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Question on mods and conflict of interest

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BrokenOath #1 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 00:09


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Fairly new but was wondering something after reading a lot of the clan forums. Seems there is an incredible about of bashing going on there and the mods are involved in a number of threads editing them and handing out suspensions(i think that is what the /so or whatever means anyway)   My Question is a number of these mods are also in clans, isn't there a conflict of interest there? If they are all 100% on the up and up it still would look bad. Whats to stop a mod from actioning posts that have the smallest infraction (those against there clan) and leaving big infractions up?

just wondering how this works, haven't seen a game forum setup like this before.

Cybergod #2 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 00:54


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Being since I have been suspended a couple of times and being a MOD on another game.

Everything a MOD does in documented. If they change something there is also another person that monitors what they are doing.

We have a code of conduct and it's pretty cut and dry on what you can say. It's not that hard to do just alot of reading they have to do.
So what stops a mod from being overly douchey Ill say. Is the fact they have to document what they did to the post, and why the did it. Then I would have to say the act of him editing the post or banning a person is automatically sent up the chain of command just as a fail safe.

Normal players are not the only ones being Modded. They are also being watched.
So not saying they cant be douchy just means they not going to be a MOD very long.

Dante1hits #3 Posted Aug 02 2011 - 05:16

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yea it pretty much is like Cyber said, most Moderators are just in their use of suspension. The ones who give them those powers usually do a good job making sure that forum mods use discretion with perma bans. Forum suspensions/bans are usually the result of recurrent or overwhelming violations of forum rules. Mainly trolling/flaming/personal threats/racism etc.

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