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So Module Hit Cheats Here to Stay or What?

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KCTheCat #21 Posted Jun 05 2016 - 04:13


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View PostFitz506, on Jun 04 2016 - 21:25, said:


You missed the largest one, players bad enough to use an aimbot are never going to be in position to take shots to begin with.


True, lol. I was mainly trying to stick to objective factors rather than potentially subjective things that open the door for off topic stat shaming. 

Hellhathfury #22 Posted Jun 05 2016 - 05:34

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View PostLeaveIT2Beaver, on Jun 04 2016 - 09:43, said:


They are not stupid - they troll on purpose to be noticed. They think they are funny. They feed off each other. They are the same ones who were made to eat dirt on the playground.


It looks like the AimbotMod (with  lead on shots moving targets, over the hill shots, aim at critical area mod) and not to be confused with the Aim+ in OMC,Aslain,Webium mod packs,  was OK'd in the EU. Very strange. 

But you will have to double check that.


You're wrong. People on general principle (world wide, not just the US, but US people in general are pretty dumb overall) are pretty stupid when it comes to common sense. The old age saying: "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." In general (especially in the US), you can fool most of them into stupidity, because most of them are just fookin' stupid in the first place. How do you think Trump is winning right now? That's right, 99% of the people voting for Trump are either stupid, or just braindead, or both. I'm voting both in that regard. In average, the US population (the country being one of the youngest countries) is just full of morons in general. As Einstein said "The more our technology grows, the more stupid our population gets". is true. The higher the technology grows, the less people want to learn, because the average person is becoming more fookin' lazy the higher our technology gets.


When I was in high school (I'm 28 now, and female) when I was 14, there was a couple fat women I was friends with always complained that boys didnt like them I said, "Oh I'm sorry you're fat, maybe you should lose weight. Not many men like FATSSES! The next time I hear you 2 FATASSES [edited]about it, I'm going to punch you in the teeth!". The same will be the same in almost every country. In the US, the average divorce rate is 50%+. Why? Because the average person is a fookin [edited].

XCER #23 Posted Jun 05 2016 - 09:52

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how original, just report to WG, include a replay and about 5 screenshots...be sure and write down exactly what happened. for example...i moved out from cover of building and the bad tanky blew me up from nowhere or bad tanky hit me 6 times in exact same place or whatever did happen, they will get back to you, 99% of the time with an auto generated reply of "game working as intended" "please provide additional replays from other people on your team while we take long breaks and shoot roofies while googling your mom" cause thats about all they do, only time they assist is with connection problems. good luck

Illusion #24 Posted Jun 05 2016 - 13:57


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View PostFitz506, on Jun 05 2016 - 02:25, said:


You missed the largest one, players bad enough to use an aimbot are never going to be in position to take shots to begin with.



Sesshu #25 Posted Jun 05 2016 - 19:02

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He's not talking about the hit box skins?

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