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dance210 #1 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 18:48

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Competitive Gaming Guide Contest


Are you a hot shot competitive World of Tanks player? Help spread your knowledge!


Put together an interesting and informative guide about any aspect of eSports / tournaments, Strongholds or Clan Wars and you could win big! Guides can range from map strategies to the best tanks at any tier, even basics on how to call a battle or set up your first tournament team.


Guides can be both written or video, and winners will have their guides featured in upcoming tournaments, as well as receive awesome physical prizes!


How to Enter and Rules:

  • All guides must be created specifically for this contest.
  • Submit your guide below.
  • Guides and forum posts may be edited until the deadline; any posts or guides edited after the deadline will be ineligible to win a prize.
  • Both written and video guides are eligible
  • There is no maximum length for the video guide, as long as all material is relevant.
  • Winning submissions from outside the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) will receive in-game prizes rather than physical prizes. Residents of Quebec will receive in-game prizes rather than physical prizes.
  • Submissions will be judged on content quality.
  • Submissions must be submitted by September 2 at 09:00 PT.


Topic Suggestions:

Guides can focus on any aspect of competitive gaming within World of Tanks. Competitive Gaming includes: eSports (WGL), community tournaments, Strongholds and Clan Wars.


Some suggestionss are below; feel free to create your own guide!

  • Introduction to battle calling
  • How to create a team for a tournament
  • Global Map: What is it and how does it work?
  • Best competitive strategies for Ensk



Video Guide

Place Prize*
1st Place 17-inch ASUS Gaming Laptop
2nd Place GeForce 980 graphic card
3rd Place GeForce 970 graphic card
4th - 5th Place Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard

*Prize for any player residing within the 50 U.S. states and Canada, excluding Quebec.

Other players will receive in-game prizes.


Written Guide

Place Prize*
1st Place ASUS 24-inch Monitor
2nd - 3rd Place GeForce 970 graphic card
4th - 5th Place Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard

*Prize for any player residing within the 50 U.S. states and Canada, excluding Quebec.

Other players will receive in-game prizes.

CheekiBreeki_ #2 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:17


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J0ey_79 #3 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:22


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Hello fellow tankers, I'm going to be writing a guide on "How to Call Skirmishes."


Before You Click Battle

      Before you even think about going into a skirmish, you need to decide what kind of tanks you are going to take. For example: If you are playing tier 6 skirmishes, then you may want to have fast lineup or a turtling line up. The 2 lineups have a VERY play style. If you take all Cromwells/Cromwell [edited]then you will need to all stay together and focus fire on a target until it is destroyed. On the other hand if you turtle and take more a few heavies, and a couple good view range tanks, then you will need to sit near your base and wait for the enemies to approach you. After the enemies come to your position, then you will have to target them 1 by 1 and make sure you do not get shot from multiple directions. So as previously stated, there are different ways to play, and the play style that you want need to be decided before you click battle. Another thing, is you need to make sure that when you are making your decisions, you need to know the skill level of your own team. A faster line up is harder to play well if your players are not as experienced, while a slower line up is easier to play (referring to tier 6). Current Meta tanks are as follows: Tier 6- Cromwell /B, T37, O-I. KV-2. Tier 8- IS-3, T54-Ltwt, T32, Ru 251. Tier 10- T110E5, Obj 140, Bat Chat, and many more.


Before the Battle Starts

       So now you have decided what your line up will be. Next it's time to plan your attack/defense during the 30 seconds(May take longer) to decide where you will go. Let's say you are in a tier 8 stronghold and you see that the enemy has 2 more lights and 2 fewer heavies than your team. Immediately you will notice that you have an advantage for the heavies in a brawl and a disadvantage for the lights. So you may want to play the heavies more aggressive and the lights less aggressive. You need to learn to read the teams and learn the maps to where to take your heavies and where to take your lights. A good strategy and good focus fire are the difference between winning and losing. Always keep your forces together, if you send one heavy tank west and the rest east, that heavy tank is alone and will die quickly and then your team is down 1 tank. Now you have clicked on the mini-map where you want your team to go, now its time for battle :)


During the Battle

      Now you have your team in the positions you have said. What now? By now you have a good idea where the enemy is. If you haven't spotted them yet, you at least know they are not where your tanks are currently. So if you know they are on the other side of the map, then you either need to push your flank and go cap, or go to defend the cap quickly. But let's move on to the engagements. As a caller you tell your team to poke and take shots, or to wait for the enemy team to make their move. You also need to make sure that you have someone call out the targets on who to hit first (a side note, make sure you ALWAYS hit lowest HP if possible, a tank on 1% HP does as much damage as a tank with 100% HP). If you, the caller are in a heavy, have a light tank driver call out the targets of who to hit. You should be focused on the map as much as you can to look for weak spots you can rush or even just a fast cap, after all, a win is a win. If your team is less experienced, then maybe you should play more cautious, and vice versa. Always try to push when you have more tanks, and play defensively when you have fewer (on one flank). You should never sacrifice tanks for nothing, and you should always take opportunities when you can kill a tank without taking much damage. Although your goal may be to win every game, it isn't going to happen, so try to have fun even if you lose.


