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Broncos58_ #41 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 23:48


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I wont get the type 59 I aint good enough


_73RD_Easting2NDACAV #42 Posted Aug 15 2016 - 23:52


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Sorry my guide would not win since it would point out all the bad things about MM Rigged Number Generator and all the cool uber hack/mods you could get to look like you have that one thing no longer needed in WOT SKILLS.

and I know must of you think it takes skills now but it don't take any skills.

And I also know that forums is ran by WG sheep so have at it.

killer1074 #43 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 00:05


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Devin09 #44 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 00:23


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Clan Wars Guide:


In this guide I shall go over certain strategies that work best for both individual battles and also what provinces would be best to attack on the global map.


Playing the Global Map:


Believe it or not, there are strategies involved with what provinces you should attack on the global map.  First off, you must choose what province you want to land at.  They may all seem like the same place, but there are some things to consider.  When you choose a landing province, it is important to choose one that is touching as few territories as possible.  This way, if you do succeed in taking that province, there would be a limited number of places for enemy clans to attack you, and as we know from both world wars, it is vital to have as few fronts open as possible.  Ok, so now you have a foothold on the global map.  Now what?  Before you go charging blitzkrieg style into the center of the map, it is important to protect your landing province.  Now of course it may take a few days to do so, but your main goal at this point should be to surround your landing province. When deciding what province you want to attack next, also look at the clans that both occupy that province (if occupied) and the clans that surround it.  Believe it or not, it is probably better to attack a province surrounded with a larger variety of clans surrounding it.  Imagine you made it to the point where you occupy say six provinces all touching each other forming what looks like a circle.  If someone attacked one of your provinces breaking up your 'circle' you would logically want to regain that province to preserve your 'circle' of provinces.  Now if you were to attack an area clustered with other clans people would less likely target you.  However this does not mean you won't be attacked, what it does do is it does not make you stick out so to speak.


Fighting the Battles:


There are many strategies you can use to fight in clan wars mostly depending on what map you play.  In this guide I will share strategies that have worked best from my personal experience.  In both clan wars and strongholds it is typical to see two kinds of team layouts.  One composing of mediums and lights and sometimes a few heavies.  Another common team layout is a mostly heavy and medium layout revolving around high alpha damage tanks.  Each one of these team layouts have there own ways of using them as efficiently as possible.  When you play using a fast-moving team, it is best to travel in packs.  You always want to have at least two separate forces both able to support each other.  If one group spots another group of enemy vehicles, the other one can flank from the side or the back surprising the enemy.  Typically, clans will not send all of there tanks in one group so it is important to not have your two forces spread to far out.  If you had each force on opposite sides of the map, not only would it take longer to be able to support the other group, but it creates a larger possibility that you will run into another enemy force while traveling, leaving your two forces so that they cannot support each other.  Now let's say you decide to use a heavy based team.  First try to have at least one light tank in your team to spot.  When you play heavies it is most likely the best to play defensive.  If you send your heavies out into the middle of the battlefield, you run the risk of them getting swarmed by the enemy team if they were to have fast-moving tanks.  When you play defensive, you can set up your tanks on an easily defendable area on the map and have your faster moving tanks scout while you provide covering fire.  Of course these are only a few strategies you could use of the almost endless ammount of strategies you could use.  Hope if you are reading this it proves useful to you and happy tanking! 



Note to judges:

if you decide to grace me with a prize other that first place I would prefer an in-game prize of equal value if possible, thank you. 


_73RD_Easting2NDACAV #45 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 00:27


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Believe it or not hacks beat all training in a game of over hacked/uber moded/warpacking don't matte any more.

Wammm1 #46 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 00:34


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Strongholds are a game mode that World of Tanks introduced back in 9.2! This was good for the game for a number of reasons:

  • You get to have more of an organized battle
  • Interact with your Clan Mates 
  • Show off your skills
  • Have Fun
  • Win More Often (Saying that your clan communicates well)

But there is one really good reason to play strongholds! You are able to practice and prepare you clan for Clan Wars! The Stronghold setup is directly related to Clan Wars. Both of these game modes are fought in the same format:

  • Tier 6 Battles are fought 7v7
  • Tier 8 battles are fought 10v10
  • Tier 10 Battles are fought 15v15​


There are  a lot of Metas (a popular strategy that everyone uses) on what types of tanks to use for specific tiers! Let me tell my idea on what types of tanks to use for each tier!

