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dzikowski2095 #21 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:17


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geovannimorales53 #22 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:19


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Community tournaments


First you need to create a team which is simple just click on tournaments and click join ow on the  tournament you want to join. Then you can join a team or create your own team. Then just do what the instructions tell you.


Recruiting players could be easy or hard if you have a clan and friends who can do it then you are in luck for some prizes. Now if you don't have a clan or not enough friends to compete then recruit people from random battles and if you are lucky then you are good. Also a good tip is to have extra people in case someone cant make it or something wrong happens. 


If you have time  have a plan and a plan b. Then go to a training room and learn the best strategy on that map and make sure who's going to bring what tank and where o the map they are going to go. Once you have a plan a get a plan b started lets say plan a doesn't go to plan then try b.


When you battle you got to bring your A like in clan wars because lets say the 1st place prize is a type 59 or some gold that you could use in garage slot, free exp, premium  time , tanks, personal reserves, and credits.


When a battle with  a team you listen to a caller who tells what people do like saying do plan a and tells people where to go if they forget.


Now we go to 1v1 were its only you in a 1v1 you want to out smart your enemy and bring a good all round tank but remember armor sometimes isn't needed but mobility with some people using gold ammo to increase there chances of not bouncing.


When in a game with a team try to focus fire its important to have more guns knocked out than running. Just because they have 1 hp doesn't mean that they cant fire the gun lets say scenario a is 2v2 and you focus down one of the enemy down and they don't focus fire then you both have guns that can fire back spread the damage when being hit lets say your team mate is a 1 shot get in front take the hit. Scenario b is you don't focus fire one of you die and the enemy has more guns left. Doesn't mean you lost its just harder to win.

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View PostManOfAction, on Aug 15 2016 - 13:26, said:

Seems interesting, except I already own a 17 inch asus laptop :P


Also, whats with quebec?



I agree with you on that, why different prize for Quebec???? just curious

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Best Battle Strategies for Ensk+ VIDEO

btw please count this as more of a video guide!

A few strategies for the A-line base or spawns is to have some heavies push up into the cities. They should have 1-2 mediums with them as they advance.

There should be at least 1-2 heavies in the field and mostly mediums and TDs.

There should be a sniper at B1 to destroy heavies down that road.

This person will be able to defend if one of the flanks falls. 

Some mediums and heavies should go down the middle to be able to outflank the enemy.

Some light tanks should go down the train tracks to destroy any TDs or arty there. This should help people in the fields and the city

If you have the K-line base or spawns you should perform the same tactics as the other base and this should also work for encounter


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Guides for New People.

Guides for Credits: Credits or silver is essential for buying and upgrading your tank to its full potential.

  • Credits can be the most hardest thing to do without using a premium account or a premium tank. To get credits you need to do damage enemy tanks the higher the damage the higher the credits you gain.
  • To minimize your credit or silver consumption look out for "On Tracks" since they put tanks on sale from tier 1 to tier 10. Tier 7-9 only get 15% less than the amount it cost and Tier 1 to 6 is 30% less than the amount it cost (forgot the exact amount while writing this).
  • "On Tracks" also give a free premium tank when you complete the On Track to see how you progress on the go to the top left corner and click on missions then click on missions and specials scroll down and find the "On Tracks".
  • On Tracks are easy if you are on a break ,but because you need to gain 25k exp for you to get the first of ten (1 of 10) this is my its hard. To Reduce credit or silver consumption look out for consumable sales and equipment sales which 50% less than the original.
  • Consumables like small repair kit, small first aid kit, and manual fire extinguishers are commonly used to so buy them if you can it saves up your consumable cost for each time you use them it cost 3000 credits when on sale its 1,500. Buying consumables on sale can increase amount you can get.
  • For example you have an extra 300,000 credits to spare and you want to buy small repair kits only using 300,000 credits you can get 100 when it is on sale you can buy 200 small repair kits they only last 200 battles when you used them.
  • Equipment cost can be as high as 600,000 and when it is on sale its 50% less. Strongholds- is where your friends can play together as a team and earn more credits than in public matches. 


