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at the start of the game. there are shield like things next to the name

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blautiger #1 Posted Jul 31 2011 - 06:32


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at the start of the game there are shield like things next to the name.  What are they?  It looks like there are "ranks" or ratings.  But what do they mean?  thanks

Caladan #2 Posted Jul 31 2011 - 06:34


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The shields indicate platoons.Groups of three players can form platoons and sometimes you have more than one platoon on a given team.Hence the numbering.

FluffytheDestroyer #3 Posted Jul 31 2011 - 19:34


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You can join a company or platoon by pressing the companies button at the bottom left of the main screen when you're outside a battle. Warning though, random platoons and companies typically are only looking for higher tier players. If you're low tier you'll have a hard time finding someone to company or platoon with you.

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