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New 970 now to upgrade monitor

widescreens in world of tanks

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KILLER_TAWmato2 #1 Posted Sep 09 2016 - 09:04


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I had a stock 7970 pushing a QNIX 27" 2560X1440  monitor factory set 60hz 50-70 fps  -got a watercooled 970 that took it to 90-115 fps so I overclocked monitor to 109fps looks good and everything is running cool (crashing/locking is GONE) SO I saw a review for 34in lg (34uc87-c $517 shipped used from Amazon) a few questions--1.can WoT handle wide screen 34in monitors 2. does anyone use that specific monitor on here and last do you think a 970 maxed out via overclocking can do 60 fps with some graphics stuff set to high rather than max or ultra. NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING RELATED TO 1080p or a different card as I have only had this a week or so -thanks

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