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9.24.16 Heavy 1v1 Throwdown!

Heavy tanks 1v1 Mittengard

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dance210 #1 Posted Sep 16 2016 - 23:19

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It's time for the Heavy Throwdown! This weekend, grab your favorite tier VIII heavy tank and head to the battlefield! Players will face off in an epic 1v1 clash on Mittengard for gold and glory!! This weekend, players can rent the WZ-111!



Joining a tournament and earning a prize is easier than ever! In the Heavy Throwdown, single-player teams are split into groups, with each group having no more than 10 teams. Facing all other teams in their group, the best tier VIII heavy tank commander will earn the 1st place prize - a cool 500 gold! If you're not at the top of the pack, don't worry, players will earn gold all the way to 7th place!


Stop by, sign up and join the competition!


Tournament Information

  • Team size: 1
  • Map: Mittengard
  • Max tier allowed: 8
  • ONLY heavy tanks allowed


Looking for even more of a challenge? Check out our the Platournaments on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday featuring tier IV tanks - you can sign up as a complete team or sign up individually! If you sign up as a solo player you will be assigned to a team. Our eSports calendar also has all our upcoming tournaments - take a look and find the right fit for you!



Run into a player that brought something other than a heavy tank? Send in a dispute immediately after the tournament ends and we will adjust the scores. Please note, you must include all of the requested information when you submit your dispute!


Dispute Process




  • A player will only receive a prize if they won at least one battle during the tournament.
  • Prizes are awarded to players as quickly as possible.
  • It can take up to 7 days after the tournament has concluded before players are credited with their prize.
  • If it has been more than seven days OR if there is a problem with the prize, please contact tournaments@wargamingamerica.com.

madogthefirst #2 Posted Sep 16 2016 - 23:51


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I'm putting money on the Bias-3A being a favorite for this tourney.

SRB_Red_Bandit #3 Posted Sep 22 2016 - 19:26

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I signed up, only have a kv4 and amx 50 100. No point re buying an is3, tiger 2 or t32 for this tournament when I think I will miss a few games due to work 

Bajicoy #4 Posted Sep 23 2016 - 19:19


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What's the best tier 8 heavy tank counter for an IS-3 in 1v1 on mittenguard? Assuming the IS-3 is a gold spamming try hard.

-This is a worst case estimation of every heavy tank that might face an IS-3, the victory rating is supposed to be low as I am assuming RNGesus will mess you up like his personal play thing while you fight the meta of IS-3 spam.


Non-Premium Heavies

-KV-4 or O-HO(no derp): 25-35% victory chance

if they can side scrape an IS-3 which isn't too hard to do. Unfortunately these tanks can be face hugged rather easily and their turrets are buttered by gold rounds. There are also a lot of places an IS-3 can go hull down or simply out maneuver these tanks in mittenguard that I think it will take someone really skilled to not break their keyboard when they're set on fire twice.

-110: 30-40% victory chance

Relies on getting up front about 6 meters away from an IS-3 and dpm him with gold while soaking up each 390 gold hit in return. Unfortunatly, this is very risky as the IS-3 could easily face hug you and make your time of snipping with Chinese accuracy into his weak spots a nightmare.

-T32: 27-37% victory chance

You can match an IS-3 hulldown and your low pen doesn't matter much while firing gold, good aim time and marginally better dpm than an IS-3 but it is very easy to be out traded by the IS-3's alpha.

-AMX 50 100: 20-40% victory chance

This could work out really well for you or really poorly, I only recommend this if you love playing your 50 100 in pubs as it will take a lot of skill not to miss too many of your shots and still survive a 45 sec reload in between running like you're being chased by the slasher. Do not expect to clip an IS-3 unless he's afk as chances are you'll miss one shot and low ball the remaining 5 shots and leave him on 1% of his 1500 health.

