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8.27.16 Heavy 1v1 Throwdown

1v1 Tier V Heavy tanks ONLY Mittengard

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dance210 #1 Posted Aug 18 2016 - 17:44


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It's time for the Heavy Throwdown! This weekend, grab your favorite tier V heavy tank and head to the battlefield! Players will face off in an epic 1v1 clash on Mittengard for gold and glory!! This weekend, players can rent the Churchill III with it's low damage, fast firing gun!



Joining a tournament and earning a prize is easier than ever! In the Heavy Throwdown, single-player teams are split into groups, with each group having no more than 10 teams. Facing all other teams in their group, the best tier V heavy tank commander will earn the 1st place prize - a cool 500 gold! If you're not at the top of the pack, don't worry, players will earn gold all the way to 7th place!


Stop by, sign up and join the competition!


Tournament Information

  • Team size: 1
  • Map: Mittengard
  • Max tier allowed: 5
  • ONLY heavy tanks allowed


Looking for even more of a challenge? Check out our the Platournaments on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday featuring tier VII tanks - you can sign up as a complete team or sign up individually! If you sign up as a solo player you will be assigned to a team. Our eSports calendar also has all our upcoming tournaments - take a look and find the right fit for you!



Run into a player that brought something other than a heavy tank? Send in a dispute immediately after the tournament ends and we will adjust the scores. Please note, you must include all of the requested information when you submit your dispute!


Dispute Process




  • A player will only receive a prize if they won at least one battle during the tournament.
  • Prizes are awarded to players as quickly as possible.
  • It can take up to 7 days after the tournament has concluded before players are credited with their prize.
  • If it has been more than seven days OR if there is a problem with the prize, please contact tournaments@wargamingamerica.com.

moogleslam #2 Posted Aug 27 2016 - 21:02


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Tournament started 2 minutes ago, but I haven't had in game notification yet.  Same for anyone else?


EDIT: Just got notification at 10 minutes past the hour.

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Hans_von_Twitchy #3 Posted Aug 28 2016 - 00:06


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There's something wrong with your tournament page's date/time converter. It informed me that the Tier V throwdown would begin on 28/8/16 at noon (in my local time, New Zealand). I logged on an hour before that time, only to find that the trny had finished.


By way of contrast, the 1 vs 1 Tier I trny was scheduled exactly two days earlier, i.e. 26/8/16 at noon. That one did start at that time. Thus, I had no reason to doubt the noon start for the Tier V Hvy trny.


moogleslam #4 Posted Aug 31 2016 - 16:48


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Spoiler:  The best tank for this wasn't the KV-1, or the KV-1S, or the OI-Exp.... :)

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