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Not recieving silver after fight

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Elmer_thudd #1 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 08:58


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I have several russian tanks. Each plays normally, and each gives exp and silver except for my IS. When I play my IS tier 7 tank, I do not recieve silver. I have watched the experiance carfully, currently at 80k, I play a match to completion, 13k recieved 7k in expences - no consumerables used. Result  80k - no gain.
Please resolve, All my other tanks collect silver correctly.

Arkhell #2 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 09:18


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are you using a premium account?

if not tier 7 tanks are not meant to get a profit without premium and onl make a profit when playing really good.

as for that number, it costs 7K to repair the Is + ammocosts so net gain is pretty slim since 122mm rounds cost 1020 credits a piece.

Mankoi #3 Posted Jul 26 2011 - 10:37


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Wait till you get the IS3 or the IS4 , if you ever manage to gather the money to buy them and you will see that it is impossible to maintain such tank without having a premium account or a premium cow (tank) to support them financially.

Alternative : dont sell the tier 5-6 tanks that you have because the make profit in every battle even if you lose.If you have sold your KV go buy it again. Get a VK3601!!!!!.

The IS with a premium account is a very good money maker especially if you use the 100mm D10 with its cheap sells.

I make an verage 15-20k profit a battle with this configuration.

Nakiami #4 Posted Jul 27 2011 - 15:18

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Are you counting ammo and repairs as expenses?  A screenshot of the GARAGE after the battle (make sure the info in the lower right is open) would be nice

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