-VK 45.02 A or Tiger II 23-33% victory chance

Essentially the same tank although you have a better chance of out maneuvering an IS-3 in a VK 45.02 A while bouncing shots in the Tiger II but their turrets of 185mm of armor are buttered by 265 pen if not auto penned in their turret roof and their hulls really can't survive 265 pen reliably either unless the IS-3 is dead set on shooting you while you side scrape. You do have the advantage of dpm and accuracy but you'd only really be driving this tank if you don't have a T32 or 110. These tanks could work but it takes luck and that's not what the pros rely on. 

-Caernarvon 10-20% victory chance

No hills on mitten guard and the turret is really only reliable against 232 pen on a good day, not 265 pen. This is one of the few tier 8 tanks that can be both out alpha'd and out dpm'd by an IS-3, bring it if you don't have anything else, I'm sure you'll win a couple matches to a technical victory.


Premium Heavies

-WZ-111 or 112 10-30% Victory Chance

Rich Hipster kids that didn't realize IS-3's eat heat rounds for breakfast, they are however rich enough to bribe wargaming for gold since buying gold in the in-game store is too main stream.

-FCM 50t - 23-33% Victory Chance

You can't circle strafe an IS-3 but you can do peeka boom tactics or just raw dpm him, only thing is that if you miss or bounce two shots you may as well give up. IS-3 also has stupid gun handling so expect to be snap shotted several times in your giant french hull when you think you're being cheeky.

-T34 - 20-30% Victory Chance

Gets overmatched in the turret roof and 10 more alpha is not worth the loss of 150+ dpm against an IS-3, just drive a T32 and earn back the cash with your T34 later.

-IS-3A or IS-3 w/ 122 mm D-25T or IS-5 or IS-6 40-50% Victory Chance

Attack of the clones, spam gold and pray your gun doesn't miss as you laugh and dpm the enemy IS-3, the IS-5 has the best accuracy but worst dpm from this bunch though. Do not count too much on your armor but the occasional rush of Vodka will occur to the enemy IS-3 and you will get a bounce. If you are dumb enough to trade in your fire extinguisher for food, their's a special toasty hell waiting just for you.

-Lowe 100% Victory Chance

Best tank in the game, all of your battles will be technical victories because the burning soul of Hitler has risen from hell to ensure your overwhelming victory.



Let me know if I missed anything like a clan reward Russian tank that is like a mobile KV-4 or the mutant and I'll show you how many [edited]I give, if you have these tanks and are dead set on using them, nothing i'm going to say is gonna stop you.

Edited by Bajicoy, Sep 23 2016 - 19:33.

ExploratorOne #5 Posted Sep 24 2016 - 21:32

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Getting murdered as an inexperienced (incompetent) IS-3 driver...

ExploratorOne #6 Posted Sep 24 2016 - 22:02

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I feel a little bit better.  Actually won a battle (against someone with my XVM range) - luckily reviewed IS-3 weak spots before the battle - and then encountered our TV's.  So, no zero wins against humans this time...

SRB_Red_Bandit #7 Posted Sep 25 2016 - 00:05

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Came in 4th with my kv4. First game first loss the guy set me on fire twice with his is3. Guy who won had a 6200 personal rating. Ughhh. Oh well im happy. I play for free and only have 6 gold left and I never play on mittengard so i had no idea where the strong spots are.  3 no shows. Easy 150 gold :) thank you WG

Under_scored #8 Posted Sep 25 2016 - 09:03

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Of the 9 teams I fought:


5 brought IS-3s

2 didn't show up

1 brought a T32

1 brought a T29 and afked


I brought an IS-3 and won 7 of 9. I lost to an IS-3 and to the T32, who scraped by with 46 hp and only won one other battle. I think there's a little bit of bias here, but I'm not seeing it...

TankFullOfBourbon #9 Posted Sep 25 2016 - 09:20


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I was expecting to see one or two IS-3As but saw IS-3s, KV-4s and a T32. But what surprised me the most was that I had two opponents with WZ-111. Why? They could just as well brought a T1 Heavy to the game.

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