After the Battle

      So now you've player your battle. You either had a victory, a loss, or a draw. Now is the most important time of a caller's time-- The Recap. If you win, you tell your team what you did well and what the enemy team did wrong. If you lost, you say what your team did wrong or how you called wrong, and same thing on a draw. If you went in the wrong position, you say how you could have done better, or if the team didn't focus fire and perform well. The more you review the battle, the better your team will do next time on that map. And maybe if one tank works better in this position over that position, or does bad in another, etc.


Thank you for taking your time in reading this horribly written guide, I hope it helped you a little bit, and good luck on the battlefield!



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Texz #4 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:22

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I'm bad at writting but I'll give it a shot.


Reserved for future, hopefully.

Aquatic_Poi #5 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:26

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Seems interesting, except I already own a 17 inch asus laptop :P


Also, whats with quebec?



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abandoned_spirit #6 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:27


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Would you prefer a link to the posted guide or the entire guide posted here?


SaltySeaOtter #7 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:27


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ProBacca #8 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:29


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 Before, clans could go to war in skirmishes and receive Industrial Resource but there was no risk to their homebase. Now, you can get resources by fighting clans and mess up their home.

This is how it all works.


Strongholds are World of Tanks’ clan metagame. Think of it as Farmville, but played with 60 tonne mechanised armour instead of cheerful goats and shareable hay. Clans earn resources by playing games against other clans which they then spend building buildings in their strongholds which give them bonuses to the resources they gain fighting other clans. Buildings can be upgraded, too, buffing the bonus they give to your clan and driving clans to keep playing and inviting their friends to play with them.

A fully functioning stronghold loaded with Industrial resource can create bonuses for every player in your clan, buffing the experience you gain from matches or the number of credits you earn. One building, the War Department, can even give your clan special missions that can reward you with, among other things, a wad of in-game gold or premium account time.

When a clan forms its commander can begin building a stronghold, starting with its command centre. That core building gives the commander the ability to buy zones of land and order construction projects and every clan member the ability to take part in skirmishes.

Skirmishes are battles with other clans which reward you with Industrial Resource, the resource you use for basically everything Stronghold-related. They also give you a better rate of XP and credit gain - a real incentive to join a clan.

Skirmishes are fought by detachments, subgroups of your clan, rather than every member. These groups can include up to 15 members and can even include players who aren’t in your clan, though these ‘Legionnaires’ don’t get any industrial resource for taking part.

Until now Skirmishes have been the only sort of Stronghold battle you could take part in but with 9.4 you can target an enemy clan’s base.

Assaults are targeted at a specific zone of a stronghold. The zones contain two plots of land and a route to the Stronghold’s command centre. If my clan attacked yours we’d pick one of your stonghold’s zones and the first battle would be against the outermost plot of land. If we won we’d battle on the next plot in. Finally, if we won that battle, we’d fight at your command centre. If we won that battle it would end the assault and we’d take winnings from each captured building.

world of tanks strongholds guide 94 update wargaming

Attackers open themselves up in an assault, however. If my clan lost the battle against your outermost building then the next match would see your clan attacking my outermost building. This tug of war continues until either a clan has taken the enemies’ command centre or after an hour has passed since the first skirmish.

Assaults give you potentially massive rewards but the every time you target another clan you risk losing just as much as they do. Every building captured at the end of an assault has to hand over Industrial Resource equal to 20% of that building’s durability (health). When you’ve upgraded your building to level 10 that’s potentially thousands of resources lost or gained in a single hour.

Strong clans will clean up in these assaults. If they structure their evening around attacks against weak clans they’ll rinse them. While that’s great for the strong clans, weak ones will really struggle to stay afloat. Not only will their resources be drained by attacks but if a building’s durability is damaged then it can’t perform its function - creating bonuses for your clan.

Thankfully then each clan needs to only set a single hour a day in which they’re vulnerable to attack but if they keep being targeted by powerful clans that’s six nights a week they’ll be stomped.

With Strongholds, Wargaming’s created a metagame for clans which can give them something to do every evening of the year but it will take every evening of the year. You need to be online to defend your base, failed attacks will damage your buildings requiring you to collect industrial resource to repair, upgrading your base needs more industrial resources, crafting the bonuses in your buildings requires industrial resource.

Strongholds are a serious investment of time but, if your clan is strong, the rewards are worth it.

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ProBacca #9 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:31


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Beginers Guide to Calling ClanWars or Stongholds

Use ALL the tools at your disposal

I would recommend doing a maptactic session at the start of every night, where you go over your ideas for strats. Have your team give feedback and suggestions. Maybe even spend a few minutes in a training room, either driving around looking at timings and spotting, or PM one of the teams that did better than you in the previous week's skirmish and see if they are willing to scrimmage for a while. Other nice resources that aren't as well-known include wotinfo, which will allow you to compare spotting ranges of any tank under any mechanically possible conditions, and wotscout.com, a website which creates standings for teams and shows stats for all teams participating in skirmishes. Perhaps the best developed and coolest program (yes i said program) is Tank Inspector. It allows you to inspect tanks (crazy, i know). You can look at the armor model, and from any angle see the effective armor of any part of the tank. Its a great tool for learning weak points, the hitboxes, and the armor profiles of any tank in the game. Not that they need advertising, twitch.tvis a site that hosts streams, where you can watch some of the best tankers play and compete.