Guides/Tips for Battle Calling:

  • Never Sigh during the battle this causes moral drop 
  • Listen to the call even if its a bad call. Callers can never learn from their mistakes if you don't follow them.
  • Defeats are considered a learning place for Callers because they can learn various things like new positions that more effective than the previous ones.
  • As Callers Never blame your team members when they fail its there job to learn. Remember a Caller unites the team. As a Caller be the one who shoulders the team.
  • Don't let Top clans fool you some clans may try to provoke you to misplay.
  • If the enemy team is Turtling or camping near their base take the initiative to take control of the map and spread and surround your enemy and opening multiple fronts so the enemies can't focus fire your tanks.


Tips for Strategies: 

  • Study the map!
  • Create a training room for the clan to practice
  • A useful tool is a map where you can have direction on where to go here is one of those. https://stratsketch.com/ 
  • Set up practice with the clan your fighting if they agree you can see how can they play or how your tactics work.


Tips for Public Matches:

  • Never provoke players 
  • Never shoot back shooting back will gain you nothing or it will cause you to have a suspension 
  • never block the retreating path of a friendly tank or push them of because they got there first. That is an A hole move which can happen to you and how would you feel then.
  • There is a fancy thing that could boost your game play there is a thing called a mini map on the bottom right of the screen you can increase the size of by using the +/= key on the keyboard.
  • use your 3rd person view to look around you.
  • Try to not hit a tree or a destructible objects like houses, fences , etc. Some people have mods to see where an object is destroyed on the map. This mods are ILLEGAL and don't join them because if you are caught it can cause a suspension of the account or permanent ban. If you use this mods your destroying the competitiveness of the game. 

dance210 #26 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:45

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View PostTitaniumKnees, on Aug 15 2016 - 13:40, said:

I agree with you on that, why different prize for Quebec???? just curious


Quebec has very specific rules that won't allow us to send physical prizing to players residing there.

Limerick1 #27 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:49


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Whats A Stronghold?


    Strongholds is a minigame type gamemode, using a base building mechanic to provide your clan with rewards such as exp. Boosts, credit boosts, and crew exp. Boosts. Aside from the base building side of strongholds there is also the tanking aspect. In tier six stronghold battles, (what i'll be focusing on in this article), It is 7v7 using tier six tanks. In these battles, both teams battle for industrial resource, a currency which is exclusive to strongholds, which is used to build up your stronghold.


    In this article i will be exploring tier six strongholds, and the best tanks to use from my experience playing with my clan.


The Tanks

My clan has found a lot of success with a seven man line up using:

2x Jackson (Tank destroyer)

1x M4A3E8 (Medium Tank)

1x Cromwell (Medium Tank)

2x Cromwell B (Premium Medium Tank)

1x Skoda T40 (Premium Medium Tank)


This line up uses a very versatile strategy, It is great at defense but also has the speed to rush the enemy


More Tanks


Some more tanks you may find usable for Strongholds

Rating 1-3

3- very good

2- okay

1- not prefered


Cromwell 3

Cromwell B 3

Type 64 3

Fv304 1

Kv2 2

M6 2

Kv85 2

Kv1s 2

T150 2

M4A3E8 2

A43 1

T37 3

M18 Hellcat 2

Jackson 2


Final Thoughts

Tier 6 strongholds is often neglected but is very fun for smaller clans starting out. Stick together and have fun.


Fulcrous #28 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:49


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Oh boy and here I was needing a new laptop for 3rd year post-secondary.


First time video-editting... let's see how this does!.

Future vids/guides will actually have transitions rather than pausing with new scenes.

That and record properly as my voice cut out in the first clip ;_;


AlliedTank102th #29 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 21:50


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Spirtwalker #30 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 22:04


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bladedivic #31 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 22:24


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A Tankers Guide to the Universe

Where to Start

As we begin this long and treacherous journey keep in mind your end goal of World of Tanks.  Let us start where you want this journey to end.  Do you want to play high tier clan wars?  Do you just want to be a social gamer.  If you wish to be a competitive high tier clan wars player you must first know the tanks required to play in tier 8 or 10.  There are tons and tons of information out there about which tanks to play.  What's hot right now is the E5, IS7, pretty much any Russian tier 10 med, US and UK arty and depending on strategy a T57 or AMX 50B.  Tier 8's are as followed IS-3, T-32, T-54LWT, RU251, and AMX 50 100.  Now this does not mean you can't take other tanks into tier 10 or 8 clan wars these are just preferred.  Now that we've cover the tanks let's cover how you want to play.  When deciding what tank to work towards let's take a step back and see what you like to play.  Not everyone is a heavy tank player likewise not everyone likes artillery, let's face it no one likes arty.  My suggestion to you would be to try out different tanks to around tier 6 or 7, this will give you a general feel for the line and what you enjoy to play.


