please, forward the following ports : UDP 12000-29999, 5060, 5062, 3478, 3479.

If you use Proxifier, please open the following ports:
3128,80,8080,20000-25000,32801,32803, and crucially - 443.

Please, make sure that you have allowed WorldOfTanks.exe to use UDP and TCP protocols.

To configure your router you might use http://portforward.com/ as reference, it contains detailed info on how to set up ports on almost any router.

Please also open the directory "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc"  and search for "hosts", open it with the notepad (to successfully save the hosts file you should run the notepad with administrator privileges by right-clicking the notepad shortcut, selecting "run as administrator" option in the pop up menu and then pointing it to the hosts file) and type manually: login-master.worldoftanks.eu

All the in-game settings and hosts, used by the game, can be traced in the "preferences.xml" file - "C:\Documents and Settings\(USER NAME)\Application Data\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\"

Please, keep us informed on the results.

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