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Game Lag Fix

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Oklahoma #1 Posted Jul 30 2011 - 16:41


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I have not played for that long however a new comer should know the simple LAGGING fixes that highly improves your game play experience and out flank other players that just dont know (as was in my case).

If you notice while in game there is some numbers top left the far left is your:
fps[frames per second], this is how many frames per second the game loads or moves, iam sure there's a more technical term, but for now lets keep it simple.

my fps was running anywhere from 2-4 this is bad.
we need to improve game performance, we look to raise the fps.

simple steps:
play game on lowest screen resolution on your pc
lower the graphic settings in the options menu in garage.

there you have it I am running from 8-23 fps.

WOW what a difference in game play.

there is other tweaks that you can go into the game folder in your pc, however I have not made it that far.(be extremely careful though), it can ruin the program.(requiring reload)of entire game, a back of file is recommended, if you go this far.

Raising the fps gives you an advantage over the more laggy players.

IMPORTANT: I must wonder weather the lagging players effect the entire board, with that noted a simple banner on the start menu would be nice. maybe an effect like : [PLAY GAME ON LOWEST PC RESOLUTION FOR BEST PERFORMANCE] dnk we will see

another quick fps fix: the closer you zoom your scope the higher the fps and thats what we want.

At this point I request anyone to post there fps raising knowledge.

See Ya on the F :Smile-izmena::Smile-izmena:  ront

Appl3 #2 Posted Jul 30 2011 - 16:52

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Lowering your settings is generally an obvious fix that most people have already done by the time they come to the forums. Just saying.

Also to answer "I must wonder weather the lagging players effect the entire board" and so on, no. Players with framerate lag only affect themselves, not the server.

MrTabs #3 Posted Jul 30 2011 - 23:12

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Given the questions some people post on this forum, this is sadly not an obvious fix for some.

Westwooda #4 Posted Aug 01 2011 - 04:50


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Keep Draw Distance at the highest so you aren't at a disadvantage, go crazy on the rest.
Make sure to backup your folders and pref file when you're editing your fps up.

Hirumaru #5 Posted Aug 01 2011 - 15:34


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There is a guide to boosting your performance on low spec systems in the Game Guides and Tutorials section.

(click here)

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