  • Tier 6- Light Tanks and Medium Tanks with good view range! Lets say you come onto a map such as Lakeville and your team has 4 T37s and 3 Cromwells whereas the enemy team is full of OIs' and Kv2s! Both of these tanks have the posibility to kill you with a single shell, while the t37s and crommies are going to take 6-8 shots to kill these tanks. If you are able to out view range these tanks (which is very easy to do) you are going to win the game! 
  • Tier 8- A good setup for tier 8 is A little bit of everything!  A decent strat to use is two T32s, two AMX 50 100s, 3 light tanks (your pref), and 3 IS3s. The two t32s are able to go hull down on almost any map in order to  defend the base! The 3 light tanks can spot nearly every flank in order to get information to as where the enemy is going! The Is3s are able to push with the 50 100s down any flanks after grouping up with the others!
  • Tier 10- Tier 10 is one of the most complex tiers  to have strategies on because it is 15vs15! You can have sooo many different setups that can complement eachother in its very own way! You can have a lot of T110E5s to be a heavy mediumish tank or you can go mediums to wolf pack! It is up to you!



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The_Ghghp #47 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 00:49

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Say someone wins a 2nd place prize for writing and is eligible to win an ASUS graphics card but would prefer to receive the gold, IS-6, and premium time instead. Is that possible?

misterbagel #48 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 01:00


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Why does Quebec have different prize(s) from everyone else in El Norte? Is there a special rule? Just asking.

MohandarXD #49 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 01:19


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Jipner16 #50 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 01:36


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Does my file have to be uploaded to youtube?  I don't think I will have time to upload before the deadline so I am uploading to google drive and then making a link to it.  I apologize.  Very new to video editing and uploading.  This is a beginners guide to calling in the Stronghold format. My whole video wasn't going to make it so I had to shorten it by 13 mins. :(  Here it is: https://1drv.ms/v/s!...Vqr1eNOb3JFsvUg


Here is the full version if it uploads in time:https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be

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FruitLessShip #51 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 01:42


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Reserved you plebs

MRMAN58 #52 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 01:50


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newtralizer1 #53 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:00


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                               What Tanks To Choose At Tier 5?

                               1. before researching tanks first read reviews online. and choose what type TD, HT, MT, LT or SPG/
                               2.when you find a type of tank you like choose A nation then.
                               3. Then you get it, lets say Pz. IV H.
                               4.then you choose what equipment / consumables / perks you want to give your tank.
                               5. congratulations you can know enter battle :) good luck out there.

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Sasquatch16 #54 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:07

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View PostPolarbear28, on Aug 15 2016 - 22:45, said:

​E sports, Tournaments, and Strongholds


First of all, E-sports is only really for the top notch really competitive players.

There are currently 2 leagues, one is Silver one is Gold. Anyone can join silver league, but in order to win you have to be really good at it, and if you win that you can move onto gold league where you can get sponsored and win some money, and even go the the WGA Finals. I'd say Silver league takes about 4+ hours everyday, while Gold league will take even longer.

The reason why it takes so many hours just in silver league is because most of that time is practicing your strats and making sure the team can react correctly without the caller needing 

to tell anybody.

Whats a caller?

A caller is the person in charge of the battle/team and calling(Hence the name caller) out the targets the need focusing down the targets, etc.

How do i call correctly?

It takes lots of experince and battles calling to know where is best for the team, what targets to take down and how to react to situations. The caller also needs to know what tanks to bring.

Below is a list of all the Meta tanks for Strongholds, Clan Wars and Leagues. (Going from Tier 10 down)

  1. Heavies: E 100, IS7, AMX 50B, T57
  2. Mediums: Obj. 140, B-C 25t, TVP 50/51T-62AObj. 430, STB-1, AMX-30B, Leopard 1
  3. Tank Destroyers: T110E3Obj. 263, FV215B 183, Obj. 268, Grille 15,
  4. Artillery: Conqueror GCGW E100, M53/55

META List Tier 8 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: T32IS3, 110, IS-5, KV-4
  2. Mediums: PershingObj. 416T69
  3. Tank Destroyers: Rhm-B WT, Jpanther II Ferdinand, Charioteer
  4. Light tanks: T-54 LightWeight, WZ 132M41 90, RU-251

META List Tier 6 Bolded is for Priority tanks needed

  1. Heavies: M6T-150, Arl-44
  2. Mediums: CromwellCromwell B, T-34-85, Skoda T-25
  3. Tank Destroyers: Hellcat, SU-100
  4. Light tanks:T37type 64, 59-16
  5. Arty:  M44, FV304

Clan Wars 

The only difference (Well several differences) and clan wars is:

1. Clan Wars is a lot less competitive down at Tier 6, and sometimes 8 meaning your clan can grab some land for gold!

2. As i mentioned above, the gold aspect allows you to (After 5 battles or less) claim land and start getting gold out of it. The gold you get from it can be given out to the members of the clan and they can do whatever they want with it.