What's Next?

Now that you have your clan tanks lets talk game play.   As you may have learned by now random battle can be crazy and seem to have no sense of direction, this is where tournaments, clan wars and skirmishes come into play.  These game mods provide a more competitive style to World of Tanks, where one mistake can make or break a game.  There are tons and tons of clans out there and where do you pick the right one?  My suggestion would be pick a clan that fits what you want from tanks, some are super competitive and some are more casual clans.  Pick a clan that is around your skill level as well, see XVM data and clan requirements to join, you can always move to a different clan if you want.  If you are new to clan wars scene try and find a good tier 6 clan, these clans usually are always looking for members and this is where you'll cut your teeth on how following a caller is important.  


Found My Clan

I started out in a social clan that was never really active and I felt like I wanted more from the game.  I move and landed in an active tier 6 clan.  This is where I learned the fundamentals of clan wars.  Starting out with no prior training it was a complete change in how I thought the game worked.  If you learn nothing more from a tier 6 clan take this,  ALWAYS FOLLOW THE CALL.  What I mean by this is that regardless of if you think the call is right or wrong, or you think the caller is full of it, follow it.  This is the only way to see if the caller has made a mistake in his call or not.  If he's a good caller he'll own up to his mistake, if he does not it may be time to find another clan, because no one likes to lose.  Its the caller's job the guide the team on where he thinks they should go, but not micro manage every tanker.  You should bring some sort of decision making skills to the game like where to position to not get hit after a caller told you to go somewhere.  The next skill that is always necessary is to focus fire, the fastest way to remove a gun from a game.  Always focus dangerous/ low heath targets out first, this will swing the odds in your teams favor.  


What's Next

Now that you've played games in clan wars and you have a grasp of it, learned from callers, the good and bad, take a shot at calling.  I would suggest waiting until you feel comfortable with your players and tanks to move to this step.  Try and soak up information from past trials and errors and don't be afraid to say " I screwed up".  Being a caller can be one of the most fulfilling parts of WOT.  Your decisions can lead to wins for your clan, but when it goes wrong learn from your mistakes and take that information forward.  The main goal to many strategies is to deny map or area to your opponent and taking advantages of mismatches on the field.  Don't be afraid to try new things.


What Did We Learn

Competitive play can be stressful at times, it can have its ups and downs, but ultimately its up to you what you want to with WOT.  Not everyone wants to do competitive play with WOT, and its not for everyone.  Be open to new ideas and a new play style when you join a clan.  I'd must rather have a tomato whose willing to learn than a blue who knows everything about pubs.  Go out and try tournys and clan wars, you never know you just might find a new way to play World of Tanks.

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Remember how i won 2nd place in my previous guide? Heh, LETS GOOOOOOOOO

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​E sports, Tournaments, and Strongholds


First of all, E-sports is only really for the top notch really competitive players.

There are currently 2 leagues, one is Silver one is Gold. Anyone can join silver league, but in order to win you have to be really good at it, and if you win that you can move onto gold league where you can get sponsored and win some money, and even go the the WGA Finals. I'd say Silver league takes about 4+ hours everyday, while Gold league will take even longer.

The reason why it takes so many hours just in silver league is because most of that time is practicing your strats and making sure the team can react correctly without the caller needing 

to tell anybody.

Whats a caller?

A caller is the person in charge of the battle/team and calling(Hence the name caller) out the targets the need focusing down the targets, etc.

How do i call correctly?

It takes lots of experince and battles calling to know where is best for the team, what targets to take down and how to react to situations. The caller also needs to know what tanks to bring.

