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Why the wz-111-5a should be reconsidered

Chinese heavy line Proposal

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landedkiller #1 Posted Jun 16 2016 - 06:12


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Hi everyone my name is landedkiller22, you may be asking why did I make another post on this tank the answer is simple I wasn't specific enough on why this tank needed to come back and the 112 has been removed from the premium shop since the last update. Now I am

going to talk about why the wz-111-5a or the wz5 as I am going to call it in this thread. Main reasons below going to keep it simple



  1. Chinese heavy line is not consistent in tank characteristics wz-111-1-4 is not anything like the 113 
  2. Chinese heavy line is very similar to Soviet design  110 ~is3 , wz-111-1-4 ~T-10 not equal but similar in armor characteristics sloped armor/pike nose
  3. 113 is not really a heavy tank it is a combination of medium and heavy but more medium like well this fine but many want something more armored 
  4. wz-5 is similar to popular is-7 Soviet tank just faster and the same armor thickness
  5. Tank lines do exist that have a very much identical tank design but improved armor and better gun or improved foreign rate on their gun compared to the tier 9 variety examples include the T-10 and is-7, type 4 and type 5 Japanese hearts, the wiz-120 and the 121, and the E5o and the E 50 m

Now I am going to shut down any concerns many have had about this tank with solutions again in a list 


1.The the wz5 is op compared to the is7 well an easy solution is to make it so the wz5 does not have spaced side armor and has less speed than on the original test server and only slightly increasing the armor. now you may ask wouldn't this be pointless no it would not matter I think to people because they would like a tank that was similar to the is-7 but different and stronger than the 113 in some ways


2. The 113 would not be played as much if the wz5 was added I strongly think that there is a dedicated  bunch of players out there that would like to have a truly unique tank that requires more skill to learn than the average heavy line.


3.How could this be done? Well simple wg creates a tier 9 version of the 112 like they did with the type 59 medium tank and have it split off from the 110 with it leading to the 113 and the wz-111-1-4 to the wz5




How do you fit in you may ask well you can simply reference this thread when talking about this tank or create a suggestion for it much of the community is not informed of this tank so if we talk about it more there is more of a chance of this happening and yes I am sure wg would keep the 112 premium tank along with it's brother tank. Keep in mind that this was typed on a mobile device.


Thanks for reading landedkiller 22






landedkiller #2 Posted Jun 16 2016 - 06:23


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Extra copy please close thanks

Kamahl1234 #3 Posted Jun 16 2016 - 06:37


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Yeah, not too big on having another version of the IS-7, I rather like having different tier 10s. 

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