No amount of research is too much

Before the tournament starts, look up the tanks. When your team asks "what should i buy/have" have an answer ready. Don't just guess, but take some time to look at your options and find out not only what is best for your team, but also what the other teams will be likely to bring. Know the enemy. Know their weakspots, know their reloads, know their view ranges, know their camo values. Know what you can get away with doing, and what you can't. Don't be surprised when the enemy WZ-111 hits you for 500, or that tiger thinks hes an autoloader and shoots every 4.5 seconds. Be prepared for it, and find a way to avoid it happening. Know the map, and where you can go to get amazing shots to surprise the enemy. Know that insane spotting bush, or where you can shoot between the buildings on ruinberg.

Play the metagame

Ask yourself "what would i do in their position right now?" or "where would i go with that line-up". This kind of thinking goes well with my comment about being flexible, but its one way to beat teams that are doing "diplo" and will always keep you a step ahead. If you see a lineup that is super-heavy, you know that you can be a bit more aggressive getting lights since they will be slow, and you should probably avoid a head-on brawl, or enclosed city space. If you see a lighter line-up, stick closer together so they don't single out a tank, and watch out about getting lit. If you think based on their line-up that a team is going somewhere, then either push there hard to counter them, or (and this is probably better) go where they won't be, and take control of the rest of the map. then you can slowly surround them and choke them out. Figure out where on the map you can cause a fight that will give you the advantage, and then go there!

Honestly though, the metagame is really hard to do in a group stage format. Each team is different, and a lot of teams are unpredictable. If you have a solid strat that has been working, you may want to stick to it. Its working for a reason. The playoffs are where the metagame really comes into play. If you beat a team, they will try to adjust to your strat. Look at any changes they make between battles, and use that to tell you what theyre doing. If you lose, don't just adjust to what they did, but to what they might do. A lot of times I'll go 0-2 down in the playoffs, but then have enough info to come back and win. People are creatures of habit, and most callers only have one or two strats ready. If you come in with a blank page, you can fill it with the perfect counter to whatever they do. Find their pattern - i have actually been able to win matches without firing a single shot. If a team brings a heavy line-up, stay really far away from cap for a few games, then suddenly switch it up and caprush. They might not see it coming. I am not an advocate of cap (cap loses games) but it is a tool, and sometimes you can meta teams hard, especially if their playstyle is campy on encounter and you want to stick it to them.

Listen to the caller

Whatever the caller says, do it. wholeheartedly. immediately. If the caller says something really dumb (which every caller does every so often) then speak up! By not speaking up and doing dumb stuff half-heartedly, you are turning a possible failure to a sure one. Nine times out of ten, if you do what the caller says, even if its really dumb, it will work out if you all do it right when he says it. If you are sure it won't work though, tell him before its too late. Most teams have a sub-caller, whose job is, among other things (like calling targets, flank commanding, etc) telling the caller when hes an idiot and providing ideas. Sometimes the caller can't see everything, so if you designate someone to help out, its a way of having more than one head without interrupting battle comms. Watch streams. Several teams stream trainings and matches, sometimes even with commentary. This mostly applies to WGLNA, but I stream a lot of our group stage matches and i don't think im the only one; so feel free to come copy our strat, or even improve it. The link is in my sig... hopefully it will be more used than abused. I may also start streaming some WGLNA matches and/or trainings in the future, for those who want that. but enough shameless self-promotion. Lets split on to the next thing.

Be flexible!

Like I said earlier, have a strat planned out. But be ready for it to fail, and have possible adjustments ready for when it does. Every strat has a counter, and no strat is perfect. If you are just starting out, you will find that a lot of strats just arent working - it may be tank selection, crews, or players, but you need to find a playstyle that fits your team, and a strat that fits your playstyle. Even if a strat is working, you can still improve it. Maybe the next team will do something different or better, so if you see a change that can be made, let your caller know after the battle so you can discuss it, and possibly implement your improvement. You will perform better if you do this.

Map control

Map possession is a nuanced thing. Its always a tough call about whether to be #RU, #YOLO, or camp behind the redline CHAI style. There is a fine line between camping and turtling. There is a time and a place to slow-play, and a time for aggression. Just because a team is really good doesn't mean you should camp, and just because a team is really bad doesn't mean its ok to yolo. Know that if you give up too much map control, you are almost guaranteed to lose, but on the other hand, if you over-commit, you might lose HP for free or be caught off-guard from behind. Again, know the map, and know where you can guarantee an advantageous fight. NOTE that this spot is very rarely on the red line or in the corner of the map. You are generally best off with your scouts ahead of your main force trying to take about half the map. Remember that you don't necessarily have to have tanks in an area to control it. As long as you have lights (and preferably a firing line), the area is yours. You also don't have to have any cover on an area as long as you have the access to it cut off. I know that sounds obvious, but i still felt obligated to say it.


We are intelligent life-forms, supposedly. As such, one of the expectations is that we learn. No one expects perfection on the first attempt. If you're just starting out, it may be helpful to take notes. What are the strats that beat you? what are the weaknesses in your strat? what were the common places for engagements? what were the cool spots you learned about? If you record all these things somewhere, the next time you do a tournament, especially if it is the same tier or map, you will have an advantage. At this point, without thinking, i can make a strat for a small team for just about any map that will beat 90% of teams. Practice makes perfect as a caller.