Below is a list of all the Meta tanks for Strongholds, Clan Wars and Leagues. (Going from Tier 10 down)

  1. Heavies: E 100, IS7, AMX 50B, T57
  2. Mediums: Obj. 140, B-C 25t, TVP 50/51T-62AObj. 430, STB-1, AMX-30B, Leopard 1
  3. Tank Destroyers: T110E3Obj. 263, FV215B 183, Obj. 268, Grille 15,
  4. Artillery: Conqueror GCGW E100, M53/55

META List Tier 8 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: T32IS3, 110, IS-5, KV-4
  2. Mediums: PershingObj. 416T69
  3. Tank Destroyers: Rhm-B WT, Jpanther II Ferdinand, Charioteer
  4. Light tanks: T-54 LightWeight, WZ 132M41 90, RU-251

META List Tier 6 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: M6T-150, Arl-44
  2. Mediums: CromwellCromwell B, T-34-85, Skoda T-25
  3. Tank Destroyers: Hellcat, SU-100
  4. Light tanks:T37type 64, 59-16
  5. Arty:  M44, FV304

Clan Wars 

The only difference (Well several differences) and clan wars is:

1. Clan Wars is a lot less competitive down at Tier 6, and sometimes 8 meaning your clan can grab some land for gold!

2. As i mentioned above, the gold aspect allows you to (After 5 battles or less) claim land and start getting gold out of it. The gold you get from it can be given out to the members of the clan and they can do whatever they want with it.

3. It is much easier to win prizes in clan wars. There are 2 things that can happen on pieces of land. The most common way is that one Clan holds the land, and then other clans can Land/deploy a team to take that land. If other clans do the same thing to the piece of land in the same turn, the clans that landed will duke it out and the winner will face the current land owner. The other way to get the land is when a piece of land is Auctioned, which usally happens when the owner of the land vacates it. Usually they call it a tactical redeployment.


Strongholds is an easy way to get credit/free xp/Crew XP/XP/and other things for your clan. You do this by playing in Strong Holds for industrial resources. You use those to buy the boosters, and also upgrade them by upgrading your buildings that they provide the boosters. For example, the building " Financial Unit" Gives out the booster "Battle Payments," which gives out a credit booster. By upgrading the building you are upgrading the booster.


These are your show-up win types. There are usually 2 types of Tournaments. One is a team based, and the other is a 1v1.

The team based can varry sizes, anywhere between 7v7 or 4v4 or even 3v3.

These are a lot of fun and you can get prizes out of them! 

How to execute/get good at SH & CW 

First you are going to need a couple of things.

TeamSpeak – all players will need to log in to TeamSpeak to complete training.  It’s a requirement for most clans and needs to be handled accordingly.  All members will need to show they can:

1)      Switch rooms

2)      Create sub rooms

3)      Mute their mics

4)      Lower/raise speaker volumes

5)      Find links/schedules/chain of command in TS info (quiz trainees on 3-4 items in the TS info website link, clan schedule, chain of command)



Training Room:  As soon as the basics for TeamSpeak are covered, the trainer will create a training room (4 people minimum).  Trainer and trainee(s) on one side, and a single volunteer on the other.  Where these minimum requirements will be covered:

1)      In-game chat (team and all chat)

2)      Following orders to drive to a certain position

3)      Understanding the need for immediate response to the CBTO

4)      Reload/Affirmative/Negative/Targeting keys in-game to limit chatter.

5)      Following various in-game commands (shooting, scouting, tracking, etc… )

6)      Remember - You may be used as bait or even left alone – it’s about the team victory - not the solitary tanker.



While in the training room – the following terms will be discussed to ensure understanding.

1)      Focus Fire - This means to target the indicated tank (either by hit point number or tank name or player name), firing only at that tank whenever possible, and where to shoot if the primary target is obstructed.

2)      Push – ALL ordered tanks drive immediately to where ordered to push to.  This does NOT mean stop and shoot – it means shot on the move.

3)      Cap holder – the first tank on the cap holds the ‘cap points’.  This tank is the key.  Know which tank holds the cap points to either shield when capping or targeting for reset.  These seconds are crucial.


This is MY go at making a Guide on these. If i make a part confusing, or not understandable, please quote this-

Polarbear28 You need to fix this

And explain what part and why it was confusing/not understandable so i can fix it ASAP.



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View Postdance210, on Aug 15 2016 - 15:45, said:


Quebec has very specific rules that won't allow us to send physical prizing to players residing there.


To be fair, it's not that you can't do it. It's only more complicated and generally don't worth the extra efforts for such a smaller amount of potential participants.

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reserved for video 

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View PostSapFireMC, on Aug 15 2016 - 15:35, said:

Remember how i won 2nd place in my previous guide? Heh, LETS GOOOOOOOOO


You really did?

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View PostTheMightyPringles, on Aug 15 2016 - 23:04, said:


You really did?


Yeah, the Type 59 guide contest. Anyways, I dont feel like making a huge guide like last one. I dont know enough about this.

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