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Watch the random shots!

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Grampy #21 Posted Aug 01 2011 - 20:31

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Something that happened yesterday that sort of fits this thread - In my M2 at Himmelsdorf, we spawn in front of the big government building end rather than the cathedral end, and two of my teammates banged into each other. The one in back shoots the one in front, but doesn't kill him. The one in front turns his turret around and shoots the idiot. (Now they are both idiots). No one is TK'd.

This sort of behavior really annoys the fool out of me, so I go to chat to tell them off, and as I am typing in chat, suddenly my screen snaps to focused in and simultaneously my gun shoots some guy across the square. He is now a smoking hulk, but I didn't get a TK, I'm not even sure if he was already dead before my gun went off or not, as I didn't have time to see. This really spooked me, and now I am a bit leery of chat lest I inadvertently do it again. My hand was nowhere near the mouse.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but anybody got a clue on this one?

Nimnthor #22 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 02:36

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If someone shoots the ground before he even starts moving, my guess is that he was out of the game and clicked on the center of the WoT window and it registered as a firing click. Spamming shots while driving out of base is ridiculous though, you don't know if someone will come across your line of fire (and they certainly shouldn't be expected to realize someone is going to randomly fire like that).

Amazingly I've never been hit by one of those (or it was so long ago in beta that I can't remember), just recently had one of those come incredibly close to me though, if it was HE I'm sure it would have damaged my track.

Hihibob #23 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 03:01


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I never randomly fire. Sometimes I fire when my "trigger finger's itchin'" and I accidently press the left mouse button.

Vaderz #24 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 04:11


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There's another reason for random fires at the start of a match... when you have two monitors and you think focus is on the window with your browser and you go to click something only to hear the gun fire noise - I've done that once or twice, lol :)

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