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Can there be a tier 8 premium arty for sale?

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heavymetal1967 #21 Posted Jun 20 2016 - 22:31


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View PostViolet_, on Jun 20 2016 - 16:08, said:

Feel free to show me proof of your opinion, IE statistics

Otherwise your opinion is just an opinion


First note my sig - I play art a lot.  I.E., this isn't arty hate speech, but fact.


There is a cap of five arty per side per match.  WG wanted to implement a cap of three per side, but after testing it wouldn't work because of current (at that time) arty numbers in the game.   There was chaos with MM and queue issues when trying to implement a cap of three per side.


So they upped it to five per side and tested it.  Again chaos with queues/MM. 


So we saw the great so called arty "nerfs" of 8.6 which were nothing more than nerfs to the playability of arty aka fun factor so as to LOWER the number of arty in the server population to make their cap desires obtainable.  Those "nerfs" weren't aimed at balance, but birth control.  Every arty change since then has been similarly focused.


However recently they seem to have changed that focus from population control to actual balance.  I say seems because we've yet to see these promised balance changes.  But I do think (and hope) they're coming.  Because let's face it, currently arty as a game mechanic is broken.  But that horse has been flogged to death.  It seems because of the game that shall not be named aka business competition some actual legit balance may be finally coming.


These aren't my stats/figures but WGs.  Many folks claim hogwash re: the "end piece" bit.  But hogwash or no the point is this is WG's view on arty numbers/population.  And if they're making stuff up to indicate a high arty population then that's even more "proof" imo that they think the numbers are too high.


One thing is for sure.  They are very concerned about keeping their cap of five per side solvent.  ALL arty changes have been centered around that fact.  While they may finally try to balance the class they also aren't going to abandon that philosophy.   And again they wanted a cap of three, but finally admitted that wasn't possible with the current arty numbers in game/server.


http://Source FTR, http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/06/24/24-6-2013/



- Q: “Arty is overnerfed, a lot of people did quit playing it, what about that?” A: “Then don’t play arty. That’s why we did it.”

- generally the developers are happy about the way the amount of arty in battles was reduced in 0.8.6
- SerB states that if according to 0.8.6 statistics there were too few arties left, they’d be buffed “if needed”

- SerB responding to another arty whining player: “The rebalance of arty was done so that the amount of noobs playing it would be come lower. And judging from your whining, the goal was met.”

- the amount of arty became unwanted about a year ago and 3 months ago, the situation forced a solution, that’s why 0.8.6 nerf happened





Block Quote

>Remember this is a business Model, not a democracy... ...artillery is a piece of the game that is instrumental to our models...


....despite what players whine about over 90% of the database owns artillery at low to mid tiers and 83% owns an end-tier piece, this is contrary to the actual statistics of “arty sucks” and hear....




Block Quote

 - no more strict arty hardcap will be implemented


A stricter arty hardcap won't be implemented because they know current arty numbers (then) or in the future will not allow it.


They sure aren't going to risk screwing up the arty population by introducing another arty, especially a top tier one which has less place in MM since it sees "less" of a spread by always being on top.  Even on a limited release by making it a CW only piece.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong but all CW reward tanks still can be played in pubs, yes or no?


Because there is a history of them having to "fix" their arty cap of five per via changes to arty.  Just to keep that cap of five per solvent and functioning.  They aren't going to risk another cause and effect by them proactively doing something to increase the amount of arty.


And I can't find it, but there's been statements by the devs strongly hinting that there would be no more premium arty for cap/population reasons.

DieselDog79 #22 Posted Jun 20 2016 - 22:41


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dave1y #23 Posted Jun 20 2016 - 22:44


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Any random question about arty turns into an arty hate-fest.  As it should.


Carry on.

Seguita #24 Posted Jun 20 2016 - 23:01


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"there are people who just want to watch the world burn"

Kekistani #25 Posted Jun 20 2016 - 23:20


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DwindledSoul #26 Posted Jun 21 2016 - 00:12

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View PostStrike_Witch_Tomoko, on Jun 20 2016 - 12:58, said:


sing with me





heavymetal1967 #27 Posted Jun 21 2016 - 00:42


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View PostStrike_Witch_Tomoko, on Jun 20 2016 - 15:58, said:


sing with me




cloudwalkr #28 Posted Jun 27 2016 - 01:27


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View PostViolet_, on Jun 20 2016 - 22:19, said:

An actual statistic that proves your opinion

You can keep pretending your opinion is a fact, but to everyone else it will remain an opinion until you back it up with facts (statistics)


Just because the top 1% has an opinion doesnt mean its a fact for the other 99% of players.

if so many people have had the same opinion for sooo long, surely someone has figured out a way to prove it if theyre correct


WG themselves have openly admitted it's a broken mechanic and does not serve the point that they had intended.  What more "proof" do you need.  Also, why are you posting about arty from an alt account?


Arty is a grief mechanic in pubs.  The good players know it, the bad players know it. 


More proof can be found on the sandbox where they have drastically changed arty and are trying different ideas out with it as a game piece.  It is simply not "just because the top 1% has an opinion".  That statement is naive and arrogant. 

Sgt279 #29 Posted Jun 28 2016 - 04:41


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PattoN243 #30 Posted Jul 01 2016 - 15:41

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Might be the worst suggestion I've seen on the forums, ever.

Caderius #31 Posted Jul 06 2016 - 15:51


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View PostViolet_, on Jun 20 2016 - 16:04, said:


yea there isnt even ONE!



Sexton I

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Nano_dog #32 Posted Jul 06 2016 - 17:09


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View PostViolet_, on Jun 20 2016 - 22:25, said:


Great Sea-Lioning tactic you got going on there.

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