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Explain the '' Seal Clubber '' term to me, I don't understand.

Seal Clubber Kanonenjagdpanzer pancake tank clubbing tier ten players

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RanLSX #61 Posted Oct 09 2016 - 16:10


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View PostGasai__Yuno, on Oct 09 2016 - 09:52, said:


Welcome to my block list, friend.

Enjoy your stay.


​Awww, no need to get sore just cuz I'm the new:





Doomslinger #62 Posted Oct 10 2016 - 05:47


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View PostGasai__Yuno, on Oct 07 2016 - 14:46, said:


Top notch pubbie thought process there.

My Kanonenfodder tier 10 '' seal clubbing '' insult was almost there with your arty example.



That just makes you to wonder what is wrong in people some times.


These quotes from random pub allies I heard recently explains it all. I have heard these from players even at tiers above 5 which really amazes me:


1. Game mode is assault mode. An ally, who was not joking, said, "It's defense, don't try to push their base and cap".

2. Game mode is assault mode and was nearing the end of the match with only one or two allies remaining and enemy team outnumbers them significantly. An ally said, "We can't win so just hide and live to let the timer run out so we make it a draw". We were the assaulting team...you will never get a draw in assault mode because it is cap or kill all for the assaulting team to win or else they lose. No draw in the assault mode battles, draw can only happen in standard or encounter modes.

3. Game is assault mode and we are on defense. An ally says, "It's defense, stay near the base u noobs". So its defense, yes, but giving the enemy almost full map control is a great plan for a loss. I check these players record after and guess what, they are always a sub 50% player in almost every tank they play at every tier.

4. Game is encounter mode. Allies rush to the base and think they can "fast cap" it just like in standard or assault modes. They don't realize that in encounter mode, the base capture takes much longer than the other modes. They almost always lose because while they are sitting on the cap doing nothing, the enemy team is out there killing stuff. The timer is going up so slow that the enemy usually has plenty of time to make it to the base for resets and then its like shooting fish in a barrel. 


From these 4 examples, it shows that anything more complicated than standard mode battles is too much for most pubbies little brains to process.

__Pixy__ #63 Posted Oct 10 2016 - 05:58


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View PostTLWiz, on Oct 07 2016 - 12:59, said:


Haters gonna hate. Play what you enjoy. I am just sad that I am not good enough to club seals or pad stats.


Haters gonna hate... 'Baters gonna.... 'bate?


ShadowDancer27 #64 Posted Oct 10 2016 - 20:33


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View PostNat55atata, on Oct 07 2016 - 12:45, said:



View PostGasai__Yuno, on Oct 07 2016 - 12:39, said:


Seeing '' red '' player in the IS-6 sitting for a couple of minutes in the open and still having over half of his hit points makes you to wonder if the vehicle is okay as is.



Something like this has been the most reasonable explanation for me also.

Jealous issue seems to be the case.


It pains me when I drive the hell out of a tricky tank and get killed and click through the allied survivors and there is one of these...some guy sky-lined for minutes on end without a nick in their paint job and you died from 4 shots into your commanders hatch from 400 meters.


The only thing worse is when you are active the whole match in an LT or MT, your tank has taken a few even though you dealt more than you got in return and after getting a clean path to arty you "find" that full health Lowe the hard way.  It makes you sick that a bottom feeder that did nothing to help his team win when it counted walks away from the match thinking "I landed some shots and got a kill - not bad."



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