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If Germany only used Panzer IV tanks instead pf building Tigers and Panthers

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By 1943 Panzer IV was in desperate need of replacement. Remember, the original Panzer IVA only had 15mm of armor and weighed 18.4 tons. By the time Panzer IVH rolled around those numbers had increased to 80mm of frontal armor and 25 tons without real improvement in suspension or power plant. Further, Panzer IV was itself a complex machine not designed for mass production and cost just 10% less than the much larger and more powerful Panther.


While Germany would have been much better served replacing it with something functional like the M4 or T-34, if the only options were Panzer IV or Panther, Panther was probably the better choice - if your going to build expensive and overly complicated tanks, you may as well build ones that actually have some advantages over their opponents.


The Panther had awful crew ergonomics (which is more important than gunpower or armor) compared to the Mk IV and guzzled twice as much gasoline as the Mk IV at a time when German oil was running out. Moreover the Panther was only cheaper due to Nazi Enron accounting.


The vehicle the Germans should have been building was in fact the Stug III. It was more effective than the Panther and the Tiger, with several battalions exceeding the (entire-war) kill score of most Tiger battalions by 1943.


This is why WarPru reports even explicitly declared that Stugs had higher kill rates than tanks despite the lack of a turret; and that the tankers should in fact follow Stug tactics and gunnery procedures which was highly reliant on indirect fire. Having little armor doesn't matter if the enemy can't see you to begin with.


Instead the Panzer forces got more "head to head" tanks like the Panther with really thick frontal armor that broke apart after their opponents simply fired again after the first bounce and cracked the armor with the second hit.

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