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WoT doesn't like Windows 10

Windows 10 Tech Support Help

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Augustus170 #1 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 20:50


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So I upgraded to Windows 10 because hey why the hell not. For the most part it was a seamless transition, i haven't had my laptop crash for no reason or noticed anything going horribly wrong with the computer itself. However, I'm experiencing a serious problem with tanks in that it'll let me start the client, log in, and I'll get as far starting a match before my entire computer freeze's. I can alt ctrl del, but only the taskbar at the bottom of the screen is visible, and the rest of the screen is white. I end up having to restart the entire computer, and while I'm doing that my afk tank has loaded into the game and handicapped the poor guys on my team by being down 1 tank, because I can't actually get a match going. I tried reinstalling the game to no avail. Any suggestions?   

Conejo82 #2 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 21:05

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doing this worked for me, I have the same exact issues:


If you are experiencing graphical issues, freezing, or crashes, please do the following troubleshooting steps!


1) Clear out your preferences folder

  • To do this Press the Windows key + R, and type %appdata%\wargaming.net. Then Delete the "worldoftanks" folder.

2) Update your graphics card drivers.


But! I find that I Have to do this folder Delete before I turn on Wot Every time I want to play, so its bothersome. but as long as I leave Wot running after I do this its fine all day

HowitzerBlitzer #3 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 21:05


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Usually has to do with graphics drivers.

Riptide109 #4 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 21:13


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Have been using WIN10 since it came out, no problems.

morningglory #5 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 21:22


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what sort of system are you using?


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