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New 3-5-7 MatchMaker set to make matters worse!

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5ixty5ix #21 Posted Jun 03 2016 - 23:01

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Please tell me that isn't a serious idea? lol. Partitioning the highest tier tanks in groups of three (coincidentally the maximum size of a red or purple platoon) is just going to put things on tilt even more. 


Not to mention the fact that it's exploitable by those same platoons. Fortunately,  anybody caught exploiting the game learned their learned their lesson from the huge Rampage rigging punishments.....right? I mean they must have. We all saw the videos here in the forum.....right?


I am glad to hear about this now. Hopefully WG will consider vehicle type in future MM, or just leave everything alone. 3-7-5 will never work and that should be obvious within the first few minutes of considering the idea. Sorry. 

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nac2011 #22 Posted Jun 03 2016 - 23:02

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Well if you feel so strongly that this new mm structure will be horrible, maybe you should provide some constructive criticism, instead of just complaining about it. The main reason WG doesn't really listen to the player base when it comes to game changes is because too many people complain, without trying to contribute. 


This new mm is bad. Ok, sure. Why is it bad? Can you support your reasons with actual facts and statistics? What would you propose as a fix? Is that fix feasible? Can you prove it's feasible with actual facts and statistics? 


Maybe if you built an argument that was actually persuasive people might listen to you.

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