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Halloween Event Idea: Ghost Hunt PvE

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Autumn_Fire #1 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 22:00

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 I had a wonderful idea for a Halloween-themed PvE mode called Ghost Hunt. It's kinda sorta like TF2's Headless Horsemann mode, but with different parameters. You start off on a haunted map with plenty of buildings and places to hide (Himmesdorf? Ensk? Ghost Town?), and your job is to hunt down the ghost tank (I'm thinking a ghost TOG as it's a big slow target, or the WT E-100, T-50-2, or Aufl Panther as they really are dead now) that has a massive amount of HP and an insane camo rating, as in you'd have to get within auto-detect range to find and destroy. Also maybe with a beefed up gun or special stats/debuffs that would cause your crew to get spooked for a while and unable to do anything.

 After taking so many hitpoints from it the ghost tank would vanish and relocate to another part of the map where the process would repeat until it was defeated for good. Your objective would be to get the most damage on it throughout the match. Could possibly be all tanks for themselves, or in two different teams. Might possibly need to have re-spawns as well, but I'm not enitrely sure.

ImApollo #2 Posted Jun 04 2016 - 22:42

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Sounds fun but I only play events for the change of pace and the never ending x2, x3 ,x5 etc. on the event tanks :P

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