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View Postabandoned_spirit, on Aug 15 2016 - 11:27, said:

Would you prefer a link to the posted guide or the entire guide posted here?



I would prefer it posted here, however I'll accept links to outside sources.

Dead_Zombie #12 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 19:57


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can i copy / paste from guides buried within the forums or googled online?




_Kradok_ #13 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 20:02

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Basic          Training         Outline


Purpose:  to streamline new clan member preparation - identify members who do and potentially do not understand the nuances of ‘clan life’.  This establishes the baseline where all clan members have the minimal skill set to enter TeamSpeak (TS), understand the meaning of various of commands used in organized battles, and where (and when) to voice disagreement or opinion – both of which are welcomed (with respect).


Each member of the clan will have an icon designating their status as trained or untrained.  Whatever Icon is deemed to be used will be permanent on each person in TS once training is complete.  This ensures CBTOs (combat officers) will need only glance in TS to gather players if they aren’t familiar with all the members at the time of the selection. It will be up to the personnel officers to ensure every member is trained, contacted about training, and given ample chances to BE trained before any action is taken for non-compliance.  Trained members will be eligible for clan wars.  Untrained will not.  Untrained will be allowed to join Strongholds as long as they’ve given agreement to complete basic training within a week. 


Items to be covered:


TeamSpeak – all players will need to log in to TeamSpeak to complete training.  It’s a requirement for most clans and needs to be handled accordingly.  All members will need to show they can:

1)      Switch rooms

2)      Create sub rooms

3)      Mute their mics

4)      Lower/raise speaker volumes

5)      Find links/schedules/chain of command in TS info (quiz trainees on 3-4 items in the TS info website link, clan schedule, chain of command)



Training Room:  As soon as the basics for TeamSpeak are covered, the trainer will create a training room (4 people minimum).  Trainer and trainee(s) on one side, and a single volunteer on the other.  Where these minimum requirements will be covered:


1)      In-game chat (team and all chat)

2)      Following orders to drive to a certain position

3)      Understanding the need for immediate response to the CBTO

4)      Reload/Affirmative/Negative/Targeting keys in-game to limit chatter.

5)      Following various in-game commands (shooting, scouting, tracking, etc… )

6)      Remember - You may be used as bait or even left alone – it’s about the team victory - not the solitary tanker.



While in the training room – the following terms will be discussed to ensure understanding:


1)      Focus Fire - This means to target the indicated tank (either by hit point number or tank name or player name), firing only at that tank whenever possible, and where to shoot if the primary target is obstructed.

2)      Push – ALL ordered tanks drive immediately to where ordered to push to.  This does NOT mean stop and shoot – it means shot on the move.

3)      Cap holder – the first tank on the cap holds the ‘cap points’.  This tank is the key.  Know which tank holds the cap points to either shield when capping or targeting for reset.  These seconds are crucial.


Communication in a clan atmosphere


All players need to understand there are many people on at a given time.  When ‘en masse’ – sideline conversations need to be held to a minimum.  In-game chat options can be used and they won’t interfere with potential information passed while in the group.  There are more than enough chat rooms available for separate issues.


“Battle Comms” is a nice way of saying “STOP TALKING NOW”…. Just do it.


In battle:  CBTOs run the show.  It’s their responsibility to plan/execute the battle.  It’s the tanker’s job to follow orders immediately and to the best of their ability.  If you’re selected for battle you are expected to follow orders.  If you disagree with the CBTO you have several options:


1)      Do as you’re told until after the battle and request an audience with the CBTO.  Public or private – NO drama or emotion is needed.  Be respectful, as everyone should be likewise respectful to you and work it out as adults.

2)      Opt out of running the battle, politely.  Doing this on a consistent basis will obviously be addressed.

3)      Apply to be a CBTO, start calling strongholds yourself…  or…

4)      Keep it to yourself.






​Discussing 'Clan Life' can be a new experience for many.  A 'military' chain of command structure may be a foreign concept.  That said, defining the roles of the officers in a clan can give newcomers an idea what to expect from each position.


Commander:  The face of the clan, the spokesperson.  The example.  The clan commander isn't supposed to be the 'bad guy'.  He partners with the executive officers to set the direction of the clan with realistic expectations and goals.  He works with combat & Intelligence/Diplomatic officers to determine the clan's battle direction.  He's active on the forums.  He works with Intelligence/Dimplomatic officers to ensure clan relations are where the officers want them to be.  He constantly is in game, promoting platooning/stronks and activity. He informs people, and sets the tone.  His actions should be what he wants from his clan members.  His motto is an easy one: Lead by example.


Executive officers:  2nd in command of the clan.  They coordinate people to run events.  They set the direction with the commander then they implement the plan.  They set up training times, they push for strongholds, they participate on the forums regularly.  They interview new clan members and make decisions.  They ensure the clan officers are doing their job, and assist when/where they can.  They support the other officers, and always push for new ways to better the clan. 


Personnel Officers:  The Human Resource dept of WoT.   The officers responsible for ensuring clan communications are fluid, drama is quelled and people are in TS, participating etc...  the personnel officer is the 'bad cop' when necessary, and sets the example he expects others to follow.  He doesn't allow favoritism/clicks, or backstabbing.  He also stops gossip and brings it to the source immediately.  He handles the administrative duties as needed.


