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Jammed turret jump

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Sabin76 #1 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 04:38


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In my KV w/ KV-2 turret:

My turret is pointing directly backwards and traversing towards the front where a StuG is.  My mouse is over the StuG.  The StuG fires and jams my turret as it's still traversing (it was at about the 4 o'clock position when it needed to be at the 11 o'clock position) and immediately jumps directly to the StuG.  It is jammed in that position.  I fire and kill the StuG so it wasn't just the animation.  Sorry, no screens.

Dersico #2 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 05:08


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In the beta, I saw this happen one time by another person in a KV-2

It was strange, apparently nobody but me saw the turret jump.

ZKaiZ #3 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 05:28


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Had this happened to me many times, Supposedly the turret traverse on your screen is not the same as the server is.

This is very confusing to be honest, I've had several times where I was pointing my turret in one direction and its turning left, Then suddenly its facing right.

I took note that Auto aim fixes where your turret is facing IF -- it falls of sync with the server.

After I shoot, I always auto aim, Just to make sure my turret isn't flying any where on server side.

greymalken #4 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 05:45


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The problem i run into.. far too often, is that if you are up against a wall/angle.... the turret will decide to turn and point in a direction 180 degrees opposit of where you are looking. to the point where i have tried following targets with my reticle only to have the backside of my turret facing them, not the gun.

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