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Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback

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peterxx95 #21 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 13:34


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i have this problem with the game: I press button battle- game is loading, loaded. Battle begins and i drive a few metres and the game is closing. I try to log in again. So i am at the battle again and ahain the game is shutting down after few seconds in battle.

http://prntscr.com/ewds5e -Few seconds, then wot closed by itself.

Here is even replay: https://uloz.to/!eDREGMttEXir/temp-rar 

I cant play  the game because the game is crsahing again and again after i enter the battle. Hope you will resolve this problem.. I want to play :)

Titan421 #22 Posted Apr 22 2017 - 23:32


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My launcher can't seem to update WoT to the newest 9.18 patch. I've tried everything but it still won't work. Please help.

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