​Intelligence/Diplomatic officer:  The clan representative to other clans.  He carries the message of the clan.  He interacts with other clans, builds alliances, delivers attack messages, continuously considers clan focus and how to utilize relationships with other clans to help accomplish his own clan's goals.  A good rule of thumb:  Let your diplo officer's personality reflect the personality of the clan.


Recruiter:  He's responsible for promoting the clan - always.  He wants to be the example of what to expect from other clan members; he's the designated marketing representative. On the forums and in game - he always reaches out to potential new clan members.  Once the clan starts filling - the recruiter will then tactically target select players with the skills the commander/execs require.  The recruiter has to be up-beat, positive concerning the clan, and honest with new recruits at all times.  The recruiter tries to set appointment times for officers to meet potential recruits for platoon/strongholds and a quick conversation to gauge social fit, mutual goals/expectations both of and from the clan. 


Junior Officers:  Combat officers in training.  Players very adept in their tanking roles, ready to try and take on the tactical battle calling.  Best accomplished by having the junior officers call strongholds with a combat officer part of the team.  This "on-the-job" training offers immediate feedback, and the inclusion of 5 additional tankers.  As long as everyone is of one mindset - "what we do helps the clan" - the experience will be positive, even in the face of continuous defeats.    [Strongholds do not affect "win8" or "stats" other than a win percentage for the clan overall.  As an example: the overwhelming majority of competitive clans use strongholds for credit grinding, training, entertainment - not 'victories'.]  


Combat officers:  They call the battles.  They are the commanders on the battle field and should be the dominant voice heard for the duration of the battle.  They control the very heartbeat of the clan.  The combat officer should be the most well-versed map expert in your clan.  They know what bushes to scout from, what fire lanes to dominate or expect.  The combat officers spend time preparing strategies for the battles.  In preparation for clan wars - they will allocate the tanks, plan for contingencies, then select their roster.  There are many good tankers in World of Tanks -- there are a very few effective combat officers.  The ability to call under fire, react under fire, plan and anticipate the enemy is a gift.  Identify newer tankers that seem to anticipate the enemy, and can react under pressure - and consider them to become junior officers - - then battle callers.            **[An example of combat officer prowess can be found in the clan HIPPO during the 2nd clan war season.  This clan fought 6 SIMULTANEOUS battles an hour, for several hours straight, on a nightly basis.  That is the epitome if clan participation.  Each combat officer had less than 2 minutes to discuss map strategies on many occasion, yet their success can't be disputed.  The clan won the event and held 26 provinces the day the event ended.  Having tankers that follow orders immediately is half the battle - having a stable of effective combat officers is the other.] 




-Clan members are together for a common goal.  In that light, the CBTOs have stepped up to help the clan and face the largest pressure insofar as orchestrating battles.  Constant negative remarks concerning their battle calling undermines unit cohesiveness.  New tankers are invited to step up and offer opinion when & as appropriate – BUT - be constructive and proactive.


-Zero drama policy:  Everyone has family, financial concerns, school problems, work issues, etc… Additionally, everyone will have a bad day.  How you let that bad day affect you is up to you.  How that bad day affects the clan – is not.  If asked to stop talking in a public room, go to another room, etc…  Please do so.  This doesn’t mean your worries are not cared about… it means find your vent outlet and use them away from the mass clan chat.  This game is a release for most.  Let it be their release.  And the same will be said to them if they need to vent as well.


–Clan activity is paramount to clan participation.  Likewise; gossip, resentment and hidden agendas will derail a clan’s progress faster than you can imagine.  Just as important as the skill level of the clan members you’re wanting to attract, so should be the personality fit.  The group social dynamic can thrive or die dependent upon the ensuing conversations in TS.  Ensure your officers have the maturity, patience and respect to handle their positions.


-Truly NEW clan members (both to the game and the clan), will be assigned a mentor – a more-experienced tanker who can guide the new tanker concerning lines to run, tank tactics, opinions, etc...  Other clan members should be encouraged to platoon on a regular basis with new tankers.  Tip:  Have better tankers conduct team training on assigned days to offer guidance on how to penetrate enemy tanks, cover your own tanks, move in formation, side scrape, etc…     


Doing these things will greatly improve your enjoyment of the game in a clan environment.

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Seven Simple Steps to Finding The Right Clan 


Step One: Think about what you want out of a clan 


This is the most important step that lots of players particularly newer players skip when being their search for a clan.  Think do you want to join a clan for platoons, strongholds, tourneys or clan wars.  Also consider the skill level that you want your new clan to be.  After you have stated to think about what you want out of a clan fill out your personal profile in wargaiming's official website clan portal.