3. It is much easier to win prizes in clan wars. There are 2 things that can happen on pieces of land. The most common way is that one Clan holds the land, and then other clans can Land/deploy a team to take that land. If other clans do the same thing to the piece of land in the same turn, the clans that landed will duke it out and the winner will face the current land owner. The other way to get the land is when a piece of land is Auctioned, which usally happens when the owner of the land vacates it. Usually they call it a tactical redeployment.


Strongholds is an easy way to get credit/free xp/Crew XP/XP/and other things for your clan. You do this by playing in Strong Holds for industrial resources. You use those to buy the boosters, and also upgrade them by upgrading your buildings that they provide the boosters. For example, the building " Financial Unit" Gives out the booster "Battle Payments," which gives out a credit booster. By upgrading the building you are upgrading the booster.


These are your show-up win types. There are usually 2 types of Tournaments. One is a team based, and the other is a 1v1.

The team based can varry sizes, anywhere between 7v7 or 4v4 or even 3v3.

These are a lot of fun and you can get prizes out of them! 

How to execute/get good at SH & CW 

First you are going to need a couple of things.

TeamSpeak – all players will need to log in to TeamSpeak to complete training.  It’s a requirement for most clans and needs to be handled accordingly.  All members will need to show they can:

1)      Switch rooms

2)      Create sub rooms

3)      Mute their mics

4)      Lower/raise speaker volumes

5)      Find links/schedules/chain of command in TS info (quiz trainees on 3-4 items in the TS info website link, clan schedule, chain of command)



Training Room:  As soon as the basics for TeamSpeak are covered, the trainer will create a training room (4 people minimum).  Trainer and trainee(s) on one side, and a single volunteer on the other.  Where these minimum requirements will be covered:

1)      In-game chat (team and all chat)

2)      Following orders to drive to a certain position

3)      Understanding the need for immediate response to the CBTO

4)      Reload/Affirmative/Negative/Targeting keys in-game to limit chatter.

5)      Following various in-game commands (shooting, scouting, tracking, etc… )

6)      Remember - You may be used as bait or even left alone – it’s about the team victory - not the solitary tanker.



While in the training room – the following terms will be discussed to ensure understanding.

1)      Focus Fire - This means to target the indicated tank (either by hit point number or tank name or player name), firing only at that tank whenever possible, and where to shoot if the primary target is obstructed.

2)      Push – ALL ordered tanks drive immediately to where ordered to push to.  This does NOT mean stop and shoot – it means shot on the move.

3)      Cap holder – the first tank on the cap holds the ‘cap points’.  This tank is the key.  Know which tank holds the cap points to either shield when capping or targeting for reset.  These seconds are crucial.


This is MY go at making a Guide on these. If i make a part confusing, or not understandable, please quote this-

Polarbear28 You need to fix this

And explain what part and why it was confusing/not understandable so i can fix it ASAP.



Thanks for plagiarizing man 

cool22hero #55 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:08


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MinkeWhale #56 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:27


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Sarcastic 5 step guide becoming "purple," joining an elite clan, and being super awesome at life (in arcade tanks):



  • Step 1: Play several thousand battles. Don't buy any tanks with real money yet. This is key. Play all the rentals you want. Actually improve. Pay attention to how and why you and everyone else is killed. You have to get these yucky learning stats out of the way. Once your "recent" stats are looking dark blue, proceed to step 2.(Save this account for trolling the forums)
  • Step 2: Create a new account. Buy a Cromwell b and premium time. Load gold ammo. Equip vents, rammer, and optics. Platoon with Cromwell friends and farm Win8 and win rate. This can also be done on the cheap in the T67, T34, or other powerful mid tier tanks, whatever you excelled with in step one. It's important not to think of the enjoyment of the seals you are clubbing.
  • Step 3: Options here: Free XP your way to the other tier 6 overpowered tanks, or go ahead and play out the lowest tier tanks, as seals have no chance against players of your skill. Avoid bad stock grinds.
  • Step 4: Post your new purple sig in the clan recruitment page. Pick the clan with the most active purple guys. Strongholds for sweet money and free xp past all stock grinds.
  • Step 5: Enjoy the ups (My stats are purple, could I be a twitch star?) and downs (Arty focus and lemmings following you around like lost puppies) of being deep purple.

I am still only midway through step 1, but I already screwed up and bought tanks, so I guess I'm stuck. Oh and F Cromwells ;)

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SkimpyLawnChair #57 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:48


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My guide:


Don't be bad at the game, let your teammates take hits for you, and make your shots count.

sahmlockhart #58 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:49

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Edit: (9/2/2016 10:03 ET)

Powerpoint Guide:



Edit: (9/2/2016 10:19 ET)


Youtube video:



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NoReasonNoProblem #59 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 02:55

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Reserved :^)

FeelMyPotato #60 Posted Aug 16 2016 - 03:13


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