Step Two: Research Clans 


Find clans using the war gaming clan portal on the official website as well as in game.  This forum post by Georgietheprincess is also a useful reference when looking for a clan wars clan http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/479122-looking-for-training-clan-tournament-clan-or-cw-oriented-clan-please-refer-here/


Step Three: Start a forum topic


This is the place that you should post your looking for clan topic http://forum.worldof...ng-for-a-clan/.    (the button to start a new topic is at the top left)


Your topic should include:

1.) Your wotlabs signature  (mine is at the bottom left of this post) for those of you who may not know you can get yours by going to http://wotlabs.net/ searching your username in the bar in the top left and scrolling down to the signature section.  You should use ether a dark or a light signature. (custom makes it look like your trying to hide a bad stat and minimalist does not show your username)  

2.) A link to your wotlabs (mine is http://wotlabs.net/na/player/The_Mushroom_Messiah)

3.) Your activity in nights per week

4.) What you want out of a clan (refer to step one)

5.) A list of your tier 6s, tier 8s and tier 10s (and any other tanks that you feel are relevant) 

6.) The title of your thread should be "LFC recent win8/winrate, overall win8/winrate"  (for me this would be "LFC recent 2900/58% overall 1800/53%" )


Putting all of this in your post will help people looking for new clan members evaluate weather you would be a good fit for their clan.  It also shows that you care enough to take the time to make a proper LFC post.


Step Four: Go to interested clans teamspeak


If you don't already have it you will need to install teamspeak 3 https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads as most clans use it to communicate.  Once you have it installed ts check back on your thread and pms both on the forums and ingame throughout the day.  When you get a reply most clans will send you there teamspeack info so you can come talk to them.  I suggest that you put the ts servers in you bookmarks in the ts3 client so you have them for if you come back latter.


When you get into the ts of a prospective clan look for their recruitment lobby and if they have one move to it if you can. (if they don't have a recruitment lobby or you don't have permissions to enter it just wait in the general lobby tell someone comes to talk to you) You may have to wait a while depending on when you drop by you can play random battles during this time.  When someone enters the room tell them that you are interested in joining their clan.  Depending on the clan they will have different evaluation processes, most will want to look at you wotlabs and platoon with you for a bit. 


Step Five: Decide to join a clan


(note repeat steps four and five as many times as you need to find the right clan)


Once you have found a clan that seems like a good fit for you decide weather or not you wish to join.  This decision should be based on how your prospective clan matches up whit what you want in a clan (refer to step one) and the general atmosphere of the clan.


Step Six: Join a clan


You can do this by sending an application in game or on the official wargaming website and having it get accepted or by accepting an invite to the clan (note some clans do not take applications but will still consider you for joining)  


Step Seven: Have fun

This is the most important step :)

With your new clan you can play tanks, kill stuff, have fun and maybe even win some gold in CW or tournaments.


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:P Im HORRIBLE at writing But i'll try for sure!

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3 ultimate steps to victory.


Hello Fellow tankers! I'm going to keep this quick and simple. Many players over indulge in details and too many steps, but I'm going to show you how to win every time! I'm sure there are many players out there who, in reality, don't care as much as we hardcore tankers do. So I'm going to address both groups. 

There are 3 simple steps i want to cover with small summaries. If you follow these steps exactly, your win-rate, I'm sure, will sky rocket through the roof.

1. Play Aggressive, Stay in packs.

I've said this before to other players and I'll say it a hundred times more. As long as you play aggressively, while working in small units, you are more than likely to win. From my own experience, 95% of the times that I've made this point clear to my fellow tankers, we win. No small details are needed, they naturally stay in workable teams (for instance: Heavies working in tandem with mediums, Lights with Tank Destroyers, ect.) each playing their role to its utmost.

2. Learn to Read...

As odd as it might sound at first, it may be the one thing that will assure victory even in the most dire of circumstances. And by 'reading', i mean the mini-map. I've seen teams turn the tables in a heart beat even though they were out numbered. As long as the team stays up to date with the events happening around them, they will be much more prepared to counter the enemy's attack. If you react too slow, like reading the map to late into the game, you've left a huge door wide open for your enemy to waltz on through.

3. Be comfortable, relax, its supposed to be fun!

Well, actually, this topic addresses 2 things here. Be comfortable with the tank you're driving in. I've tried so many other tanks, trying to make myself play a certain way even though I knew it wouldn't fit. I'm a light tank kind of guy. If you're a Tank Destroyer player, go on! If you're a heavy brawler, welcome aboard!, If you like sticking with the mediums, be my guest! As long as you're in a tank you're most connected and comfortable with, the chances of your team winning will be raised. Because you are the only person who knows how to play this tank to its best ability, and you may be the only hope for the team to gain victory.  Second, HAVE FUN! One of the things i believe that make a great game is the enjoyment of playing with other players. I've encountered too many trolls in my time on World of Tanks and its sad to see tankers get so upset over a lost game. It has been statistically proven that people who experience 'guilt' (in this case, resentment) are doomed to repeat their mistakes. So just have fun, take a breather! If you have rage issues, it will most certainly blind your ability to think properly in the next battle.


You may be asking "Where's the info? Where are the dozens of steps?"

I'm trying to keep things simple and quick. You may be getting ready to rough it out with an ally in a minute, fixing to wage war with another clan, or even settling a fight with a bitter rival. My question is, "why the hatred"? We are all gamers, whether you're new to the pack, or a living legend. If we all get bitter and try to knock each others lights out, we are simply driving the game into the ground. And I cannot say what tank is better and what isn't. My opinion doesn't matter. What we do with this game and how we treat others in it are far beyond me. But if we want WoT to keep doing what they do best, I think we should do our best as well.


Anyways, Hope this helps.


"You play the hand you're dealt, I think the game's worthwhile"- C.S. Lewis



Basic formations and strategies... (only if you wish to delve deeper)

When it comes down to fighting it out with an enemy clan, or tearing your way to victory in big tournaments, there should always be a strategy.

There are many technical things i do as a call-out, since I'm usually the fastest and the one who has the bigger view range, but I've boiled it down to a simple list.

1. Formations

There are: positions 1(Strong offensive),2(Strong Defensive),3(Strong left {meaning that all heavies go left, while lights go the opposite direction}),4(Strong right {vice-versa},

Here are some terms i use that i think would prove to be extremely useful in the hasty need for commands in combat:
1. Stay Tight.

2. Play Safe.

3. Disperse (meaning to surround the enemy in a case where either there are too many heavies to attack head on, or the remaining fighters are trying to make a getaway)

4. My favorite of all, "Go Crazy". usually, when the enemy is already beaten back with two tanks left in their line, i tell my buddies to let all hell break loose. Its fun, because it lets my allies to play around and obliterate the remaining enemy tanks as they please... (Mwahahahaa)

5. Last but not least, "run." Running is a complicated task depending on your team make up. This has happened before in team battles, and retaliating from a surprise attack is crucial in times like these especially if you've already lost half of your team in the ambush. Usually, i prefer the heavier tanks run while the lighter and more faster ones cover them with 'lay-down' fire. They don't have to hit the targets, but they merely have to keep the enemies heads down, allowing your heavy allies to retreat to a better hull-down position.


The reason that i have used 2 or 1 word call outs is because if its an urgent command that i want everyone to catch easily, i can repeat it over and over, catching my allies attention much faster than it would for me to stammer and get all caught up in my words as a result of an adrenaline rush.


Not for the Faint at heart, or weak minded...

Whenever i get advice from another pro, they usually tell me to know my tanks, know my maps, know my numbers, and know pretty much everything about World of Tanks. Even though I do take their advice, for those who don't wish to do all of the searching online, not to mention the countless moments of reading that I've done, I've come up with yet another simple summary.

1. I always compare my health meter with other tanks, no matter their tier or firepower. Obviously, i want to be careful around artillery, already knowing they can one -shot me. When ever you're facing heavies, if you're fast enough, you can always spare a few hits from them as long as you can dance around the edge of their gun without dying. I play my Sp 1 C aggressively, but i tend to run from a fight if the heavy or desired victim it supported by other tanks.

2. Keep moving! No matter what tank you are, you have to make it hard for other people to hit you. Tank Destroyers are snipers, not campers. If you don't have the sixth-sense skill which tells you when you are spotted, its difficult to tell when you need to relocate or not. That's why when i play my Arl V39, i only take a few shots before i change location. This same philosophy goes with artillery pieces.

3. I've seen this happen so many times in games which tend to end up in failure. Know who's with you! If there's a heavy and you're a light tank, (this might sound a bit harsh and self-centered at first) Let him take the hits while you remain invisible while spotting for him. I know it may seem hard to refuse to help a friend, but remember. stick to your role and you might last longer. I've tried saving so many people, but the both of us ended up dying despite my 'valiant' efforts. If you're trying to get a shot at an enemy tank on low health, let someone else take the hit before you finish him off, specifically when you're already low on health, having suffered already too much damage.

4. For those who have mediums, this tip is for you. When i play my amazing french medium CDC, I like to have a few mediums stay with me back near the spawning point during the first parts of the battle. Once the entire (or nearly all) of the enemy team is spotted, We charge into their weakest and most open part of their position. rarely have i convinced anyone to do this, but when we do, we are the heroes of every battle we play. Something like this is something we all need to do. I like to call the three-some a 'reserve-army'.

5. most of you are probably already aware of this , but as a heavy tank, you have to learn to be dependent on fellow tankers. I know, being a heavy means you can charge right in, bounce as many shots as you want, and come out on top, but its a lot more than you think. Light tanks are the ones who show you where the enemy is in front of you, while mediums keep them distracted while you blow huge holes into their underbellies. Tank Destroyers and arties are the ones that actually are the unsung heroes of nearly every game. If it wasn't for their support fire, you probably would've been ripped apart in seconds.


Map Theory...

I don't want to go over every map there is in World of Tanks, but after playing so many battles over the same maps, I've found several characteristics that they all share and what you can do to analyze every map effectively.

1. The E, F, lines are where the countless massacres and showdowns take place. If you're playing in any tank, this is a critical detail that cannot be missed no matter how much it is ignored. The C,D/G,H lines are the usual regions where Tank Destroyers are stationed. Now, The top A-line, and bottom K-line usually house the artillary and sometimes the Tanks Destroyers. one big tip i can give is DON'T ever go where you already know the enemy may be. usually under a minute, people have already engaged in the middle of the map, so remember to keep an eye out for those common choke points..

2. Try not to knock down trees. The bush is your true friend. I've been able to pick off some tanks simply by tracking the trees they knocked down. Playing as an arty, this proves to be an advantage and you can alert your team to 'abnormal' tree falling.

3. the one thing that helps me the most is using destructible obstacles... It helps in the long run to leave the fragile buildings in place, since they can take some hits and absorb the shots from the enemy when you most need it.  When i play arty, however, I tend to keep an eye out for those cities for any falling trees, crushed cars, ect. so i can be prepared when they light up on my map. 

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turn up volume for best quality/results and also turn it to 720 or 1080p lol



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Head recruiter of PRAV


How to recruit for your clan proficiently     

In World of tanks you only really have three options to recruit people into your clan. These options will mainly help the value of people you will encounter who want to join a clan and are willing to spend time on a clan. 


Option 1)

Forum Recruitment

  1. Go on world of tanks forum in the looking for clans thread.
  2. Look at ALL new postings in the forum.
  3. Open up http://www.wotlabs.net/ and enter their name in the search bar and click player
  4. Evaluate their stats. Make sure they meet our current requirements for recent win8 (1600 it will vary for each clan)
  5. If Player is close to recent requirements example (1550  it will vary for each clan) evaluate them in a couple of battle while in platoon. Check if they can listen to calls that you give them in battle .If they fared well then talk to Deputy Commander for the go ahead to add him to your clan.
  6. Look at their tier ten tanks. How many do they have? Which ones do they have? Is their performance in them good?
  7. Make sure they have three meta tanks for tier 10 and two for 8.

META List Tier 10 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed.


  1. Heavies:T110E5, FV215b, 113, E 100, IS7, AMX 50B, T57
  2. Mediums: Obj. 140, B-C 25t, TVP 50/51, T-62A, Obj. 430, STB-1, AMX-30B, Leopard 1
  3. Tank Destroyers: T110E3, Obj. 263, FV215B 183, Obj. 268, Grille 15,
  4. Artillery: Conqueror GC, GW E100, M53/55

META List Tier 8 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: T32, IS3, 110, IS-5, KV-4
  2. Mediums: Pershing, Obj. 416, T69
  3. Tank Destroyers: Rhm-B WT, Jpanther II,  Ferdinand, Charioteer
  4. Light tanks: T-54 LightWeight, WZ 132, M41 90, RU-251

META List Tier 6 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: M6, T-150, Arl-44
  2. Mediums: Cromwell, Cromwell B, T-34-85, Skoda T-25
  3. Tank Destroyers: Hellcat, SU-100
  4. Light tanks:T37, type 64, 59-16
  5. Arty:  M44, FV304
  1. Give them a polite message on their forum post. For example: Hello (insert your clan name) is very interested in your abilities. Will pm you promptly.
  2. Personal message them in Game with the general information of the clan. What we do: Clan wars tier 10, stronghold assaults and defenses tier 8, Weekly tournaments. Team Speak 3 Server address: 

Option 2)

In Game Recruitment

  1. Take Notice: While in battle look for players who you see do well.
  2. Look at end battle results: Look for people who have done well in that battle that are not in a clan.
  3. Look up Stats:  repeat what I stated above in forum recruitment.
  4. Send a polite message to the player: Hello (insert clan name) is interested in you. We believe you would be a good fit for (insert clan name) and would be honored if you made (Insert name here) your new clan home.  
  5. Do not harass or copy paste messages: this makes your clan look bad and will end in disciplinary actions against you.
  6. Do not recruit post in all chat in game: You do not do this because no one likes to be harassed in game while their trying to have fun.




Option 3) Use Recruitment station on worldoftanks.com

Steps to use station correctly
            1. Click Modify Terms of Recruitment

  1. Minimum battles fought must be more than 7000
  2. Minimum Victory ratio should be 50%
  3. Minimum average experience per battle should be at least 900
  4. Minimum Teir X tanks should be 3
  5. Narrow down recruits by adding tank requirments T110E5, Object140, FV215B
  6. Combat experience would be preferable but not a must.
  7. www.wotlabs.net each person you see on the list to double confirm they make our recent stats of 1600.
  8. Use this message as an example: Hello (insert your clan name) is looking for more players with a high skill cap for clan wars. You fit that description. We mainly do tier 10 clan-wars. We would be honored if you chose (insert clan name) as you next clan destination. Thank you for your time and happy tanking.
  9. Reach out to your commanders
  10. With much respect (your name)
  11. our TS server is ts30.gameservers.com:9366                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you for reading this list to how to recruit properly. My hope is that you all bring in many other people and build your clan into a wonderful Clan

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Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments oh I LOVE tournaments Read if you would like to know about tournaments...

A tournement is a game mode which you play against other players kind of like Random battles but you could go in a 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 6v6 and also 15v15 but you have to sign up on the World of tanks Webiste also you can use any tier you would like but it has to be within medium, lights, tds, spg and also Heavy tanks but if it says tier 6 and lower mediums you have to use a tier 6 or lower medium for a 1v1  tournement you would go on mittengard and would have 9 1v1 tier 6 or lower medium battles and if you place within 7 out of 10 players you would win gold but the amounts are not the same!
1st Place - 500 Gold 
 2nd Place - 400 Gold
   3rd Place - 250 Gold
     4th Place - 150 Gold
       5th Place - 100 Gold
         6th Place - 75 Gold
           7th Place - 50 Gold
But if you compete in a clan tournament  You would Win bigger and better prizes!
And if you win against MeatHeadmilitia You would win a Type 59! (Rare tank)

Thank you for reading this hope it helped!

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Sweet, another chance to NOT get a Type 59. Awesome.

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